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I need enchantment ideas for both modern weapons (rifles, rpg's, pistols etc.) and medieval (shields, throwing knives, Bow and Arrow etc.)

So far, I have a sniper rifle that fires bullets which have an effect which limit healing. I also have a sword, that generates a force field when stuck into the ground. Another that I thought of was a heavy machine gun that turns recoil into energy. And finally a pair of levitating mini guns that fire bullets made of the surrounding materials.

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One thing I like to do is to take some aspect of a weapon and look at how that weapon would be different if that aspect were much smaller/larger – and then using magic to explain how it got there or what else it could do then.

A simple example is swords: you can describe swords by how long the blade is, how long the handle is, how sharp they are, how deep the blade is, how easy/hard they are to create, how easy/hard they are to maintain, etc. So you can take any one property (for example, sharpness) and say, "Okay, this is the sharpest sword in the world – who created it and why? What's it used for?" and now you've got the makings for something legendary. A less obvious example could be taking something like a gun – what happens when you take the length of the barrel as a property and stretch it out to 5, 10 feet long? Suddenly you have a super long gun that could also be used as a staff (yet fires bullets), or maybe it needs that long of a barrel because it can fire sniper rounds a thousand miles away, or maybe that long barrel is there to accelerate a bullet 100x the normal bullet speed to penetrate even the hardest of armors.

Play around with every aspect of every weapon and you'll find lots of fun, weird stuff. At that point, your next step is figuring out how magic helps (or hinders) that weapon – whether in the manufacturing of it (using magic to keep steel stable when you stretch it out so much), the maintenance (this sword needs its enchantments renewed each day or it becomes as brittle as glass), the usage (this gun needs complete focus of the mind to fire), or something else. :)

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It's time to play our favorite game! "What if it was Purple?"

Sword! Turns purple Yeah!

Gun! Turns purple Yeah!

Shield! Turns purple YEAH-HAH!

"Messing with every aspect of a weapon" reminded me of that silly Eric Andre bit.


I always try to have the enchantment reflect a certain aspect of the weapon, simply amplified, for example I have a story that includes a javelin that you throw through a portal to your target so you never miss, I feel like magic should always extend things, not conflict with them