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Magic powers come from people and the world's aura, which was the remnant of the power unleashed by the world's creation. This energy will not falter until the world ends. People have to be trained to harness their power, and many do not bother, or are too weak to be trained. The elites, who are also the Lords, are the most powerful and they can do many things with their powers, which most commonly includes, telekinesis, telepathy, summoning objects and elemental powers.
The most unique in my case would be the perlinde. They are like seers, but not quite. They basically have superhuman instincts, so they sort of know when something bad happened, plus highly enhanced telepathy powers, which means they can look into other's mind and instead of penetrating the other person's mental shield, which would alert them of the intruder's presence, they can go straight through the shield without them knowing.

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Soul binding where an angel, demon, ghost, shade or spiritual being fuses with a non magical being. They fuse together when ever they want to and can also unfuse at any time but once you have binded yourselves you cannot bind with another and you have to be pretty close to each other at all times. If you are fused than the spiritual being goes into the non magical being and they can use the beings powers but they are both in control. When fused they can also take away the non magical beings physical pain away. Shades are the most common magical beings to bind.

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Bending works like it does in Avatar, but it's limited by volume. Fortunately, it's not as reliant on hand gestures and whatnot.

Animus magic relies purely on enchantments, but those enchantments have very loose limits. You can't tear the universe apart or weaponize the sun, but all you have to do is say, write, or think what you want to happen and it will… At the cost of your energy. Permanent enchantments cause people to faint, and very inexperienced Animus users can and have died in the past. They just shrivel like a prune and keel over.

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Deceased or infected magic with is basically what creates the more evil side of magical creatures, it can infect a rand of things including floras and creatures and the earth itself. for example wear wolfs are "infected" with deceased magic coursing them to have more tendencies towards evil although can be good it just takes more effort.