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So I'm trying to make a development arch for my character, and one of the things I want to add to her powerset is basic reality warping. I really don't want to go all out at first so what are some simple reality warping move thingies that she could learn to help in basic combat?
Thanks in advance :))

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Hi! I have a charatcer that is a chaos element, and his basic powers are manipulating reality. So, I could answer questions?


simple warping for attacks could be turning her opponent's weapon into snakes, or spiders, or wasps.
if someone runs at her with a sword or spear or something, she can open a portal for the attacker to run through, and when he does, she can strand him anywhere! on an island, in a cave, 200 feet off the ground.
she could turn her opponents legs into ribbons, or pull a Thanos and turn stuff into bubbles

I dunno if that's simple to you, but that's the most basic stuff I could come up with.

when you do decide to go all out, let me know. It'll be fun.

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It seems like you got what you wanted from this thread already but I thought I'd leave a quick note anyway ^^
Reality is at least partially subjective in the first place, right? So some very low-level ways of warping reality could involve warping people's perception of reality, rather than the physical world itself. Example: attacker suddenly sees the world upside-down, or feels like they're moving backwards when they try to go forwards, or perhaps sees something dangerous that distracts them from their target. If your character who has this skill is still learning, or has innate ability that she can't control very well, it could be that reality-warping for the sake of confusing or misdirecting the enemy would be the first way her power manifests.
Idk, just a thought I had, hope it's helpful somehow XD

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I picked this up off of the Acquisitions Incorporated C-Team game, what if you literally REWRITE the laws of reality? As in with pen, paper, and ink. Changing outcomes of events or affecting causality with a simple blurb on some parchment? Another one would be to play a "game" that affected things. The backstory is that one character recognized the event as a war game that he and his father used to play all of the time, but in the context of reality and whatnot, it was physically forming an argument like origami or a four-dimensional Rubik's Cube.
In the context of your character, she could "attack" from a distance by simply writing down and changing things about her enemy's reality or do so with a toy-like object. It'd be like a focus or ever-shifting die or something like that. There's a whole bunch of ways you could go with this.


Reality warping can consist of anything, she could open small wormholes, increase the density of objects around her, once she gets advanced she can do time travel, or create blank spaces in matter