forum Help on how to link elements to wands???
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Sooo i want my characters to have wands and elements at the same time. So i want to somehow link their element to their wand but i dont know how to go through with the idea. Help?

@Yamatsu Earthbender

I would have the wands be made out of different materials to reflect the element. If you want practical, then I would go with wood and a special core. If you want silly, then have people point icicles and shards of rock and branches at each other.

@A. Alice Robins

You may also want to put woods and stones (precious or not) that reflect the element. For example wood that burns at very high temperatures for fire elementals (just in case a spell backfires), Cypress for water elementals, and redwoods for earth. May I also suggest that they use the leaves and ground stones pressed together for cores, as to ground the magic for stability.

@Yamatsu Earthbender

Going off of one goofy Tumblr post, you could have cedar because it smells good or bamboo because it tastes good.


have different materials reflect the magic, but maybe look at Norse mythological runes (wood gives the runes life, stone gives it power, etc.) and implement something like that.
For example
ice wands will have spells that are initially powerful but wear down over time or plant wands starting weak and gaining power.

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You can use The Dragon Prince as a example, one of the items of magic they have is a crystal ball with a storm locked inside and are able to create spells through it.