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Every witch has various apprentices during their lifetime. In some rare cases, some witches have only one apprentice during their lifetime. The Red Witch is one of the few witches who don't have an apprentice. After hearing nothing about The Red Witch for half a decade, she comes back announcing that she's holding an event that will help her choose an apprentice. A series of competitions, that will allow the young witches-in-training to show off their skills. At the end of a competition, three or more witches-in-training will be sent home. Any witch-in-training who doesn't have a teacher yet is allowed to join. Your character has been a big fan of The Red Witch for a while now and wants to be just like her. They decide to join the event, but they're not like the other witches-in-training. Unlike the others, they're horrible with magic. They've been fortunate throughout the event, and now, it's up to them to pass the final two competitions.


  • LGBTQ+ characters are welcomed
  • Try not to post one-liners. It's okay if you do it once or twice, but please try to avoid them.
  • Cursing is allowed, but keep it to a minimum.
  • Ask to join
  • Please notify if you're going to be on vacation, take a break, etc. Also, please notify me when you're going to drop out of the RP
  • Be active. I'm not asking you to be on every day, but at least respond twice a week
  • No slurs
  • Have fun!

I know this can be confusing, but if you have any questions, please ask. I'd be more than happy to clear things up as much as I can.


Name: Luna Bianca Oleander
Nickname(s): Freckles
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Sexuality (optional): Pansexual
Appearance: Luna has raven black hair that has blue ends, which she proudly dyed herself. It reaches the small of her back. She has bright, electric blue eyes that are heavily lashed. She has pale skin, however it does tend to tan if she stands outside in the sun long enough. She has freckles that cover pretty much her entire body. She's average height, about 5'7. She has a few scars here and there from rough and tumbles. She has a witches knot tattooed on the nape of her neck.
Normal Outfit: She usually wears long sleeved shirts that range in the darker ranges, as well as kneel length skirts that flow, leggings and knee or calf length boots. She likes clothes that give her flexibility in the way she moves.
Personality: While she lacks in magic, she makes up for it in spirit. She is best described as an excitable, impulsive, reckless, optimistic, energetic, and someone who thinks outside the box. She is determined in every way to become her best. She is always up for a challenge and usually faces it head on. She is extremely social and outgoing, and making friends is no task to her. She works insanely hard for her dreams since she isn't very talented in magic. She is selfless and will help those in need, no questions asked. She tends to have motherly instincts when it comes to those that are close to her, protective and worrisome.
Likes: She loves strawberries, like- she'd kill for them. She likes practicing with herbs, and is rather good with them in a non magical way. She loves to read and write, and spends most of her free time doing so. She loves to sleep, or stargaze, it really depends.
Dislikes: Bigotry, people believing she can't do anything, liars, discrimination, being told that she can't, hot foods, being told what to do.
Backstory She won't touch this subject with a ten foot pole.
Other: She has a black cat named Nova.

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Name: Ximena Lexi Mercury

Nickname(s): Xime, Lex, The Red Witch

Species: Half human, Half Sheslal (A Sheslal is an alien species I created)

Gender: Female

Age: 35

Sexuality (optional): Asexual

Appearance: Ximena has somewhat pale skin, which she got from her human father. She has light blue eyes and curly pinkish-reddish hair that reaches up to her shoulders. She most likely dyed it when she was young so she could look different from one of her sisters who have a similar appearance to her. On her right arm, she has a mark, which shows her Sheslal heritage. It is only visible if she wears a short sleeve shirt or a tank-top. She’s about six feet tall and two inches tall and has quite a few scars from when she was younger.

Normal Outfit: Ximena usually wears a black sleeveless shirt, dark grey pants, a dark blue short kimono with one sleeve, and a somewhat darkish purple open coat. But, throughout the event, she's seen in more formal clothes.

Personality: Ximena is a sweet and friendly person if you get to know her. She would do anything, and I mean anything for the ones she loves and cares for. She's a bit of an asshole and a tad bit sarcastic. She tends to get on people's nerves, by just standing in place and not saying anything. They’re used to her bluntly telling people what they’re doing wrong. From afar, she looks like a tough, mean, scary, giant (not so scary, but she sure is tough) who could kill you if you do something to her or her family, but in reality, she's just a sweet and soft girl with a heart of gold.

Likes: Anything that has to do with astronomy, stargazing, reading, comfy clothes, sweets, berries, nature, animals, writing, learning new things, snakes

Dislikes: Bigotry, discrimination, people saying females can’t do something a male can do, her step-mother, lying and things or people disrupting her.

Backstory Ximena was born to a human male and a Sheslal female. She has two sisters and one brother, all of who are around the same age as Ximena. Ximena is the oldest of the four children. When she was young, her mother died of a horrible illness. A couple of years later, her father remarried a wicked human female, who treated Ximena and her siblings horribly. She spent most of her childhood away from her house and learning from her teacher, who was like a mother figure to her.

Other: She has a female, non-dangerous pet snake that she named Penny.

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Thank you! I love Luna too.

Ximena stood in the middle of the stage, behind a podium, and smiled at the remaining people. Every morning, the young soon to be witches had to be in the auditorium to receive their instructions from Ximena. And to know what the day's competition was going to be. "I see we're all here. Good morning, children. Two weeks ago, two hundred and fifty people signed up for the competition. And now, only ten of you remain. These two last competitions aren't going to be easy." She paused and looked out into the audience. "Or hard. It depends on the person. Anyway, like I was saying, these last two competitions are going to be different. We witches rely on magic way too much. So for the first half of the day, you're job is to defeat a witch's worst enemy, a Vortexling, without magic."

She took out a book from the podium and flipped through the pages. She stopped when she found the page about Vortexlings and grimaced. "A Vortexling is a big black beast with four red eyes and two grayish horns on their heads. As you may know, Vortexlings are very dangerous. An adult Vortexling can be around eight feet tall, or sometimes even ten feet tall." She closed the book and put it away, looking at everyone. "You'll be fighting a child version of a Vortexling. This version is merely four feet tall. Not as dangerous as when it gets older, but you'll come back with a few bruises at the very least."

She stepped off of the stage and walked around the auditorium, with her hands behind her back. She stopped in front of the group after a couple of moments of walking around in silence. "The rules are simple. You can't use magic, and the moment you do use magic, you are instantly disqualified. And at the end of the day, you will be sent home. You are allowed to use whatever you find lying around the area and the things we will provide you with." She paused and sighed. "Any questions?"


It was a miracle that Luna had made it this far in the trials. She watched as witches left and right were docked from the trials, and now she stood with the last ten. Since she wasn't very good at magic, and there were others that were much more talented than she, it genuinely surprised her that she had made it this far. Luna's gut was twisting every which way, her eyes bolting over the other nine contestants. She knew all to well that if they had to used complicated magic in the next rounds… She'd lose for sure.

She shook herself out of her thoughts when the Red Witch spoke, determination crossing over her features. She instantly felt herself relax, which she shouldn't be, after all it was a vortexling… But she was facing it without magic. That- that was good. She was good at facing off magical creatures without magic. She had been doing that since childhood. She cracks her knuckles in satisfaction before nodding to herself. This would be fine. She just needed to take her time and work hard. She was good at that. She takes a deep breath before shaking her head when asked if there were any questions. She couldn't think of any at the moment. But she was already formulating a process she could use.

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"Alright then. If anyone does have a question, make sure to ask me before the challenge starts.." She trailed off and looked at her watch. "In an hour and a half. If you haven't had breakfast yet, head to the cafeteria and pick up your food. If you have had breakfast, return to your quarters, and the supplies you will use for this challenge will arrive soon. I will let out an announcement ten minutes before the challenge starts so you can have time to enter the forest. All of you are dismissed."

And with that, she walked out of the auditorium, leaving the ten contestants alone. A couple of them shared glances. The room was in complete silence. That was until a young girl dressed in black broke the silence. She walked to the stage and sat down on it. She sighed and crossed her arms.

"Well isn't that great. Fighting a Vortexling without magic," the girl said. "That's impossible. Nobody has ever achieved that, even if the Vortexling was a child. She's trying to kill us. The Red Witch is insane." She paused and looked at the other competitors. "I say, we use our magic. She's not going to know if we use magic or not."


She nods and instantly starts pacing. She recalled everything she could remember about Vortexlings. What was it that her mother had said? She knew she should probably go get some breakfast, and something to drink so that she was well hydrated. She wanted to do well, after all that's why she was here. The Red Witch had been her inspiration since she was a child. She moved some hair from her face and took a deep breath before glancing at the other witches.

"She simply said defeat." She replies to the girl, tilting her head to the side, "Defeat doesn't necessarily mean kill." She says hopefully. She frowns at the mention of magic, "But the Red Witch explained that if we use our magic then we'll be disqualified." She shakes her head and sighs. "You can do what you want, but I'm not risking it. It's not worth cheating. No matter what it might be." Luna explains firmly. "But do what you will. I'm going to go eat something and then get ready for the trial." She turned sharply on her heel before exiting the room. Luna wanted to do this to the best of her ability, even if that meant she couldn't use magic. But that was the wonderful thing about this trial. She didn't have to do anything by magic. It was just with her bare hands.

She quickly went to the room where she was staying, changing into more comfortable clothes. She tied her hair back and grabbed the supplies that The Red Witch had left for them. She then moved to the cafeteria and grabbed some food, as well as a few snacks, which she promptly shoved into her bag. She knew she would need the energy. She drank some water and took her time prepping herself mentally. It was going to be okay.

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The others rolled their eyes and left to either grab some breakfast or getting prepared for their challenge. Ximena stood outside, looking out into the forest. As a child, her father had warned her to never go face to face to a Vortexlng, thinking that she weak to even fight one. She sighed as she walked back inside into the building to do her announcement. "Attention…er…children. Please make your way to the training grounds. I have to speak to all of you before you head out into the forest. Please don't be late, because I'm not going to wait for all of you to arrive, just so I can start." She paused and looked at her watch and hummed a bit. "You have six minutes to get to the training grounds."

She looked around the room and picked up a small bag from a table nearby. The bag contained a metal bracelet that had a small circle in the middle. The circle would light up different colors for different people. Like that, she was able to know who cheated and who didn't. She smiled as she exited the building and made her way back to the training ground.


(No worries!!)

Votexlings… she had read stories, done research, but she just didn't feel prepared. She knew from the moment that she stepped into the trials she was out of place. Most people that had come were well practiced and knew what they were doing. Somehow… she managed to get here. So she wasn't going to give up. She wanted to do well. And since magic wasn't her strong suit, she'd just have to be careful. But they weren't using magic for this round, so she was sure that everything would be fine… She jumped when she heard the Red Witch over the speakers. She jumped up and dashed over to the forest. She took a deep breath, her hair waving wilding in the wind. She'd need to tie that back before entering the forest. She was one of the last ones there, but she made it before the six minute mark. She takes a deep breath and huffs, standing proudly. She adjusts her bag, making sure she had whatever she needed, before carefully tying her hair back so it wouldn't get caught.

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Ximena watched as they gathered around her. "I see we're all here. Before you head out into the forest and defeat a Vortexling, I have to give all of you something." She said as she made the bag she was holding visible. She put it on the ground and took out ten metal bracelets from the bag and handed them out to them. "Wear this. This may seem like normal metal bracelets, but this will help you keep the Vortexling away from you, for at least a couple of seconds." She stepped back and smiled at them. "I also want to say good luck and I hope you're prepared for this challenge." Her expression changed quickly though "A little reminder. If you use your magic, you'll be instantly disqualified and I will know immediately when one of you does use your magic." She paused and waved a hand toward the forest. "As soon as you defeat the Vortexling, report back to me and then you can do whatever you please until the next challenge. You may leave now."


She bounced on her toes, listening intently to the Witch in front of her. She wanted to do well. She glanced at the bracelets. She takes a deep breath and slowly takes the bracelet, securing it around her wrist. She was nervous, but she was going to make the most of it. She glanced over at the Red Witch for a moment. "Thank you." She murmured quietly before turning towards the forest. She took a deep breath before pausing and looking back at the other. She nods firmly at the warning. No magic whatsoever. She could do that. She had done it for most of her life. She glances back at the forest and before she can chicken out, she dives in. she runs throughout the forest, her eyes scanning the moving shadows, her eyes narrowing in determination. She wanted to do this right, and wanted to do it well. She wanted to be honest through the whole fight, wanted to make it through.

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Ximena watched as they headed into the forest, and she took that as her cue to leave. She headed into her quarters and sat down on the bed. She grabbed a book from the table and started reading. All she had to do was wait for her bracelet to light up a certain color and mark down the color on a piece of paper. She would have to do some extra stuff to figure out which color belongs to who, but she was determined that she could do it.

A Vortexling hides in the shadows of the forest, sniffing the air. It had smelled Luna the moment she had entered the forest and was now trying to figure out her location. It carefully and silently backed away, as the smell of Luna had grown stronger. The only indication that something was there were long claw marks on the brownish ground.


Luna was on high alert, her eyes moving in every direction as she carefully watched her steps. From what she could remember, Vortexlings were tricky and fast so she needed to be careful. Her mind was running wild as she tried to figure out a plan. She desperately tried to remember how to ease a vortexling. There was a way, wasn't there? There usually was. She took a deep breath. No magic. That was the rule. She has other tricks up her sleeve though. Just breathe, and trust your instincts. She needed to do that. Stop panicking and focus.

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Ximena's bracelet lighted up with a light purple color. She sighed as she put the book down and grabbed a notepad and a pencil from the table. She wrote down the color and then proceeded to write down the name the color belonged to.

The beast growled softly as it made another mark on the ground. The Vortexling backed away, slowly and cautiously walking from shadow to shadow. It needed to find a good spot to pounce on the unsuspecting human. It wasn't as careful as it thought, because its eyes glowed softly from the darkness, and then soon after, it stumbled out of its hiding place.


Luna was keeping alert, hearing something following after her, and seeing another mark on the ground. Okay. So… there was a vortexling nearby. That's okay. It's fine. She just needed to figured out how to beat it… or maybe tame it? Was that even a possibility? She didn't want to hurt the creature. She didn't like hurting anything. But she also wanted to come out of this alive. She knew that she couldn't use magic, so she would need to think outside the box for this one. She startles when she sees the eyes, and saw the vortexling stumble out into view.

(So how should she beat the vortexling?)

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(I was thinking maybe Luna can fight it, but then switch and try to befriend it?)

The Vortexling looked at Luna menacingly. It had ruined its chance of surprising her from the shadows and attack her, but even without the element of surprise, it was sure it could defeat her without too much trouble. It took a step back, growled at the human in front of them, and just stared as if they were mocking her. After a bit, it immediately pounced.