forum Locations--different from Planets, Continents, Countries, Towns, & Landmarks?
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How has everyone been using the "Locations" category? What makes you categorize something as a location rather than any of the other options provided?

So far I have been using the locations category for different "planes." Concepts like heaven or hell, or magical planes that exist outside the physical world that wouldn't appear on a map of the world. Has anyone found other uses?

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I think the Locations choice is kind of just for people who didn't buy the premium deal.


As the deleted user said, I mostly used Locations before I had premium and needed something to put that stuff in. Now that I have it, I'm using the others and removed everything from the location category.


I was wondering about this myself. I think a good idea for Locations would be like Geographical Regions on a continent, and colloquial locations. Like, on the Vasiter (mini island continent) of Verdania, there are regions like "The Spokelands", or the "Dark-Sun Woodlands", the "Gealsta Grian Peaks" etc. Around the Spokelands, there's a location called "The Sunvale" etc. This wouldn't be for country borders and stuff, but more of the literal lands.

Additionally, dungeons could also go here.