forum Anyone have ideas for a sort of "mutated" magic?
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As I'm plot-building and working on my magic system, I am starting to deviate from the types of magic that I came up with. For instance, shapeshifters in my world only have like, 2-4 animal forms they can shift into. However, a new type of shifter called a mimic surfaces, and she can shift to look like any person she sees, but has no animal forms. Another example is that fairies have either a form of growth or decay magic, but it only works on plants. Yet there is a group of fairies that surfaces whose magic affects all living things, not just plants.
I want to figure out a way to develop this sort of "mutated" magic into my story; I need a reason it happens and maybe something that this occurance causes/something I could do with it.
Anyone have any ideas?

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Hmm, so you could totally take this is several different directions.
It could entirely be a genetic thing, or random chance just what kind of magic that people get stuck with. That could still lead to cultural impacts as some people born "mutated" could be shunned.
Another angle is a learning thing. Some people can master this one form of magic and others another with it all coming down to personal taste.
Or, if you really want to lean into the "mutated" aspect the creatures could have totally normal magic until something traumatic happens, maybe like some kind of plague that messes with how they can perform and seeing how it can affect years of study or work.
It's a very interesting concept that you could take many different ways! Personally I'm partial to some kind of disease or corruption that changes around magic. Be it the wrath of a god or a prank gone horribly, horribly wrong, it's up to you!