forum How small-scale or large-scale is the world you're developing?
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Do you have just a city or a country or are you developing entire planets and galaxies?

My current WIP just requires I develop one kingdom, with some small mentions of the two adjacent kingdoms.


Try developing 4 separate universes within one multiverse– PAIN is what it is. But right now I'm currently working on several planets within a solar system. It's a little difficult to plan every little detail to make it more believable when some of these places won't be explored in my story, just mentioned. But I like the planning, it's always fun :)


I've got universes that cross with each other and I feel like the crazy guy with the red string attaching pieces of my world together on the wall.

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Tytarin: Fun fact – Did you know there's actually a Chinese tale that illustrates something kind of like a red string attaching everything on the wall, but in real life? It's called the Red Thread of Fate, and the story behind it is a fun little read. :)

Also to answer the question, I do a lot of high fantasy that stretches multiple continents, as well as a lot of urban fantasy that is scoped to just a single city.


Writing a globe with currently 3 separate countries. (God don't make me start on how far apart they are I have no clue.)


My current high fantasy project is confined to a single planet, however each realm on this world was transplanted there eons ago from somewhere else in the cosmos by a collective of supremely powerful wizards with the intent of holding their defeated foe's greatest centres of civilisation hostage. So I do need some idea of what those old worlds were like.


i created three different realms for the story i'm writing, and they're entire worlds onto themselves, but i've really only focused on certain cities and locations within those realms, so it's large-scale in theory, but small-scale in practice.


It's pretty large scale, but I focus on three or four main areas, with other places getting mentioned a lot. Essentially, it's a land covered in many kingdoms. My two protagonists (who trade off POV) are from different kingdoms, but they meet in a third… and fight evil in the fourth (which includes a few main characters). There are characters throughout the story that hail from many other kingdoms, so it's definitely pretty large scale.


I currently have different worlds for different things and stories.

I'm currently working on a new universe, but instead of focusing on different planets, it's mainly focused on different cities and space stations where there is a lot of variety in the types of characters and races.

A lot of the things I create and plan out will probably never be used in any stories, but I love to plan things out so much. It's so fun. World Building is a hobby in itself for me.


I created two parallel universes, Psyche and Cortex, but I really only go into detail about Cortex, the darker of the two worlds. I made it fairly big, with five different provinces inhabited by four races. The number of characters in my story grows as the new provinces and locations emerge, adding more to the narrative. This WIP of mine actually started with my conceptualization of the world, as that is one of my favorite things to do when writing.


The world I am currently developing is a single, highly detailed planet in which medieval fantasy stories will take place. However, there is also much depth to the world as countless realms of existence are around to explore through meditation.


I currently am working with one world. Within that world though are two different realms that each have their own societies within them.

It was easiest for me to actually draw it out. Kind of like a flow chart? That way it was easiest for me to see what society went under what realm and so on and so forth. It also helped me figure out what parts of my universe had plot holes, so i was able to come up with a clear picture of the world i was creating instead of it being a jumbled mess that i came up with on the fly. LOL


I'm currently working on a single country, which sounds fine until you realise said country has 4 main land masses, 3 main cities, probably at least a dozen gods, several other varieties of magic wielders and two main characters.

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I have a rough "sketch" for the planet, but I'm dealing with an area that's around the size of… um. Half of Europe? A quarter? (I'm still working on it shh…) I have two major landmasses, six countries, four major cultures, three and a half races, and a second world/dimension which is referenced but not actually visited. I'm looking at really varied cultures that I'm (very loosely) modeling them after - the main culture is based off of feudal Japan, there's an area based off of Inuit culture, and several nomadic tribes that I'm modeling off of both Native American and African tribes. It looks (and feels!) larger than it actually is, so it's hard for me to scale it appropriately.

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Mine is an entire galaxy, and it's called the Kingdom of Lex et Ordo. It's supposed to be the Kingdom that's in control of the universe and enforces the law, but it becomes corrupted.


The world I built here is an entire planet. It is a total of 8 continents and 215 countries. It is very similar to earth but slightly larger and more technologically advanced. Races vary a lot because it doesn't just fall to region but also to species. gods and goddesses, along with other myths/ religions are the same as earth's but countries and city names will be different.


My main project is a full world with 6 continents and currently 22 different cultures though I plan on adding more. The creatures that inhabit this world are definitely human-esque but there is a lot more variation between the races, like in most high fantasy worlds, but I don't have elves or dwarves or anything like that.


My world consists of two continents and a group of islands, there are about 12 countries (if you count all the islands as one country)


We've got one, big, universe which contains Earth (the Biorealm) and four other dimensions (the Grave [working title], Pandemonium, Romantiqua, and an unnamed one) which in turn have different races and countries. I have a lot on my plate.

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I am literally creating everything.

My cough world, consists of everything. Literally.

There is a set amount of Multiverses per dimension and about 20 or 30 dimensions. There are hundreds of sub-dimensions. (Hyperspace is one of them) Per Multiverse there is a number of universes that is technically finite, but yet so unbelievably huge it's called 'mostly infinite'. There's so many universes per multiverse that it would take me 10 to the power of seventy-two nonillion googleplexianth aeons in order to get through 0.0000001 times -72 to the power of negative fifty seven percent of 1 percent of the amount of universes present in 1 percent of the 1 percent of the multiverse, presuming I said seventy googleplex universes every micro-second. How many multiverses? Eeh, 'bout twenty-one.

My story takes place throughout a bunch of them. I intend to have a third of the story being the Milky Way and nearby Galaxies and the rest is in other dimensions and universes. I intend to do a lot with this. One of the main characters is from the seventeenth dimension, anyway. So I intend to go there.

As you may be able to tell, this is supposed to be a science fiction comedy. Putting the fiction in science fiction. And, sure. I suppose we will also be putting the comedy into science fiction comedy as well. Hopefully, anyway. It's all relative what is funny, so it really doesn't matter. Either way, I'll win because of relativity, so…