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My game has a multiplayer platform that includes a variety of classes to choose from in co-op to free-for-all and coven deathmatch. I have 11 classes already and am not certain about how many I want but if you do comment I just have two things you should keep in mind.
1) All magic is based around energy, this means no telepathy and no psychic stuff. There are spirits though which mages can communicate to.
2) The combat physics are extremely realistic, if you get shot, you start bleeding, the only reason that you don't pass out is because you have wards and enchantments helping you out.

My classes that I currently have are:
-Necromancer: An expert in biology and magic which makes them a great healer and dps
-Conjuror: A person who recruits spirits to attack for them
-Sorcerer: A person with high defensive and support capabilities
-Revoker: A person who is adept and disabling foes and dispelling/countering magic
-Phosphromancer: A person who specializes in light magic
-Synth: A person who specializes in sound magic
-Radioactivator (I need better name): A mage who works in the electromagnetic spectrum
-Wardcaster: A person who specializes in protection, the fanciest of the classes
-Infernalist: A person who specializes in fire and explosive magic
-Spellbinder: A jack of all trades. These mages have an all around build
-Stormbringer: A person who has studied the weather and generates it

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A better name for Radioactivator would be Spectramancer.
As for other mage classes, i can suggest the following:

Fluidbender: A person who specializes in liquid manipulation.
Elementalist: A person that can conjure elemental wisps and use them as magical batteries.
Geomancer: A person who specializes in earth and rock manipulation. Slow, powerful and requires a large amount of magical energy to use (unless if you manipulate sands).


I really appreciate your ideas but
A) These classes rely on the immediate surroundings of the characters, I can explain how my magic system works if you'd like, but in short, these classes build on the telekinetic abilities if my characters.
B) The conjuror is the same idea as the elementalist
(Keep in mind I didnt specify enough so it's literally not your fault at all and I really do appreciate your suggestions because they give me inspiration


I came out with a new class called the Seisemer. Who studies how Mass interacts with different natural forces. She deals devastating seismic blows and counteracts gravity


Kinda similar to the Revoker, but there's the Channeller: a person who absorbs part of the energy from opponents' spells, fueling their own. The more hits you take, the stronger your spells become.


So I dont wanna reveal to much about my game, because i do plan on publishing it and someone could very easily take it, but i really like that idea and its given me really good inspiration for a combat set for the revoker so thank you so much


New character!
Mystic - this character is adept at controlling oneself's spirit and can separate his body from his soul, giving him the ability to posses objects, other people, and it even gives him the ability to perform magic in his astral form