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Hello artists. I was wondering if you have some free time if you would like to draw my location. I have scoured pinterest and the internet and can't find a picture that looks like it. Here's the link: The Jade Hollow
And if you're wondering when I say "trees made of jade" yes, I mean literal jade. Like that pale green stuff that they have in China. I was wondering if somebody would like to draw a forest with the trees made of it. If you do, thank you so much for taking the time to do this, you will really help me.

Penny Lee

I would be happy to give it a shot! I need a little more info first. So I can tell from the page that you have a small amount of people living there. Do you need drawings of a home, or do you already know how you want that to look? Also, besides the jade trees, do you want the rest of a forest to be like a regular forest (birds, flowers, grass, leaves, etc.) ? I'm guessing you're going for more of lighter happier forest than a more mysterious one? I might be completely wrong on that, but that was the vibe I got from your page on it.
By the way, this seems like a really cool place, and I can see how this would be a fascinating addition to any story! You have a really good imagination!