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Mmmagic. Maybe this will provide some ideas. Also, feel free to share your own elemental systems if you like. I know I'd appreciate it

First, a brief intro to the Vaitassien.
Only present in humans and elves. Magic flows and pools into these mental wells. Not everyone has one but they are common. Most only have a shallow Vaitassien. The deeper it is the more powerful the carrier's abilities are and the more likely they are to have a powerful affinity. Those with shallow pools don't have affinities and if they happen to it's usually only one and a simple form of magic.

Onto elemental magic.
The most common form of magic is elemental magic. If an individual has an affinity the chances of it being elemental is very high and if someone has several affinities at least one is usually elemental. Sometimes and usually uncommonly, those with an elemental affinity develop a physical mutation that corresponds with the element.

List of elements and mutations-
Ice (Mutation: body temperature runs unusually low and they are vulnerable to the cold but can withstand high temperatures)
Water (Mutation: have strong lungs and can hold their breath for unnatural lengths usually coupled with increased stamina)
Earth (Mutation: stronger than usual without training and have slightly tougher skin which means resistance to physical injuries)
Air/wind (Mutation: lighter than their body type suggests and they can fall from greater heights without injury)
Electricity (Mutation: able to move faster than usual and they have increased accuracy in general)
Plants (Mutation: don't need as much sustenance or the usual nutrients from food)
Fire (Mutation: body temperature runs unusually high and they can't handle the heat but do well in uninhabitable cold climates)

Mutations only affect a carrier slightly and are sometimes not noticeable but there are rare examples where a person is more dramatically affected. Elemental magic is also incredibly flexible and the uses of it can be nearly endless if the user is skilled and practised enough. This magic usually requires the least training for basic usage but mastering them can take years. They also cause the least negative effects.

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I love elemental magic, mostly due to its supreme utility. My magic system only has the four main elements; Earth, Wind, Fire (September!), and Water, but they can be used in many ways. My MC is an Earthbender (for lack of a better term), and he can do a lot of things in terms of messing with metal and stone, reshaping it, condensing it, rearranging the crystalline structure, and even using clouds of sand or ash to generate lightning!
My other character, one a friend of mine is letting me use, can take water out of the air or surrounding plant life and then reintroduce it in some way to either an enemy or a structure, i.e. melting a boulder into mud because the water gets into the cracks and erodes it away. I was also thinking of having him do a very silly move as a combination of Kirby and Pokemon, shooting a powerful stream of water out of his mouth and hovering a short distance from the ground.


I got this!
Fire: Allows those who use it to create, extinguish, control, and manipulate fire, they can generate unbearable heat in certain parts of their bodies, are resistant to heat and fire, and can cause small combustions as well as spontaneously combust.
Most creative use: One of the characters spontaneously combust so hard, and fast, that it sucks all of the air out of the surrounding area, creating a vacuum that sucks other things closer to him only to be consumed by the explosion he created.
Water: Allows users to create, destroy, control and manipulate water, changing it's state of matter, they also have aquatic adaptation.
Most creative use: Physically moving someone by taking advantage of the water weight within their bodies.
Earth: Allows users to control and manipulate Earthen materials, and medals, shaping them to their will, and changing their density. Also, Earth Magic users have naturally greater vitality.
Most creative use: Used the ground to swallow someone else up, and interrogate them via sensory manipulation, keeping them alive by having the earth carry supplies to them on its own.
Air: Allows the user is to control and manipulate are, as well as certain vapors, like smoke and steam.
Most creative use: Displacing that are in someone's lungs so hard, and fast, that they created a mini vacuum and each one, before restoring the air. And restarting. As a form of torture.

There are other elements, like electricity, light, and dark. But you get the picture

Lol hi!

I've had a magic system b4 but couldn't really find ways to expand them and if I do have a way to do it(it would look like I copied from other stories magic) so I changed my entire magic system

@Reblod @Apollo-Shuri
Both of your ideas are awesome
This makes me wanna share mine too(it's not completed tho)

So there are 2 main races that are focused in my story. Humans and err demons?monsters? (haven't thought of a name for it) and everyone(including the monster) emits this sort of aura thing that is called ambience
So the humans all have different personal traits that is:
1.COMPASSION_ with the ability to REVAMP anything if trained enough
2.WRATH_ that can TAINT the enemy causing lethal damage
3.WILL_ Allows the user to AGGREGATE forming objects using this ambience
4.LIGHT_ (not sure if I should remove this cuz there's no description)
5.DARK_ The users PERCEPTION (mainly the 5 senses) are heightened
6.ASTRAL_ Where the user uses DECEPTION to cause others to hallucinate
7.SPARK_ Anything thrown with this ambience will have a boost to PENETRATE

Compassion, will and wrath represents a person's core emotion
Light and dark( not to be mistaken as good and evil) are a person's interpretation of right and wrong
Astral and spark represents how spiritual or scientific a person is

Having one of the traits means having high affinity towards it

As for the monsters
They have similar traits to that of the humans
But with a bit of twist with evil
The monsters abilities are of a higher level than humans
But can only master 3 special techniques at max and 1 special technique at least
They have extraordinary stamina that allows them to perform their techniques continuously for a long period of time

I'm so sorry if this is too long >w<

@personfullofplotholes language

One of my universes has a twist on the classic earth/water/air/fire manipulation. It's a bit science-heavy because I like physics a lot, but I'm honestly pretty proud of it! Imma just copy paste what I wrote in the magic tab of the universe, sorry it's kind of long:

Formers deal with states of being- aka, gas, liquid, solid, and energy. Each former is born with an innate ability to manipulate one or sometimes two forms but can fairly easily learn all four, and should master all of them before moving onto other types of magic. While formers are quickly discovered as children due to the chaos they can cause, it can sometimes be difficult to determine what innate form(s) a child has because the states of matter of the world are so intertwined. For example, a child making waves on the ocean could have gas as an innate form pushing the water from above, or be liquid formers pulling at the water itself; they could also be solid formers manipulating the molecules of salt and other minerals, using the bonds between salt and water to pull the water into waves, or lastly, they could be energy formers, taking some of the kinetic energy of the ocean/world around them to make the water move. So while you may know that a child can form by the waves they make to splash their siblings, you might not know what form they are until they do something a bit more drastic (energy formers in particular have a reputation for accidentally setting things on fire and being discovered that way.) Although that's not always the case- formers are naturally drawn to their innate form(s), so if a kid is definitely a former and loves windy days, they're probably a gas former.

In addition to manipulating their form, formers can sense/"feel out" their learned forms within a certain distance that varies based on their power level. For instance, an energy former could tell whether a volcano is active or not by the potential kinetic energy of the lava chamber, and a solid former could tell you whether the ice over that lake is thick enough to walk on or not.

Despite legends, formers cannot create matter/energy, nor can they transmute materials/energy (ex. gas formers can't turn smoke into oxygen, energy formers can't turn motion into electricity without something like a water wheel, etc.) Legends also say that manipulating living things is beyond a former's abilities, which is also untrue- as living things are made up of all four states of being to some extent, any former can control them. What they can't do, typically, is control a living thing without killing it- living things are made of a very specific balance of all four states, and throwing one out of balance without dragging the other three along can (especially in the case of gas and energy formers) kill the thing being manipulated. It would take a very skilled former with mastery of all four states to control a living thing without killing it. The last widespread falsehood about formers is that they're immune to attacks of their form, which is untrue- while they may be able to better resist an attack that comes in their innate form, it can still wound or even kill them if they can't get the upper hand or escape.


In my story, people typically get to choose their own abilities and stick with them. Those who have mastered one sub-category of element can typically move on to another, some of their choice. (For ex. Earth -> plant based magic, Fire -> magma) and so on so forth. In your race, though, I'm guessing that they typically don't have much of a choice. For my race, their magic that they practice may cause a slight change in their personality, like a fire user becoming more intense or a water user becoming more loose. As stated before, those who mastered one can move on to another, typically in a similar category. People end up choosing elements closer to their original chosen one, as it's easier to learn and quicker for them. Throughout the average being's life, people end up learning 2-4 sub categories, only few people straying away from their original.

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My story has 12 elements
Fire ,Earth, Water, Air/Wind, Nature, Electricity/Thunder, Metal, Ice, Dark, Light, Pure, and War.
As of now Pure=mind and War=body, so Pure can do memory wipes and War has the Force.