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Started by Kylee

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I need help coming up with names for cities, landmarks (waterfalls, lakes, volcanoes, rivers, mountains) and towns. Thanks in advance!


It really depends on the kind of mood you're trying to set. Technological metropoles rarelly have the same feeling as a village during Middle Ages. If you go with the high-tech vibe, try something like naming them after numbers (be it in your own language or any other of your choice), or name them after stars. Something with a lot of "X"s or "Z"s.

If the set is more idylic, with a classical flavour, try using collours or precious stones (again, in your own language or others). Of course, you can also just go with putting a number in each letter of the alphabet and then pick at random any number of letters you desire. Sometimes this doesn't work very well, so you have to change it into something actually readale, but it always gives you an idea of what you can do.

Hope it was of any help.


Make the names ironic, like their initials spell something, or their name being the opposite name of what they are. For example, Francis Allen Robert Tallman, F.A.R.T. He could also be a short person, contrary to his last name.