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I have this superpower called. AutoPhotoKinesis. (I swear I'll come up with a better name. )
People with this power can manipulate sound and can also convert sound into light creating energy blasts or simply a small ball of light. They can also make tiny light particles to make holographic projections, visual illusions and appear invisible. What's interesting is that they can affect someone or something at a molecular level. This means that they can produce sound that vibrates matter and changes their physical state. They can turn a solid into gas or liquid into a gas, etc. Another really cool thing is that they can vibrate their body into a gaseous state and walk through solid objects. What do you think about this superpower? Is it too OP? Is there anything I should change or fix?

@Yamatsu Earthbender

I'll tell you this, it sounds awesome but vibrating yourself into mist isn't generally healthy. I'm sure you can come up with how they reconstitute themselves, but I like how they have a mix between Dancing Lights, Fairy Fire, and a whole bunch of illusionist tricks!


Thank you! Your right, it isn't really good for the person as it can slowly kill them which is why they only use it in extreme emergancies. In result, once they get back together again, they suffer from fatigue, headaches, a burning feeling and blacking out for a week. For getting back together again, I figured they would use their powers to do that