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Started by Sophie Herbert

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Sophie Herbert

Hello so my protagonist (who is a half elf) is studying magic at school, however he has a learning disability and finds it extremely hard to get any results in his spell casting. The common way of casting spells on the Elven Island is through the ancient elvish language. The common way on the Mainland is through hand movement. The main motive of this character is that he finds a new way of casting spells or a new form of magic and wants to take it to the mainland to show the magic council. However I am stuck on figuring out what this new magic could be… any ideas?

Sophie Herbert

Hmm yeah exactly! Another thing though is that it needs to be innovative but the council in the end rejects the idea of his new form of magic and I need a reason why…


The council could just be old people who reject change or it's not easily applicable because forges aren't everything

Sophie Herbert

How should he stumble upon that power? Like he works for his father's blacksmith shop, but like there has gotta be some kind of moment where he is like "woah so this is how my magic works"

@Yamatsu Earthbender

The question is, how is this character disabled? He could find that somatic components work fine in his language, there just needs to be a certain inflection. If one of his hands is crippled, then it could just take more arm movements and a bit of focus (see. Family Kamehameha at the end of the Cell Saga).


What if he is trying to teach himself how to do something without maybe his father's permission or something? Or he is attempting to make something to direct his magic more directly and just stumbles upon it by accident?