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Ok I have this story where a Japanese-American witch who moves to Japan. Who is used to the American ways of things. So how would a magic system work differently in Japan than America?

@Yamatsu Earthbender

Well, witchcraft is based on the Judeo-Christian system, so you've got one God, many angels, one Satan, many demons and devils, and the humans in between. Meanwhile, Japan has a SHITLOAD of gods, yokai, oni (demons), and basically anything can be deified or villanized depending on how long it's been sitting around. You've got yokai that are based on various possessed objects called the tsukumogami, which can range from ink stones to umbrellas to shoes to the curtains in your living room!

I highly recommend checking out Gaijin Goombah's YouTube channel, especially his Yokai Hunters series, for inspiration, as he also mentions books related to Yokai, Kami (gods), and various historical figures that supposedly got their powers from otherworldly sources.

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The most prominent form of Japanese magic is probably Omyoudo, the magic Omyouji use. There's stuff like witchcraft too though, mainly used by yokai, like the Kitsune (Fox Spirit). Or rituals to the various gods and supernatural beings to get the to do stuff/bless you. Curses are also very common in Japan historically, there's actually specific yokai that are supposedly created by curses.