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A boy who was pumped full of drugs and experimented on until he has the ability to time travel. A weapon, a monster, forgetting with each jump in time, forgetting what makes him human until suddenly he meets someone. Someone who makes him feel human again.

And his name was Icarus, after the boy who fell. The name was given to him by those who had made him, and he hated it but didn't know if any other.

He is not human, he knows this, has been told this. He is a machine, a tool, the first of many. Many many many, government machines and toys for the rich, tools for stealing from the past and weapons to wage war.

Time jumpers, time changers. Time travelers who need only to think of where they wish to be and they are there, any moment, any where and any when in time.

Forty years ago was the Time War. The countries of the world waged war throughout time. This was before the time jumpers, when time travel could only be done through machines.

Thirty years ago, the Time War ended and time machines were banned. But one company wanted a way around that. Wanted a way to get around that law.

And so, Kronos Inc is born. Publicly, its purpose is to help remind people of how destructive the war was, and to figure out ways to ensure it never happens again. It funds research that will take the country into the future, not the past. Privately, however, they fund far different projects. Projects designed to find every loophole in the agreement on time machines, and exploit them.

They find their loophole. Machines are not allowed, but what if a machine wasn't needed? What if someone could travel under their own power?

Using cloning technology and DNA editing, they manage to create people that can travel. The first few are failures, dying quickly.

Finally, they create one that works. They call him Icarus, and raise him to be nothing more than a machine for their use. He isn't a person, not in their eyes. And not in his own, either.

So. Basically, this is gonna be a futuristic romance with time travel. Your character should probably be someone from the future. Who exactly, we can figure out.


  • All of Andrew's rules apply
  • This could (probably will, knowing me) be dark, with mature themes
  • Steamy scenes will be taken to PMs
  • I ask that you are descriptive, minimum of three sentences, and as active as possible, please, with good grammar
  • I reserve the right to say no


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(Here's the temp! Also, I have zero preference for what gender your character is

Age: (I was thinking between 18 and 22?)
Gender and Sexuality:

Name: Icarus
Nicknames: None
Age: 19
Gender and Sexuality: Male, Pan
Looks: Slim, average height at about 5'7". White hair, cropped kinda short. Blue-green eyes that are more green than blue. Rather pale-skinned, with a light dusting of freckles across the bridge of his nose. Typically dressed in a nondescript grey uniform.
Other: Aesthetic Board. You don't have to look at it, but I'd appreciate it if you did

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Name: Sonja Soul
Nicknames: N/A
Age: 20
Gender and Sexuality: Genderfluid, any pronouns, bisexual.
Looks: Tall, about 6'0" even and muscular. Has a pale tan, cybernetic/circuitboard pattern tattoos, purple hair, and purple eyes. Typically wearing overalls and a button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up. Some scarring on their arms from previous self harm, but they've been getting better now. It's all metal underneath though, they're an android. However, they do have all the human functions, being made as a companionship bot originally. The optional breathing thing is a little off putting though, to be frank.
Other: Works as a hacker for the Bot Resistance in the year 3024. Trying to make the world better for all bots.

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Maybe he just straight up crashlands in their house or something and they have to nurse him back to health?


I'm not sure that would work, since Kronos keeps him on a very tight leash. He isn't allowed to time travel without one of his handlers with him, and he doesn't really have a way to escape from them


No no it's fine! Maybe they hack into Kronos and get curious, since there are all these extra levels of security that shouldn't be there? So they investigate and find Icarus?