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Okay so I’ve been researching different paths of Wicca and I stumbled along the Dianic path which is female based.
I’ve been wondering if there is some kind of counterpart to this path like one that primarily “worships” the male deities/ sun (?).

( as is writing this it seems kinda weird considering I’m female but here me out)

My world is all about balance and equality between all different kinds of people no matter in sex, sexuality, gender;etc so it would make sense to either not include this path or just make something up to balance it which I’m a little on the edge about.

Sooo if anyone can help that would be GREAT.


As a practicer of Wicca myself, you got me curious, so I went and did some research. These are a few links I found that might be helpful!

I don't think there's anything specifically worshiping the sun, considering the moon is a/the central sort of focal point of our religion, but the sun is worshiped to, on and during the days set for it. If you're looking for something for a story, you might be better off making up something for your story, possibly using Apollo, Diana/Aretmis' twin. Oftentimes the two are portrayed as opposite sides of the same coin, which might be interesting when considering symbolism and things.

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Okay thank you sooo much, I was mostly concerned about the whole “feminine/ feminist” portion of the whole. And Apollo is definitely the way to go for a god!

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At the time I was more concerned about the female empowerment part of the path being switched over to men aswell.

Kinda like the whole “straight pride” argument if that makes sense? Especially as a female myself it just feels like if I were to add it to my book and publish it, people wouldn’t like it/ be angry. It’s hard to explain…I do tend to overreact like this so maybe it’s also just me?


Ooooh. If it helps at all, I know there are plenty of Wiccan paths that worship both a god and a goddess, as the central deities?

Honestly, people will be mad. People love to get mad at anything. But as long as you know you're writing about the sun aspect, not the male aspect as a dig at feminists or something, then that's really all you need.

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I do know in Wicca that witches can focus on different types of energy such as masculine/ feminine depending on what they need to do (from my sources) so I originally want to focus on the coven part of it, being more of a safe space for each gender since guys can still have the same issues as girls.

Also since I’m not just having Wicca in my story I’m just very heavily basing a lot of concepts and beliefs so I guess not worrying about it is okay.

Also I thought of a name for the path, how does the Apallan path sound?

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Thank you so much! You’ve helped me a lot with this, I’ve been so nervous about trying to include Wicca into my writing since I like to my mess things up especially when people can be so judgmental…

But either way it works for my characters and story so whatever happens happens!