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Yeah uh hi. I want like urban fantasy with some romance??? Idk any specifics yet but we can figure it out haha anyway

  • Andrew's rules apply
  • NSFW will be taken to PMs
  • Three sentence minimum
  • No OP
  • LGBTQ+ welcome and loved
  • I reserve the right to say no for any reason


Ooh let's hear it! I tend to use male characters, so the pairing can be MxM or MxF, whatever you want, idk. Although the character I'm thinking of using for this is actually non-binary, AMAB, but we'll see what ends up happening lol

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Alrighty! And I tend to use male characters, too.

Here’s the prompt:

  • It’s a magic bakery. You work with a bunch of other mages to imbue the pastries with magic, making them taste infinitely better and even give magical effects. The thing is— a human just asked to work there, and for you to teach them magic. It’s stupid, really, since humans haven’t been able to use magic for ages, but… they’re kinda cute. Why not try again?


Yeah sure. Here we go:

Age: (I was thinking between 20 and 24?)

Name: Riven James Briar
Nicknames: Ri (pronounced Rr-eye),
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Species: Half Fae, half human
Looks: I made a Picrew for his looks. Slim and small, about 5'4", and looks pretty small in comparison to most other people
Other: ~

@LittleRiver local_movies

Name: Mason Salic Vincent
Nicknames: Mas (pronounced Mase)
Age: 20
Gender: Male h/h
Species: Human
Looks: Light blonde hair that really goes wherever it would like. He has lighter skin, on the paler side, and his eyes are sort of a duller blue/grey. He’s about 5’9” with a lithe structure and very lean muscle.
Other: tbd