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Still trying to come up with a coherent story for them, but I've got a few main players so far. There's Meros (God of Life, Beginnings, and Starvation), Iruna (Goddess of Destiny, who also takes on the role of the Trickster), Kyhara (Goddess of Death and the Afterlife), and the twins Santhar (God of Earth and the Harvest) and Kemris (Goddess of Air and Mages).


llyr and haul are the two gods who get the most page time in the series (llyr being the god of the sea, haul just being…a god-turned-mortal).

i can't remember the others' names at the moment, but luna spends some time in the second novel in the realm of the gods and encounters a fair amount of them. gods/goddesses of the ocean, desert, sand, desert plants, etc. from big things to small things.

there is also one demi-god. she's not supposed to exist.


Every culture in my story has it's own religion with it's own deities. The most fleshed out religion (which ironically doesn't have a name) is from the small island of Cysen. There is a hierarchy in which Natas (f) and Zeer (m) sit at the top. They serve as life and death, respectively. Then under them are Eft (m), Lan (m) and Yair (m/f). Eft is the god of the island; earth, land and sea. Lan is the god of the country. He takes care of politics and record keeping. Yair is the god of the people, and is definitely the most care free and fun of the gods. Yair is in charge of what makes life worth living, so pretty much the cultural elements, fashion, arts, games, traditions. Then under them are about 50 goddesses who take on the more day to day tasks, they all have names, personalities, and attributes, but it's a lot to write here. The people of the island never interact with zeer and natas, save for one character who is a demigod of sorts. Anyone can call upon Eft, Lan, or Yair but they might send a goddess in their place. The goddesses live among the people so they can be contacted at pretty much any time.

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what about gods and goddesses that no one has heard about
I've recently gotten into guarani mythology and it has little gods and although what they're the god of is known there is little on what powers they had any help on this

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So I have three OG gods/goddesses Balancor who controls balance he's like the most powerful but does nothing unless the world's balance is out of whack (like Gandalf). The the two chaos and order goddesses who hate each other.



I've thought of adding Gods and Goddesses into my world, but don't know if they fit more in the theme of being Entities of what they embody;

I.e The demigod of Death in the world are only subhuman god hybrids a=that take on the role of Death whenever the current ones throw themselves into Abyss (soul suicide of sorts?)

And Destiny, Life, Chaos and Magic, Love, Wisdom and the such don't have main physical bodies, and only exist like in the Astral Planes. All of them at the least do as they wish, Destiny tying ribbons between rivals, teachers, lovers, ect., Chaos watching over the Orginal Death's children and throwing Destiny's machinations in front of them. Wisdom warning the naive and living his life through the old wizened men in all of the worlds. Magic favors some people and creatures more than most and Love breaking the sticks and ribbons of soul bonds (ribbons) and [love within time] (short-term relationships–sticks on fire like hourglasses)
Chaos and Destiny or course being the only to Gods with corporal servants that may be humans (Seers and chaotic people) While the rest of the Gods have untimely servants with Death having the advantage of basically being the patriarch of his/her extending family (two indirect generations apart (A brother line two generations down cannot inherit Death at all))

I'm open to suggestions and I hope I inspired someone else with this prospect.

p.s. greek, Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Norse gods, ect. are myths that are real but not acknowledged. They could, however, be the primary gods of Separate branch dimensions.

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So are you saying that stuff gods control are held by like a clan? like a death clan or something?


My Gods are sorta nameless, only a few scholars and devout followers really follow them and study them. It's kind of like today people are becoming more independent and secular.


in my story there are two main religions, based off of Christianity/ Islam and Buddhism respectively. In the end it turns out their both a bit right. There aren't people like Zeus running around willy nilly.


So my Gods and goddesses are essentially humans that ascended to godhood, so they each have their own, traditional godly aspects, but they also have actual personalities, likes and dislikes, and they interact meaningfully. theres thirteen of them:
Lilaeth, Lady of the night and gentle deaths
Talnai, Lord of day and Life
Filorin, god of pure waters
Neiha, great serpent of the seas
Fydiesse, goddess of thieves, liars, mischief and seduction
Tylus, god of the earth, metals and miners, patron of craftsmen
Myria, goddess of the stars and departing travelers
Roni, god of the moon and returning travellers
Myvekim, god of wealth, merchants and fortune
Viathyrda, goddess of twilight, choice and change
Kagnus, god of war, weapons, and violent deaths
Tukos, god of the hunt and animals
and fianally Siatha, the watcher goddess


In the kingdom where my story takes place, everyone worships the main deity, Light, who is perceived to be female. She is the creator of life (which is why she's called 'The Creator'), and of elemental magiks, and Flayme (pure sorcery). But there are other gods and goddesses who are worshipped by different species and cultures, all of which are children of Light (everyone believes in the god/s/esses bc Light is said to have created many many of them, but not everybody worships them) The main ones are Sikhashiri, Of Fyre, Phasalyme, Of Harvest, and Ramasta, Of Tools/ Hard Labor.


I have four main deities, each with power over a season of the year and then a few associated powers. Then, each of the four deities has 2 "servants," who are lesser deities. One of each pair of lesser deities has control over an element, and the other in the pair has control over a (semi-)abstract idea (love, time, death, life). Though Reyna (Mother Goddess/Queen) is in control over summer, there are three months in summer. She takes the first month, and her sub-deities take the next two months, one each. Same for the other 3 seasons/deities. Another interesting part of this religion (at least, I think it's interesting) is that seasons start on the solstice (slightly diff calendar months than ours), and the months are then based on the lunar cycles. Also, the "new year" is the summer solstice, in honor of the Mother Goddess and her season.


Holy Trinity:

Svelto - light god, creator god, king of gods
Ruh - Spirit Goddess
Krv - Blood goddess, also known as mother goddess

Four Noble Saints:

Marr - Air Goddess
Turik - Earth God
Vella - Water Goddess
Deshk - Fire God

Fallen God:
Kolero - God of Emotion, brother of Svelto

Just the basic god pantheon i guess haha


My world is created by the Seven, who are building testing zone worlds for their Lord. So basically the "gods" have their boss. And there are two sides, with the outer world, the Light and Dark (not really good and evil). The Seven made the world and then basically just retreated to watching, and sent their will through seers. They are vague and though they could take in forms they don't, and they aren't gendered, as they invented gender.


I currently have two god-worshipping religions, but I'll talk about the most fleshed-out one, called Sanaism.

The 'gods' in Sanaism are actually spirits, and they're called as such. They were, at one point, living, breathing humans who for some reason were given elemental magic after death. They are credited for giving all elemental creatures their magic and are therefore worshipped by them, but they are most commonly known for giving magic to the elementals. Before they were discovered, they wandered the universe, finding each other and not really knowing what purpose they had in this distant afterlife. In fact, they wandered for so long that they forgot mostly everything about their lives, including their names. As a result, they are called as such:

The Spirit of Light - Female - Light Magic
The Spirit of Darkness - Female - Dark Magic
The Spirit of Mystery - Female - ???

Elemental Spirits:
The Spirit of Fire - Female - Fire Magic
The Spirit of Earth - Male - Earth Magic
The Spirit of Wood - Female - Wood Magic
The Spirit of Water - Female - Water Magic
The Spirits of Air - Twins, one Male one Female - Air Magic

Host of the Afterlife:
The Spirit of Spirituality - Female - Host of the underworld and rules life and death

The Spirit of Shadow - Male - Shadow Magic

There are those that believe The Spirit of Mystery is the 'one true goddess,' and that she was the creator of the universe and the one who gave the other spirits their magic. No one really knows what her magic is, hence why she's simply referred to as The Spirit of Mystery. The most popular theory is that she simply controls magic in general, and as a result, she is the only Spirit who is worshipped even by creatures who do not use elemental magic.

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krobus-god of matter who can control matter and make stuff out of it and lebus- god of energy who can control energy and creates the energy and life forms soul

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these are the lesser goddess and gods of my world primaro-male-god of primal animals and dinosaurs- incredible amounts of strength and primal rage, traveler of time-male-time travel and slow motion effect, fetha-female-goddess of nature- plant manipulation and plant talk, the masked eintiety-unknown- incredible strength and dark matter powers, mina-female-goddess of planets-planet manipulation and creation

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and finally the final god the arthour-male-god of gods and everthing- has control over everthing and can delete anyone or change anyone. but no one knows the athours existence


I'm still developing the other gods/goddesses, but this is what I know for sure. I have four major gods and goddesses and each one looks after a different world. The one that I have most developed is Valdron because he is most relevant to the plot of my story. Here he is: Valdron


My gods and goddesses are still bare bones, but they came down to earth and had demigods, who had magic in their veins. Eventually, it spread, so now everyone in the population has magic, but it isn't necessarily used.

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So, these aren't gods per se. They're actually just stars that fell from the sky and took physical form. They came down to help the worldly denizens fight off the Burning Stars. They don't have names and are named after their concept. They're called Giants and have unique abilities and personalities since although the denizens worship them to an extent, the Giants simply felt pity and wanted to help.

Giant of Wisdom: Team Dad; bordering off of grandpa; kind of a jerk; but he's learning from Mercy how to be more empathetic; lovers with Mercy

Giantess of Mercy: Team Mom; super sweet and nice; but can come off as submissive and weak, but she's learning from Wisdom how to be more enlightened; lovers with Wisdom; also very dead because reasons

Giantess of Justice: Peppy and kind; fights evil like a lot; extraordinarily loyal and devoted; formerly the Giant of Justice; used to be blind, but Vitality is a bro; she really likes dogs; she fights with a double sided lance

Giantess of Motherhood: motherly and kind, but very competitive and a sore loser; hates how her hair looks; hates how her body looks; loves the denizens unconditionally; despite the parallels she only sees Fatherhood as a friend

Giant of Fatherhood: Acts more like a cool big bro then a dad, but that's when he gets you with his dad jokes; very supportive and strong willed; loves the denizens like Mother, despite the parallels he only sees her as a friend

Giant(ess) of Vitality: the medic; switches between "aw don't worry i'll help you with your illness" to "stop whining or i'll smack the sick out of you" very frequently; they are gender neutral, because when they fell from the sky, they hurt themselves really bad and couldn't form correctly; they also traded eyes with Justice because (s)he needed them more at the time, so they're blind; resting "boss" face, but amazingly kind and altruistic; heals 24/7

So yeah they're not gods and they're far from immortal but they're excruciatingly powerful and have really cool abilities. (All of which I forgot to name but I don't want to increase the wall of text as is.)

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The ‘Zubqall Sheka’ is my main worlds goddess. She is also known as the Scorpion Mother, the Star Kat, the Starflight, and other names, depending on the culture. She’s all powerful, which is actually surprisingly hard to find in a lot of books I read. She’s known as the Goddess of creation, destruction, mercy, form, and flight.