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Just copy/pasted this, and added a forgotten detail with The Telepath.


Been a sec since I made a new rp, but I’m craving one at the moment. I don’t really have a set plot, but I tend to choose my character before making a plot. So, I’ll list a few character options, a breif description, then go from there.

Character Options
The Jester: A reptilian wandering jester who is as endearing as he is rude. He’s extremely promiscuous and a chaos incarnate.

The Ex-Warlord: An insectile ex-warlord who is extremely traumatized and grieving. He is an apex predator both by nature and by his upbringing, however he secretly wishes to live a simple life with someone who loves him.

The Servant: A reptilian half-breed that serves a demigod. He’s a very timid soul, but he’s got a heart of pure gold. Unfortunately, his powerful Alter-Ego does not.

The Telepath: Once cohort to the Ex-Warlord, he now travels alone, seeking adventure and company to alleviate his loneliness. He is an odd creature, both because of his race and his personality.
~~He’s only familiar with a medieval setting, but he’s an explorer and can end up in a modern setting.

The Vampire Nobleman: A former snob who became a jaded book collector/historian after being turned into a vampire.
~~Canonically, he’s an ancient vampire in a medieval setting. However, I can rp him as a living human, or alternatively put him in a modern setting either as a human or a vampire.

Note: I have more characters options available, so if you want to see them, just ask.

andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer)’s rules
• Must have good grammer, spelling, and punctuation please.
• A paragraph or two is a preferred minimum.
• Possible events may/will include cursing, graphic violence, death, suggestive behavior, triggering/mature themes, etc. If you cannot handle any of these possibilities or you’re under 18, please do not join.
• Anything explicit goes to PMs
• I’d prefer someone who is, at least, somewhat active. I usually peek at Notebook multiple times a day, but my response time can vary. I try to reply at least once a day though.
• Ask before you join.
• I may ask for a writing sample.
• I reserve the right to say no.
• Ideas are always welcomed.

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(Lol. Alright. So, the ex-warlord would be De’Tearion. I’ve used him in several rps, and he’s honestly a favorite of mine. He’s based more in a medieval forested setting and, more or less, he’s good in found family, slow-burn romance [heterosexual], or otherwise ‘angst to fluff’ type stuff. He’s pretty much a big brother type that needs lots of love and hugs)
(The vampire is Nok [full name being Norkhal’rokh]. He’s one of my more versatile characters. I can put him either in a medieval setting or a modern one. I can also have him alive, a young vampire, or his canonical ancient vampire. He’s good in bisexual romance [and a lot of similar stuff like enemies-to-lovers], found family, enemies-to-friends, fluff, and probably a variety more that I can’t think of at the moment)

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(Hm… probably Nok. I can make him a living human, and then all we have to do is figure out whether we want to do a medieval or modern setting)
(De’Tearion doesn’t really fit enemies-to-lovers type plots)

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(So, are you wanting to do an enemies-to-lovers with Nok being human and then getting turned? Or do you want an enemies-to-lovers with Nok already a vampire? I’m just trying to figure out how it would work, because the vampires I have are more old-school [walking corpses hidden under the illusion of beauty])

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(oh uh, I mean either technically works. I was thinking that it would be like, vampire trying to woo a human into coming back with them so that they can turn them /eat them. Or we could have a vampire and a werewolf fall in love (I know it's a cliche) I just don't have many ideas)

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(Ah okay. I honestly think the first idea might work. Hm… what about a combination of ideas? So, we start out with a human enemies-to-lovers situation, then Nok gets turned somehow and maybe vanishes for a while. Then, he tries to woo back your character and ends up fighting the temptation to eat them, which possibly goes to Nok turning them so they can still be together)

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Name: Norkhal’rokh ‘Nok’ Mokloratene
Age: 27 years
Height: 6’3”
Looks: Grey eyes, shoulder-length black hair, V-shaped frame, strong shoulders, skinny, a bit pale-skinned but not unhealthily. Has a massive variety of tailored clothes, but is often seen in darker colors (blacks, greys, indigos).
Gender/Sexuality: Male, Bisexual
Personality: Dandy from hell, obsessed with fashion. Snobbish, but is a gentleman with a good heart. Educated and a linguist. Party animal. He’s also kind of the black sheep of his family, but he runs the fashion area of the family business so well that they can’t do anything about him.
Other: He and his family are all insanely rich, with their fingers in multiple kinds of businesses all over the world.