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@Yamatsu Earthbender

I absolutely LOVE Earth magic and Earthbending, so I want to hear your ideas on how to make it more than just throwing rocks!
"They're just two sweaty guys throwing rocks at each other!"
"That's exactly what I paid for."


oooh okay

What about like having plants become a literal part of you, and start growing out of you and stuff. You would use photosynthesis and need lots of water, take long walks in the rain, eat A LOT of sugar, sunbathe, fear saltwater etc.

Or maybe have the ability to feel what's under the earth you're standing on? When you die you crumble away into dirt and slowly grow into a tree? Can speak to the trees?

@Yamatsu Earthbender

So like Toph's Seismic Sense? I really enjoy that idea, and the whole plant-growth thing is the basis for a character that I haven't fully developed (nor do I plan to). Replacing limbs with plant material would be really cool, and if they grow too big then they could be planted in the ground to grow as normal! Having a tree trunk for an arm could provide some combat potential, and then they could hand a crocus to a child onlooker! My head's already buzzing!

@Becfromthedead group

Idk who that is, if I'm being perfectly honest… I have a couple of characters who can do stuff like that, and I like the idea of it having potential for utter destruction just as much as I love the really cool, seemingly more gentle plant ideas.

@Yamatsu Earthbender

Destruction and construction are the two things that Earth magic is good at doing, and I feel that it has far more versatility than anything else just because of how prominent stone, metal, and certain atoms are. I think it's even more prominent than water!

@Becfromthedead group

Oh yeah, for sure. Especially if you choose to include metal into earth powers. It's an exceptionally common type of magic in my world, but it's the sort of thing very few people master.


The users of earth magic could be able to control the form of the rock around them. For example, a user could transform a large boulder into sand or sand into glass. Furthermore, the user could solidify small pebbles into a larger piece of rock. Perhaps a user could walk through solid rock like air or tunnel through the ground.