forum Need a list of superpowers. Lame ones, amazing ones, not-usually-heard-of ones. all of them
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blood control
opening doors

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Atmospheric manipulation, density manipulation, things from D and D like Leomund's Tiny Hut -creates a dome of protection no magic or weapons can penetrate. Healing but the injury transfers to your body, cursing people to only be able to rhyme, tiny magics like a little extra luck, or always getting a good parking spot, flipping the channels at the right time, never getting pimples on important days, etc.


feel free to take any that are NOT highlighted in green. The words that are colored are powers. Ignore the names + qualities at the end and any numbers that are red, that's for a worldbuilding thing. If you use any of these characters, please change their name so it's not an obvious rip-off.


Bone manipulation. Can change density and size/shape of bones as well as make new ones. The hangup is you have to consume materials necessary for bone growth. For example maybe you drink some milk before a battle for the calcium in it. Then during the fight you use up all you calcium so you have to replenish your supply.

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Lame/ specific abilities that would be hilarious:
The ability to tell the exact length and width of a table, but only if it's made of mahogany.
The ability to talk to any underwater creature, but it has to be less than two inches in size.
Smelling every single smell in the world. Every. Single. One
The ability to tell the immediate future two seconds ahead.
The ability to technopathically hack any computer, but it has to be made before 2005.
The ability to read only baby minds.
The ability to breathe in space but that's it, you can't survive its environment
The ability to talk to ghosts, but only if you don't understand it's language
The ability to correctly guess the number of hairs on a person's head
The ability to change the color of your nose hairs
The ability to gain a Morton's toe
The ability to make yourself colorblind

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Do I want to know what a "Morton's Toe" is?

It’s a completely normal thing; it’s when your second toe is slightly longer than your big toe. It’s a genetic thing and non malicious


Watch or read My Hero Academia! It's a super cool anime and manga about a world like our own, except for the fact that around 80% of the population has some supercool Quirk(superpower)!

I understand that anime isn't everyone's thing, so I'll list some of my favorite Quirks.

Earphone Jack–This character has weird extensions on her ears that resemble headphone jacks and can "plug" them into things to be able to hear better(vibrations, I assume). She can also project her heartbeat at a deafening volume.

Engine–He's basically just got engines in his legs. These let him run fast and have rocket-propelled kicks. They can stall if he overuses them too much, though.

Explosion–This guy just sweats a substance similar to nitroglycerin and can detonate it. It's a cool superpower, but the guy's kind of a jerk.

Creation–She can make anything out of the lipids in her body, as long as she knows its chemical composition. The downside is that it usually winds up ripping through her clothes.

(Not really sure what this Quirk was called lol)–He can phase through anything, but he can't feel anything once he does.

Erasure–The user of this Quirk can pretty much cancel anyone else's. Except for physical ones(i.e. if they have a horn, he can't make it disappear)

Those are just a few. Here is a link where you can find even more characters with their superpowers listed alongside them.

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Togata could phase through anything, true, but the main issue is that once he made himself intangible, he couldn't breathe, see, or hear because air and waves would pass straight through him. He could make parts of his body tangible and intangible, which is why he can poke his face through walls and talk to people on the other side.


Gran Torino's Jet is also fairly interesting, he can shoot jet streams of air from the souls of his feet allowing him to "bounce" between surfaces.
(IDK what his name is) the softening quirk allows the user to soften any material into a liquid that has the consistency of cement

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Two cool lists for you!