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This is based loosely off of this song-
The King Welcomes You to Avatar Country- Avatar
(Looking up the lyrics might help to better understand it, but nonetheless)
(Also, this rp is not based on the story of the song, it just references it)

There exists a prophecy of great evil that will come, and only a warrior, a chosen of the gods, can stop it.

An ancient evil approaches the Kingdom of Ethrin, but the monarch doesn’t know how to stop it. Lo and behold, a foreigner enters the kingdom, drawn by an urge they can’t describe. This foreigner bears a birthmark that signifies them as the chosen warrior, though whether they even know how to lift a sword is a different question.

• This may be really goofy or really serious, I don’t care.
• Considering how the previous versions of this rp went, it will likely descend into chaos.
• This has magic, fantasy creatures (dragons, goblins, vampires, etc.), and medieval technology. In other words, High Fantasy.

Ethrin is a fairly large kingdom of forests and grasslands with two major rivers, the northern Barzin River and the southern Zavrin River.

Capital City: Cavorin, large city with the king’s castle.

Northernmost City: Avergard, an ancient citadel/fort, a very militant place

Easternmost City: Mezern, a city built around and within a massive tree, home to many mystics.

Westernmost City: Folthaen, home to the largest plantations in Ethrin

Southernmost City: Vared’nē, a sprawling city of tents and markets, one of the largest markets in Ethrin.

Northwest Village: Vordine, a quiet village that is best known for its painters and musicians.

Southeast Village: Krii’dēn, a market village, best known for its weavers, source of the tapestries in the King’s castles.

North Central Village: Aiker, a village against the Barzin River, known for its abundant clay and the pottery that comes from it.

Beyond the borders of Ethrin-

Far north is the Alyiin Mountain Range, a dark and frozen place, often home to creatures of evil.

Far east is the massive Zaim’nzu Jungle, a strange place of magic and enigmatic riddlers.

Far west is Boriv Coast, a peaceful place of farms and fishermen, next to the Borovine Sea.

Far south is Mai’djēn Desert, home to a culture of circuses, belly dancers, and vibrant colors.

Adon’mūar: God of Shadows, Tricksters, and Souls, often depicted as an emaciated, 8’ tall creature of shadow with eerie solid white eyes, dressed in dark robes with the iconic jester’s hat and holding a scythe. He is the guide of souls, is a riddler, and is harsh but reasonable. His symbol is a scythe with a jester’s hat on top of it.

Seida’faen: Goddess of Sunlight and Magic. Typically depicted as an angelic woman with blue eyes, gold feathery wings, a gold halo, and a white gown. She often carries a scepter. She is kind and gentle, but can be fierce and stubborn. Her symbol is a gold halo with wings.

Halūn’zūvar: Triple Deity of Time and Creation.
Their symbol is a black gemstone in the shape of an eye.
God of Time- Depicted as an old man with a cane and a small sundial. However, he acts like a man less than half his apparent age, and is actually quite fast. He is quiet and observant, usually unaffiliated with mortals.
Goddess of Reality- A female centaur carrying a dagger that can create logic/understanding where it is stabbed and a spear that destroys all sense of reality/logic where it is thrown. She is all-knowing but understands nothing. She exists outside the realms of logic.
Deity of Maelstrom- A strange being that constantly shifts in appearance. It controls law and chaos, creation and destruction, life and death. Or so it says.

(Two i’s like this- ‘ii’ are pronounced like ‘eye’)
Cavorin (Calve-or-in)
Avergard (Av [like have] -er-guard)
Mezern (MEH-zern)
Folthaen (Foal-Thane)
Vared’nē (Var [like ‘bar’] -ed-knee)
Krii’dēn (Cry-dean)
Aiker (ii-cur [rhymes with ‘hiker’])
Alyiin (Al-YIIN)
Zaim’nzu (ZII-min-ZOO)
Mai’djēn (Miid-JEAN)
Adon’mūar (Add-on-moo-are)
Seida’faen (Say-da-fane)
Halūn’zūvar (Hal-oon-zoo-var)

andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer)’s rules
• Must have good grammer/spelling
• No one-liners. A paragraph or two is preferred, at the least.
• There will be cursing. Graphic violence and death are very possible.
• Romance is optional. Anything explicit goes to PMs. (I write m/w pairs, but mostly not explicit. Ask in case)
• Let me know how active you are (the more active, the better)
• Let me know if you have any triggers
• This will contain some mature themed stuff, such as sexual innuendos.
• Ask before you join
• I reserve the right to say no
• Ideas are welcomed
• If you want to play multiple characters, just ask.

King: @ShadeStar~ Xavier Etheri
Queen: @ShadeStar~ Raegan Etheri
Jester: @Serpentess (me)~ Ōn’nyosh
Court Sorcerer: @Serpentess (me)~ Alexandra Beatrice Temora
Chosen One: @ShadeStar~ Alzayz

Evil One: @Serpentess (me)~ Avectus Icron
Evil One’s Second-In-Command: @ShadeStar~ Quincy

All characters are on page 1.

Height of characters-
Xavier Etheri: 6’
Raegan Etheri: 6’4”
Ōn’nyosh: 5’11”
Alexandra: 6’7”
Alzayz: 5’2”

Avectus: 5’6”
Quincy: 5’11”

Ōn’nyosh: Ōn-yosh
Icron: (i as on ‘ick)-cron

Character Template


Aliases/Nicknames, if any:




Description: (Please include exact height)



Notable Powers/Skills:


@Serpentess health_and_safety language

(You can just copy/paste Alzayz from the other rp)
(Like I was saying in the other rp, I’m wondering if I need modify this a bit. I honestly feel like something needs to change, even slightly. I don’t know what though. I want a balance of characters, even if it’s just On’nyosh and Alzayz, but I don’t know how to go about every other character)


Name: Alzayz

Aliases/Nicknames, if any: Goes by Cicada (her name in this world's English equivalent) and her common nicknames are Cada(English) and Zay(z)

Race: Half human half djinn

Age: 21

Gender/Sexuality: Female / Pansexual

Description: Alzayz has warm brown eyes that match her tanned skin and the freckles that adorn it (that if looked at closely almost look like tiny stars). She has dark red hair that is normally pulled back into a high ponytail contained by a leather cord with a simple gold charm that was a farewell gift from her family. She stands at about 5'2" and has a fairly muscular body. From the back of her right shoulder to the front spans a complex mark that bears the symbols of the deities of Ethrin with Adon’mūar's in the back, Seida’faen in the front and Halūn’zūvar in-between. As for her clothing, she is severely undressed for the weather Ethrin has, but she doesn't seem to mind. Her old brown cloak is keeping her warm just fine.

Personality: Alzayz has a fiery temperament, to say the least of it, but she is kind and often fair. Her kindness is only matched with her stubborn nature and overt outspokenness when she sees injustice happening. At least it was until she realized that on her own she needed to be a bit more discreet about how her opinions. Especially when in the presence of authority figures.

Backstory: She grew up amongst a group of traveling Desert Ssuthorai in the Mai’djēn Desert who operated as traveling entertainers specializing in belly and sword dancing after she was abandoned as a baby. They took her in as one of their own as she became a well-known sword dancer within the group whenever they performed. However, she could never stay out of trouble, and in order to cull her more, violent, tendencies (and to make sure when she did get into trouble she could get out of it) one of the protectors of the group taught her how to use a dagger. When she turned 20 she parted ways with the group and began to follow her own path unknowingly leading her towards Ethrin and her destiny.

Notable Powers/Skills: Alzayz can wave a sword around and look really pretty doing so, but she doesn't exactly know how to properly use it. A dagger, on the other hand, she does know how to use. She has always had this affinity for fire and the wind as both seem to dance around her whenever she was overly emotional. She also can tell whenever someone has a strong desire and tends to want to help that person fulfill that desire.

Other: Alzayz knows she's human, but has no idea about her djinn half.


(Yeah, I could take the royal couple (not that you didn't do a good job with that) and evil one's minion, and then you could take the court sorcerer/evil one? That way same semi-balance of characters, but a bit better for us overall. Each scene would have at least one of our characters in it and we can keep up a flow.)


(Ze King)
Name: Xavier Etheri

Aliases/Nicknames, if any: Your majesty, your highness

Race: Human

Age: 40

Gender/Sexuality: Male / Straight

Description: Brown-reddish hair that is cropped, fit, but filled out body, pale skin, brown eyes, 6' tall. Always wears his crown and royal threads, but he does tend to roam the city in commoners' clothes when he can. Pics are both him in commoners clothes and royal threads.

Personality: He's a very kind king that almost everyone respects. He is both harsh and just in his judgments, but everything he does has a fair reason for it. And the people know it. He is fond of his people's practices and is a very religious man.

Backstory: Eh, he married Raegan and people are still questioning that decision. Raegan is also his second wife… His first died in child labor to his daughter, Tamara. (I I am not making her a sheet, but know she does exist.)

Notable Powers/Skills: None

Other: I ain't giving much for the royals lol.

Tamara Pic:

(Le Queen)
Name: Raegan Etheri

Aliases/Nicknames, if any: Her royal bitchiness

Race: Elf

Age: Oldddddddd, but not that old, like 30 in human years, but oooooold in elf years

Gender/Sexuality: Female / Straight

Description: Has long black hair often either down or in a very elaborate braid, darker-skinned, a very attractive looking woman, stands at around 6'4".

Personality: A bitch. That is all you need to know. Hates anything and everything that could remotely bring joy to people.

Backstory: Ha, like anyone knows that.

Notable Powers/Skills: Some people claim she can control others, whether she can or not is a mystery. However, she does have some minor nature-based abilities like communing and controlling plants.

Other: I ain't giving much for the royals lol.

(The evil one's second-in-command)
Name: Quincy

Aliases/Nicknames, if any: Quince, Q

Race: Half-Elf

Age: 20, but looks closer to 16

Gender/Sexuality: Female / Aro/Ace

Description: Black hair often kept up in a bun, tanned skin leaning on the darker side, slightly pointed ears, on the leaner side, stands around 5'11".

Personality: She's very timid and soft. A dedicated follow to Avectus and his cause, mainly because she doesn't really know of anything else. Has no real personality, other than what might please Avectus.

Backstory: She doesn't really know. All she remembers is Avectus and his kindness to her.

Notable Powers/Skills: None really. She does what Avectus tells her to. (Unlike Raegan, Quincy does have the power to command others to do her bidding. But it must have intent behind it.)

Other: Ahahahha definitely not the secret child of Raegan, nope, not that whatsoever. Ahahahahaha

@Serpentess health_and_safety language

(Well, I got my sorceress up. She’s a major side character in one of my stories, but I figured she could use some more developing [as always, lol])
(And I seem to make a lot of tall characters as well. Compared to many of my other characters, both Avectus and On’nyosh are midgets, lmao!)



Alzayz was still trying to figure out how she had gotten into the situation, bowing ever so slightly in front of a room full of gaping royals, a jester, and a sorcerer, and more importantly how to get out of the situation. The reason why the room had their eyes on her was because of the mark on her shoulder, one that had been there since she was born and she kept covered by her cloak, most of the time. However, when she had explored the town her shoulder had shown and then again when she bowed to the royals in front of her. It was Raegan who broke out of her stupor first, "How? Why her? This, this foreign-"

"Lady," Xavier cut in before his wife could insult their newfound savior, "Lady?"

"Cicada," Alzayz replied quickly. She didn't exactly trust them yet, she didn't know what they wanted from her and as such, she wasn't given out her true name, "Though, um, I'm not exactly sure as to why I was summoned."

The room fell to silence once more.