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If anyone has any recommendations for my system, I would GREATLY appreciate it
[My system is heavily inspired by the Kubera manga by currygom]

The ability to use magic is determined by genetics. All magicians have a birthmark, and the birthmarks are usually very noticable. For example, a large mark on their arm or a streak in their hair.

Spells get their power from the Gods of this universe, but the strength of the spell is directy related to a person's energy level. Happy and well-rested = strong spell. Not believing in the Gods will not prevent you from using magic (but it's very rare to find a magician that does not believe in the Gods either way.)

There are two main types of spells:
Donesi (defensive) and Pemet (offensive)
Donesi allows a magician to imitate the powers of a god and Pemet uses energy directly from a god.
Example spells:
Donesi Nila(Nila, Goddess of Earth): Allows user to briefly camoflauge themselves (concealment)
Pemet Nila: User can manipluate the earth around them

However some attributes are inherently offensive and some are inherently defensive despite the type of spell usage:
Ex: Donesi Vasar and Pemet Vasar (Vasar, God of Fire) both create offensive fire attacks since fire is naturally destructive.


Some magicians are born with godly attributes along with the magician's gene. These attributes can give them special characteristics related to that particular god. For example, someone born with earth attributes may be able to influence animals in thier surrounding areas since this is a skill the the Goddess Nila posesses. These skills do not need a spell to be performed.