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God I am so fucking bored and lonely
Please give me attention

My whining aside, I'm looking to roleplay with my morally gray Sheep Satyr! He likes to lure people to his lovely cottage and offer them tea
But usually he slips something in their tea which knocks them unconscious, and then he drags them down to his basement to do some experiments for research purposes…
You see, he isn't exactly familiar with laws and he doesn't realize that what he's doing is… well, illegal
He's actually pretty nice, and he's too small and weak to really fight anyone off if that happens, he just wants to do his research dammit
(He also always numbs his subjects and won't do anything on them that he hasn't already tried on himself)

So basically, I thought it would be fun if your character is
A. A scientist who is also kinda morally gray and is totally chill with Ario doing tests on them
B. A masochist of some kind who really wants Ario to do the tests without the numbing medication
C. Big stronk man who ends up protecting the small sheeb
D. Some kind of antihero/villain who doesn't really want to be tested on, but is more than happy to go and fetch test subjects for Ario (probably people they hate, oops)
E. Whatever else you can come up with that might be interesting!

Keep in mind that this is a fantasy setting and your character can be whatever the hell you want them to be! (Assuming they aren't overpowered, of course)


  • Not first come first serve! I have the right to deny anyone for any reason (although I usually won't, if I do it's probably because our writing styles don't mesh well)
  • I don't care how long your responses are, but preferably more than a one liner? Detailed one liners okay but please give me something to work with. Usually my favorite length is around one paragraph (I can't keep up with several paragraph replies qwq)
  • Please be literate! Occasional slip ups are totally fine, but please try to have correct grammar and spelling most of the time
  • LGBTQ+ characters are loved and respected <3
  • Don't be rude >:0
  • Swearing is perfectly fine, but no slurs of any kind!
  • OP characters are banned >:0
  • If you have questions, ask! Just make sure you put things in parentheses if the roleplay has started :>
  • Please be active!!! Not forcing you to reply several times a day (although it would be nice lol), but please reply at least once a day or let me know if you will be unable to! I'm pretty understanding, but I'll usually bump after a day or two depending on whether or not I see you active in other forums or generally online
  • Uhhh I can add to the list if I think of things

Here's a picture of Ario if you're curious lol (picrew, not my own art)


(Yeah, sure! I'll just give you a bit of basic info then lol)
(I'll put him at about 20? He's around 4 something feet tall and has sheeby legs (since he's a satyr lol). Uhhh idk, that should be good on basic info? His name is Ario, but I think I mentioned that earlier aha)


((oooh, okay cool beans, well I mean I have a form made for this boy, but like he's sort of a supervillian, from another rp, but if you'd like it for reference I could post him))


"Everyone shut up or I might just lose it, and we all know what happens when I do."

Name: Graham Bello(Long story) Conlon

Also known as Saiko/Physcho, Bella "I will die if you ever call me that."

Gender: Male

Sexuality: "Uhm, I'm straight." "Sort of . . ."

DOB: January 12

Star sign: "I'm a Capricorn, sadly, just because I was born one doesn't mean I behave like one."

"Oh my god, I'm surrounded by idiot sandwiches."

Looks: 중23,된12]차구구 on di 2020 | Latar belakang animasi, Ilustrasi ...

Personality: "Personality wise, well uhm I'm me." . . . "Oh, that's not a good enough answer, well uhm rude, but okay. When I'm not plotting to destroy the world with a new element that I've created -well sort of, working on it-." He gets rudely interrupted by one of his friends -minions, sorry, don't know where that friend thing came from-."NO DREW THE FREEZE GUN GOES INTO THE THE CAR, NOT THE FREEZER. Excuse me for a second." He steps out of the room and after a few minutes and few loud thuds comes back in,"So sorry, now where was I? My personality, ah yes. Well, I enjoy sitting around and watching National Geographic, or reading their magazines. Honestly, anything that is science related or based interests me very much. Hhm, now, I uhm also don't really like people." Drew and another guy pop their heads into the room, "Heeey, I thought that you liked us." Graham, getting a little triggered by them groans and nods a yes. Sastisfied the two run off, "As I was saying, I don't like." He stops speaking to see if they were still around, not wanting them to bother him anymore, "Most people, I like Drew and Clark though, even if they are idiots at times. HHm, what else about me. I uhm, I don't like caffeine, or sodas, but I will drink apple juice, but that's not too important. And anything else about oh well. I've been told I'm terrible at showing emotions, well ones other than anger, frustration, and I don't know if this counts as a emotion, but psychopathic tendencies are quite normal for me too, but hey, that's what's so fun about me. Now uhm the end? I guess." As he walks off, "I feel like I should have said I like long walks on the beach or something. . . Why in the world did I have to do that?"

"And you're fired! And you're fired! AND YOU'RE FIRED!!!!!" (Him, doing his version of Oprah's famous "And you get a car." ))

Powers: "I think the best way to describe it is to say I work with chemical, no, moreso certain elements, like metal and things of that nature. But my speciality is radioactive chemicals, if that makes sense."

Hero name: Saiko

Hero suit appearance: "I would die if I ever wore a costume like that. I wear business suits, especially since I don't do too much fighting, my radiation helps me out." Later after a run in with Posiedon, "Scratch that, a black suit, and a mask, I don't want to get my ass kicked again by him."

"Well, had you listened to me in the first place we wouldn't be in this situation now would we? Now, do you still want your GoGurt?" ((Him speaking to Clark after the boy messed up one of his inventions.))

History: "Uhm, I'd rather not divulge too information about myself. Oh wait, I haaaaaaveeee toooooo? Okay then, fine. I had a somewhat decent family until I got sick of the way I was treated. You see, I didn't live with my parents, but my grandparents, who were oh so conservative, and also very British, that's where my accent came from, even though I've lived in the States, all my life. Must I continue? Well, I ran away once they found out about my powers, if you can call them that. And now I live here with Clark and Drew, my frie-minions. You're not going to get anymore out of me, alright?"

"Being an idiot must be tough."

Likes: "Uhm, does arson count as a like?"
Dislikes: He pretty much hates Poisedon, he knows it's not the guy's fault, but he really does. People, he's antisocial, and also a major jerk, so well, he and the rest of the human don't get along too well.

Favorite color: "I don't like colours." . . ."Okay fine, yellow, like a mustard yellow, not a shade lighter, or a shade darker."
Favorite food and drink: "I think my favorite food would be a vegetarian chicken sandwich. I'm not even a vegetarian, but I really like that one food. And uhm drink, I think it would be water, after apple juice, don't judge."
Favorite instrument: ". . ."

Hobbies: "I like to work on new gadgets and things, like that, it may seem boring or something, but to me, it's so much fun. And I like working with machinery."

"Nope nope nope nopity nope nope."

Favorite song: Dancing In the Moonlight

-Outrunning Karma by Alec Benjamin
-Smoke Gets in Your Eyes by the Platters
-I Hate Shakespeare from Something Rotten
-Gold by Imagine Dragons
-((For some reason, probably due to Drew and Clark playing a joke on him)) Veggie Tale Remix by Shama Mremra

Favorite lyrics/lyrics that most describe him: "Primadonna girl, all I ever wanted was the world, I can't help that I need it all, the primadonne life the rise and fall."

"I'm giving up, it's been twenty minutes and you still haven't been able to turn on the damn stove."

Other: "Uhm, I'm left handed, if that's cool, or counts as something you need to know."

Author's note: He;s a jerk, please understand that.

"Screw everything, I didn't really want to rob this bank to begin with. Not like I planned it for a month or something."


(Nice lol. How should we start this? Maybe Graham is injured from some fight so Ario leads him off to his little experiment cottage?)


Graham forced himself off the ground, he was in so much pain at the moment, and he felt nearly sick to his stomach, all he wanted to do was get out of here and back to his home, anywhere would be safer than this place. He thought as he hurried down the alleyway to his van, or at least where he thought he'd left his van. Seeing as it was gone, he let out a pained groan, realizing that his two idiot friends had driven off, probably to get slushies or something dumb like that. He clutched his hand to his side, realizing that he was losing more and more blood, and just tried to focus on a way out of here, without being caught by those damn heroes. But as Graham was staggering to stand on his feet he saw something, something that looked soft and fluffy, and it seemed to be coming his way. Oh god, I must be hallucinating. . . He thought as he tried to stand, but the more he tried to balance the worse he felt until he pretty much just fell over. He just could feel rocks and dirt from the asphalt getting into his wound and he winced, letting out yet another cry of pain.


"Sir! Are you alright?" Ario approached the man and examined him curiously. Of course… the one time I come to the city in ages. At least I could do some testing on him… "Here, come with me… I'll patch you up, okay?" He helped the man up and wrapped his arm around his shoulders to support him, beginning to pull him back to his cottage. It would take a while, but he hoped it would be worth his while…


Graham wasn't even sure who this fluffy person was, but at the moment, he didn't even care, anywhere would be safer than in the city, and if the man was offering to help him out, he'd take it. Honestly, he just needed a safe space to wait out until he was healed up and ready to go back into battle. Graham wasn't really thinking straight at the moment, but if he had been in his right mind, this would not have happened, but he just needed somewhere, anywhere to go, and this place seemed safe, or at least the fluffy person seemed nice.


Eventually, Ario managed to get the man to his cottage, which was way out in the middle of nowhere. He sat Graham down at the table and started making some tea. "This'll make you feel better, alright?" When Graham wasn't paying attention, he slipped something into his cup and brought it over to him. "It'll help you relax." The statement was… not entirely untrue. The substance would simply drug Graham and force him to pass out within the next minute or two.


Graham was trying to force his mind to clear up as he watched the other person begin to make him a cup of tea. He was about to say something to the other man, probably introduce himself or something like that, but once he took a sip of the tea, he just, well he sort of began to get drowsy, very very drowsy. If he wasn't able to think straight before, well then now it was worse. After a few seconds he slupmed over, completely out.


"There you are… this won't hurt a bit, I assure you." Ario grabbed the man underneath his arms and began to drag him downstairs into the basement. He eventually managed to get him onto the table and then grabbed his tools to begin his work. Graham already had plenty of wounds on him to work with, so Ario just headed over and started collecting his blood in vials. He then poured various chemicals onto the other's skin to see how they reacted, and afterwards began to actually stitch Graham up.


After the last of the stiches had been sewn, Graham slowly but surely began to wake up, "What the hell happened. . .This isn't the hospital." He said softly still not able to think straight at the moment. He started to button up his shirt, then began to wonder who had unbuttened it, "What's going on?" He turned slowly, trying to not mess with any of the stitches, when he saw Ario, "Who are you?" He murmured, studying the saytyr, "And what did you do to me?"


"Uhh…" Ario froze when he heard Graham's voice, the needle still in his hand. "My name is Ario…?" He offered weakly. "Uhm… I patched you up? Like I said?" He started putting things away quickly and tried to wash all the blood off his hands. "You were hurt in the city, and I brought you back here… um…"


Graham glanced around the room, still rather woozy, "I think that there's more to that story." He said quietly, his voice a bit of a growl, "What else did you do. . ." He asked, eyeing the satyr suspiciously, "You ought to tell me, whatever you did is proabaly illegal.


Ario flushed a bit at the accusations and glanced around the room nervously. It was filled with a lot of incriminating objects, but… "What's 'illegal'?" He asked, sounding genuinely confused. "I live out here all by myself and I'm real far from everybody else, so I don't really know your customs all that well…"


Graham shook his head a little bit, "Okay well, for starters, how did you get me to go to sleep? Going from there, we can decide on what exactly you did, and how illegal that it is." He said shaking his head. He started to stand up a little bit, walking over to Ario, "Look, I'm not really upset, you did help me, but uhm that isn't the right thing to do, at least from what the law sees.


Ario looked up at Graham nervously when the other approached him, cowering up against the wall. "W-Well, I just put a little medicine in your tea first… it doesn't hurt you or anything, it just makes you fall asleep…" He tried to step back a bit, but just bumped into the wall. "S-So then I brought you down here and put some of your blood in those vials and did a couple minor tests on you and then I fixed you up and you're fine now…"