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I'd say spectral fusion, or, as it is more commonly called, soul burning. It's a bad idea, because even though you get a deity-like level of power, you explode soon after. And while there are ways to cheat death in my story, this renders all of them impossible. It's really only ever used as a suicide run. And rarely even then.

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Mine is (At least in this universe) magic itself because it takes years to learn the theory, let alone the spells.


A spirit called Magical Apocalypse. Her nature is any magic powerful enough to cause an apocalypse. she's the source of all such magic and as such her power in infinitely destructive, meaning she can only use a tiny fraction of it before it gets out of hand.


Hell-witchery probably. One of my characters who I haven't uploaded yet is a hell-witch by accident. They were once created by older and weaker witches, the process was extremely dangerous because it required literally ripping a part of someone's soul out and replacing it with dark magic. The end result if successful would be a human who could act as a conduit for the powers of Hell, although they were eventually deemed illegal and too unstable as they would eventually either destroy themselves or go mad with power. One of this character's main struggles is the constant mental tension as she wants to do good but her magic is evil.

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Mine's Anima Erugo or also know as Soul Corrosion. It painfully wears away the soul, but the pain levels vary on the sins of the victim. The worse of the sinner, the slower and more painful it becomes, while the opposite for the lesser sinner, by still very painful. It slowly eats away the soul and is extremely painful. The victim usually kills himself before it can finish, but now he goes to after life with a rotten, half eaten soul with no chance of recover.


The most dangerous form of magic is the ability to manipulate air and everything inside of it. If you can move sound waves, then you could rip the air out of someone's lungs and nobody would be able to hear them dying because you took the sound away.


Mine is energy destruction, considering that without energy they can do virtually nothing.


There's many different kinds of magic in my universe, but the most dangerous magic-users are probably the ones who can connect the Aether. The Aether is like the soul or source of all magic in the universe, the energy of every living thing, the substance holding together every plane of existence. Those who can tap into it can become immensely powerful, but because the Aether is so wild and uncontrollable, it can essentially burn them out of existence with it's power.

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Alexandra nyx, your magic sounds rather interesting, care to explain it further?


In my world, the Curse of Enouncement is probably the most dangerous form of magic, because of its deadly potential. The curse is very rare - it is only randomly applied to several (less than 5) people globally, and cannot be 'learned' like other forms of magic. The curse causes the bearer's speech to instantly kill anyone who hears it, so imagine if an affected person was about to give a huge speech (thankfully, radios and televisions haven't been invented…yet).


In my universe, it's not even a spell or an ability. It's a certain type of material.

Volzite, or commonly known as "The Devil's Diamond," is a gem that renders all forms of magic in a certain radius null. In its raw form, it can render anyone without proper protection nauseous in minutes. Refined, and accompanied with a blood seal, it can be used to render someone completely without magic by corrupting their Majia Veins (the lifeblood of a person's magic). The more the victim tries to use magic to escape, the more the stone absorbs, the quicker it corrupts the Majia veins.

The limitations? It's extremely hard to find. Not only is it rare, it's buried deep beneath the earth. Finding the materials to create the necessary protection against it for retrieval is just as difficult to accomplish. Truly, only some sort of deity could overcome the effects of Volzite.


In my world, there are two classes of magic users:

  1. Fae, who are defined as begins who (human or not) are born with an innate magic power
  2. Warlocks/Witches, who are begins who (human or not) obtain their power from a higher power
    There are some very complex rules that really exist only in my mind governing how warlocks acquire power (let's just call it sympathetic magic in the sense that symbols only have the power that people give them. For example, (theoretically) a cross would ward off evil from a catholic but not from a Jew) and in my world, Warlocks overusing their powers causes "magic madness," a gradual deterioration of the mind that leads to hallucinations and psychosis (while Fae overusing their powers simply results in a physical drain).
    To me, the most dangerous way of using magic is when a born magic user combines their own power with warlock powers. This inevitably leads to an overuse of the acquired powers, because the Fae are used to stopping their magic use when they're tired, not when they start to have crazy thoughts.
    What makes it doubly dangerous is that warlock powers, unlike Fae powers (which are often natural in origin and involve the four elements) are infinitely more varied and manipulable for darker purposes.
    Think of it this way: necromancy is the power of a warlock, and one way to go about it is using power derived from the belief that drowned sailors "walk again" on the night of the full moon. Another way might be to raise the skeletons of people who were betrayed in order to get revenge on those who wronged them. Telepathy, which is a Fae power, can be used to control dead bodies, but not nearly with as much finesse as a necromancer.
    (I'm rambling, aren't I? I'll stop now.)

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My most dangerous magic is either void or anti-void. Void can create anything while Anti-void can destroy anything. However it takes a toll on the user, even if they aren't currently using it. As soon as someone starts to use anti-void they will slowly be driven into insanity and the decent will be quicker with continued use. As someone uses void, their senses will start to go (sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell) and will go faster with continued and repeated use. Unfortunately or fortunately, that magic will keep the user alive until the end of eternity.


Mine would be Spirit Magic, the most powerful, but you have to have a stronger spirit than whatever it is you are taking magic from, be it plants, animals or humans. If not, your own soul is over-run and you are no longer in existence. If you succeed in overtaking that soul, you can then siphon on their magic over time, or all at once and destroy that being/thing.


Silly answer time; Siren Song. It's an involuntary power that allows the user to sing anything, and as long as it's sung skillfully enough to be a cover itself, anything can happen. Literally anything, from singing an EDM song to make everyone in the vicinity dance to singing Through The Fire And Flames by Dragonforce to unleash a hellish apocalypse. It's ridiculous.


In the book I'm writing, there's a type of magic called Animal Energy magic (I know, real creative). People with this magic are able to perform telekinesis and stuff like that, but in order to do so, they have to suck the energy out of humans and animals, often killing them in the progress. The energy then combines with the own persons energy to create the magic. Sucking energy can make the magic user very exhausted, and they may die if they are not careful.


blood magic, using one's energy to shape reality itself however blood magic is very volatile and unstable. this type of magic can also cause the corruption of the soul and body.


Shadow elemental magic, probably, it slowly erodes away the soul of the user. Besides, it is widely perceived as only destructive and it's users are feared (despite being born with the aptitude)


In my world. Healing magic can be lethal to those who are not proficient at it. If an ameture were to attempt to heal someone whos fatally wounded, the healer will deplete their energy to the likeness of the victim. Cause the ameture healer to potentially die.

If there is someone who IS proficient, then the experienced healer can heal the physical woumds without depleting their energy to critical levels.

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My main character has Earthbending, pretty much, and the whole deal is that because he's a Half-Dragon, he can do far more than any human, but less than a full Dragon. It's limited by volume, but because I'm pitting him against large creatures, he can lift and manipulated material with the volume of a small house. However, his Dragon father can move literal mountains. The only reason that "Benders" haven't taken over the world yet is because magic powers are rare, and the world has modernized to the point of Monster Hunter where there's enough technology to fight dragons, wyverns, and anything else that sees humans as a tasty snack.

The reason "Bending" can be so deadly really relies on the creativity of the wielder (Bloodbending, Energy Redirection, Airbenders could create lightning, Earthbenders could create a variety of weapons, etc.). This leaves me a lot of fun options for fights and killing people!

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mine would probally be dark matter explosion eand only one person can use it and what it does is that it collects at least over 1billion dark matter energy and the it realeases it to bake a big explosion to wipe out 1 galaxy.


woah, the different types of magic you guys talk about here are all hella cool.

my strongest would most likely be the magic dreambreakers use. because the universe is one huge mmorpg-like simulation, there are classes and 'elements' assigned to each player, based on what the game itself would think they'd stive most in, as well as the player's main goal in life. magic requires energy, which is given to players by cosmic horrors ruling over the game. i hope that isnt too confusing lasdlkaj

anyways, a dreambreaker would be someone that breaks/destroys goals. while their physical strength isnt all that strong, theyd be able to completely destroy the will and goals of whoever was fighting them, making them lose the will to fight at all. it gets a lot worse than that, and overusing their power could cause one to lose the will to live entirely.

of course, all the other cosmic alignments are strong in their own right. it all depends on how much ya put your soul into it. an mmorpg with class imbalances would be shitty, yeah?