forum List of Random Powers I've Quickly Made Up. (feel free to use! ^^)
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~Ok, so, I know it can be hard to think of some cool powers that arent just, "Ice powers yAy!" or, "Mind control and flying go brrr ; )." So, I decided I'd try to help out! I'd say I'm pretty creative, and I LOVE making up powers for my friends. So, here you go guys! ',:)~

-Ok, imagine a character that can fire liquid plastic out of their hands. Since liquid plastic gets hard pretty quickly, it can be used to make weapons or to tie people up. I dont know I just think it would be kinda cool.

-What about someone who can make their eyes light up like flashlights? It'd be super useful in a group. They could use it to be able to see underwater, or in the dark. It could also be pretty scary if you give it to the right charater. Imagine being in an alleyway and someone walks up to you then stuns you with their eye light. It could be pretty scary.

-Someone who can rotate certain body parts on themselves and other people without touching anything. Terrifying. I think it would fit super well for a scary kind of villan. The type that laughs maniaclly when they see a dead rat in their basement. Truly terrifying.

-Being able to grow sharp, removable fish scales on their skin. Like- they could just be walking around then get a bad feeling so fish scales quickly grow from their arms/legs/hands/anything, and pull them off to use as throwable weapons. It would fit super well with a character who loves water or is always in it.

-They could have the ability to make their imaginations come to life for a certain amount of time. Of course, this could be a bit over-powered. It would help to have a time limit for how long they can use their power. It could also help tone done the power if you make it so they can only summon weapons or people.

-The ability to enchant items. Make them stronger or more durable. It would be great for a side character that is used for character development. Just make sure that if you use this one, dont make it too powerful.

-Imagine needing to fight a character with the power to give you amnesia. Of course, it should have a time limit. The character could get too worn out! But it would be scary to just randomly loose all of your memories from the past….say a week. It would freak me out.

-Telekenisis but your character can only move biotic (living) things. For example, they can move a cactus plant or a cow but they cant move a pen or weapon. I think it'd be a pretty cool power! If you want to add a little ~spice~, you can make it so they can only move stuff they they woukld physically be able to pick up. If theyre not very strong, theyll be able to move a plant with ease but have trouble moving a big dog.

-The ability to have perfect aim but only with items like bows, throwing stars, etc. Anything that is 100% handled by hand. Items like guns wouldn't be effected.

~I'll add more later! :D~

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Wow, these are super creative! I made a list of my own a while ago that I’ve continually added to since I made it — could I put that here on this thread too, by any chance?

@XGrayvee language

Wow, these are super creative! I made a list of my own a while ago that I’ve continually added to since I made it — could I put that here on this thread too, by any chance?

Of course! :D

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I love this! These are super creative and cute so I'll def be following for more. Also great ideas for dnd characters if any of you play dnd!