forum Hey yall can you come up with some laws for my town because I just can't think to save my own life
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I'd take a look at what's in place of the actual state. Start from there, and then see what you can do. You wouldn't want to contradict what's already in place.


Well, that’s what I though you were doing. But if not, then never mind.

What kind of location is it? Like, what kind of people does it hold? Magic? Normal? Abnormal?

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It's in western Washington in the 90s and yeah they are all normal, well besides this one basic crazy cat lady that believes she's a witch and goes around "casting spells"

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Put in a law that was made 30 years ago (or very recently in the 90s) that seems silly when your character first hears it, but oddly enough, shows up in your story more than expected. Ex: it is illegal to play any Backstreet Boys songs after 5:00 pm
Ex: it is illegal to purchase gala apples from (specific local farm) with the intention of eating them


in one of the lizardfolk clans there's a law where you can't make magical fires on sunday after dark, just to spite one specific wizard.