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Okay so I want to include Wicca in my story or at least something heavily inspired by Wicca but me not believing in the religion and not fully understanding it is a bit of and issue. I find reading things online is a bit confusing so if some of y’all could give me important things to note about Wicca and things that would piss people off if I changed or left it out that would be AMAZING


I don't know a lot about witchcraft, but what I do know comes from folklore. You might take a look at some folklore books. It's where stuff like the sacred numbers 3 and 7 come from, spirit animals (familiars), the whole idea of reading omens, that kind of thing. Also a lot of ideas about witches came from women who were the historical equivalent of doctors. Used to be, in the western world anyway, that healing and medicine was a feminine practice—like midwives. Women were considered magical and dangerous (and therefore witches) just because they knew which plants and procedures healed which illnesses or injuries. It's only later after science became a thing that medicine became a masculine trade and women were pushed out of the profession. Hope this helps!