forum What are the most awe-inspiring places in your world?
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Hmmm. I guess I don't have any particularly awe-inspiring places just yet…

Okay, I think my Oracles' castle is kind of interesting. I haven't figured out what it looks like very well yet (it's hard to design castles, okay), but. I do know it's an old castle set up on a really big hill, and it's filled with a bunch of Oracles. All of the Oracles look like children. So you basically got this medieval-esque castle filled with a couple hundred well-dressed, pampered "kids" who have nothing better to do with themselves than to just gossip. Because they have little contact with the outside world, it's not even interesting gossip, either.
I don't know, I just like the vibe and the feeling that place gives me.

Does that count as an interesting place?


The best place to go sightseeing in Los Realeza that isn't crowded by wide-eyed tourists are the bluffs just north of the city limits, a place with no name except "the bluffs". There's no way to get to them from a car thanks to a constricting forest, and the hike takes nearly thirty minutes on foot. The challenge of getting to the place is worth the reward though–all you need to do in climb over one more hill and then you're met with miles of white stone bluffs that taper off into an endless dark ocean that churns at their base, eating away at the stone base.

At one point the bluffs tip down into a secret rocky beach cove, one that is only known by word out mouth. It's the perfect place to relax on a sunny summer day and it's more likely than not that you'll not meet anyone else out there. It's the sort of place that makes it easy to imagine that there's nothing outside of it; there's nothing to the world but ocean waves and white rock and a shining sun. It's a place where you go to forget about everything for a little while.


When I starded working on my water-planet, I wanted it to be gray and gloomy (much like Kamino from Star Wars) but now that I starded working on the Islands, it turns out, my planet has some stunning places to offer. Like Ashall, a mountain-town, build between waterfalls. Or Konara City with it's beautiful harbour

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If you prefer a Greek feel with artistic works and lots of marble and glass, Artemis would be your stop. If you're a city person and technology is your thing, Revolution is a good stop. Just don't walk the streets alone there. If you're more of a nature person, Forrest is your stop. That place has endless trees and plants as far as the eye can see. If you like to travel and sightsee, Resource is a good place. Just get used to sand. If you like archeology, the barren lands is a good stop. Beware that there's nothing alive here and it's not really stable for the living.


I haven't seen many awe-inspiring places as real life is usually where I get my inspiration, but if I had to pick a place I'd choose my water planet Erysid. It's inspired kind of by an idealized atlantis and australia but the catch is that the mainland and a couple littler islands are the only pieces of land on the entire planet as everywhere is else is water for miles. I think the more awe-isnpiring part about this planet is that because everything is run by magic when you go into the streets or the beach at night all you see is glowing blue neon lights shining all around that creates a very pretty picture on the surface of all that water. It's a very pretty place, I really wish I could draw it someday :)

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I would say that Pial'el City is awe-inspiring for its abundant buildings and technological advancements. It's the kind of place that tourists would bring a camera to. The lights at night are a special piece. They change for the holidays, and you can see them from nearby towns and cities, like Hycal. It's inspired by NYC, somewhere I've visited a lot, and one day I want to go there and draw a sketch of the city inspired by it.

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My story basically takes place in the sky on these massive steampunk airships, but watching the sun rise over one of the zeppelin thingys is super cool.


My story is in an enclosure. It is filled with a wolf pack and a huge natural habitat for them and their prey. A group of people testing a new technology; the morph, have been inserting humans morphed as wolves with their memories wiped into this enclosure to test their reactions and the real packs' reactions. The enclosure is a dense, hilly forest with a stream running through the center and one of the hills has boulders piled against one side. The mouth of a small tunnel shows between a few of the boulders. The tunnel leads down into a cavern. A path spirals down to the floor of the huge underground camp. Dozens of caves are dug into the walls of the cavern. These smaller caves house the fully trained members of the pack. There is a larger cave at the bottom of the cavern, which is called the trainers cave. This is where the wolves that are still in training sleep until they graduate. then they get their own cave dug into the wall of the path. Hope this sparks some ideas!


Probably Lixir. Lixir is located in Mystic. It is a high-magic area with only the best type of technology. Animals and humans mingle with one another on a daily basis. The Maro-Wolf is one of the best bodyguard animals there is. They are anywhere from six to ten feet tall and stay either alone or with one other wolf. They are very protective of their brothers or sisters, and will destroy cities if that's what it took to save you. But, you have to have a bond with these creature to be able to have one as a family member. The only way to create a bond is by mentally surrendering you true name to them. When Maro-Wolves are born, they wake up and they only no one thing. And that is a name. The name of the person that will one day be their brother/sister. If you surrender your name to a wolf that isn't yours, he/she will forget it almost immediately and continue on with their business. There are many of other creatures in the city, and it is a peaceful city. There are no wars, and it is a place of pure happiness. Half of the days are sunny and have of the days are rainy. The creator intentionally made it that way so people would come to appreciate that there is beauty in everything. Lixir has about 1.2 billion people in the city total, and about 11.4 on the planet, Mystic. It is the most popular tourist destination in the universe, but not in all dimensions. All in all though, it is a beautiful place.


I would have to say the Sythali Eyrie. Think the summit of a mountain made into a beautiful structure designed to give great views of everything around and be wonderful to look at itself. Besides, the inhabitants are bird-people.


So far out of the locations I've made Atlantis in mine is my fave.

I made is a Neon Magic Vegas. Its a sprawling undersea metropolis safe under a shield of air. I put it in the Mariana Trench, so in the city it seems to be constantly night. There are tons of clubs and casinos giving off bright neon lights. Above the buildings there are floating gardens.