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@Yamatsu Earthbender

One half of my magic system is called Animus, where people can enchant objects, and the duration of the spell is affected by how much energy you put into it. Permanent enchantments are very difficult, and they can kill inexperienced users, but they have been done numerous times in the past. My main villain has an enchanted revolver and sticks to enchanting clothes and such (for he used to work as a tailor), but I'd like to know what ideas you guys have! What specific "focuses" could people with this kind of magic have? What would their gimmick be if they were all given the same magic but decided to get creative in one certain way?


Healing would probably be something people focus on. Maybe something like an enchanted shovel or other building tool - make stronger homes or whatever. Maybe someone would use it for performance, dancing top hats or something xD? A really hard enchant could perhaps be mind control or something along those lines in clothes? Good luck!

Sarah Stocking

Nomad of Nowhere has a concept sort of like this for the main character, so you could perhaps look at that. Maybe some people find it easier to enchant certain types of objects, like metal objects or other people can manipulate clay really easily. Maybe enchanting objects gets easier the longer time you spend with them, like your villain enchants clothes because he knows a lot about fabric having worked as a tailor? Knowledge about how the object works/its structure/etc. helps because enchanting is just bringing each piece to life?

@Yamatsu Earthbender

I watched Nomad, I'm so happy that someone else on here has! I like the idea of Fantasia-ing some inanimate objects to do my dirty work, that actually lends itself well to a character that I just thought of.