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I just thought of a thing and I thought it'd be fun to do so-

Plot: A best-friends-to-lovers kind of thing. They start off as best friends, and eventually one confesses their love for the other. But one of them (my character) is extremely insecure and usually does/says a lot of self-degrading stuff.

Setting: Just a high school thing because why not? lmao-

My character;

Name: Shoto Mizaharu
Nicknames: Sho
Age: 17
Sexuality: Gay
Pronouns: He/him
Appearance: He's 5'3, his chest size is about 80cm, he has short purple hair with a small strand of hair poking up from his head, and he often wears casual clothes. He also has a pair of glasses, along with a small mole on the bottom right corner of his mouth (to him, it's on his left). He wears a choker often, as well. Oh and his eye color is black
Likes: Spicy food
Dislikes: Sweets
Personality: Very shy and normally keeps to himself, but when he opens up to someone he is actually quite an obnoxious and stubborn dude. In a good way, though.
Extra Info:
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(i mean, i don't usually ask for writing samples but if you feel like sending one you can do that, i don't really mind either way- also do you want me to put up a template for the character sheet? because i have one ready-)

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(Oh, I was just asking if you wanted one. Some people here want them, some don't. But yeah, if you have a template, you can put one. I'll try not to take an eternity filling it out.)

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(here you go-)

Extra Info (optional):
Image (optional):

@furetakunai ac_unit

Name: Hatake Hamabe
Nicknames: –
Age: 17
Sexuality: Bisexual with a preference for men. (Is only out to close friends)
Pronouns: He/him
Appearance: 5'7 with a slightly athletic build from volleyball practice that he does after school on Thursdays and Tuesdays. Shaggy black hair that reaches down to the nape of his neck and pallid skin that is ivory with slight pinker patches. He's got a somewhat rounder and soft jaw, but not quite a marshmallow face. Generally blank face, large, sapphire blue eyes accented by the gold-rimmed glasses that he wears. Though he doesn't actually need glasses, he just likes the way he looks with them on. He usually wears some type of t-shirt with a semi-heavy jacket over it, as well as just some regular ol' cargo pants.
Likes: Volleyball, cats, snakes, cooking, exercise, singing, manga, etc.
Dislikes: Drinking olive oil, zucchini, wolves, lemonade, coffee, etc.
Personality: Generally charismatic and caring, a people person truly. If given the option between a room full of people who annoy him, or a room alone, he would go with the people. Likely because he would believe that there was at least a chance for standings to improve. Positive outlook on life and tries to help others keep one too. Very serious about keeping his friends happy and often makes threats to people that fracture that happiness (loving threats if it's the friends themselves).
Extra Info: ( •̀ᴗ•́ )و ̑̑

(Lemme know if I need to fix anything~)

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(i'm probably not gonna be able to start since my battery is pretty low and i usually type pretty long starters now so— but i can start us off tomorrow unless you feel like starting now- then i guess i could try and get a starter ready-)