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In my world, playing ghost games is a way of summoning demons. Demons have tricked humans into think that they are contacting “spirits of the dead” but in reality is just an easy way to steal a human’s soul. The others I’m not to sure about, magic probably but that’s obvious.


In my world, people often draw runes in their own blood (the number of runes and types of runes determine who and what gets summoned) on the floor before they make the pentagram out of salt and obsidian (to make sure the demon doesnt escape). The most common demon they summon is Veronica of The Dominion, who requires about fifty celtic runes and one Ezec rune

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In one of my worlds, while summoning (and magic in general) isn't too well known due to the people not being too connected with the main source of magic, the Spirit World, it does happen for certain families who might have not left their ways, or people who learn, or maybe they just come across spirits.

Experienced people with lots of control can simply use some of their energy to open a rift only open for a few milliseconds at the most, yet enough for their spirit to get out. Larger spirits might use a few second long rifts when summon, instead of the millisecond rifts.

Most people are usually required to draw symbols. The symbol has to vary, depending on what type of spirit they summon, so you might draw the Symbol of the Night (in my world) if you wanted a night spirit. If you know the name of the spirit you'd want to summon, you'd also draw that symbol, while saying their name as you summon it. Otherwise, you'd move on with the ritual as normal. Most spirits require an offering of some sorts. Different spirits of different types prefer different offerings. Using my Night Spirit as an example, you'd usually use some article of clothing, typically a light colour, something that flows easily, like a dress. Or maybe you might use certain types of stones, black stones that reflect the night sky on them.

You'd draw the symbol, first. Usually in the dirt, but it can be just about anywhere. It is not recommended to use blood, for reasons I will explain later. You'd then place your offering directly on the centre of the symbol. Now, this is where it can change.

If you are trying to summon a specific spirit, you'd say: (Name,) I call you to this realm to (and say whatever you need the spirit for). I present you this offering. Thank you.

Otherwise, you'd go as normal, but do not say the name.

The reason you do not use blood is because you can attract Blood Spirits, which are known to take not just the offering you present them, but some of your own blood as well. This is dangerous, because if a spirit extracts your blood, they become 'bonded' to you, but not in the normal way. Blood spirits are famed to be greedy, and thus they will take what they want, not what they need, from you. This will often result in death.

You can also attract the Khsulk, which are sort of spirits, but they are portrayed as less intelligent, non-speaking creatures (although this isn't always true), and they are known for causing disasters in human history (although the humans for the most part are unaware of this). This will also, more likely result in your death, either by the Khsulk, or punishment by the spirits when they figure out who summoned a Khsulk.

If you present a bad offering to a spirit, depending on the spirit, they may not come at all, or they will come, but curse you instead.

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Cool! One of my characters in my prequel secretly opens a rift from his world into the Fire Pits so the Sons of Darkness will give him strength and power. He is eventually reduced to a tool and host for one of the three parts, Morlus, god of death and destruction. All I know is that he finds a book with instructions to do spells to gain power.