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This is based loosely off of this song-
The King Welcomes You to Avatar Country- Avatar
(Looking up the lyrics might help to better understand it, but nonetheless)
(Also, this rp is not based on the story of the song, it just references it)

Read Below Please. I update it constantly

There exists a prophecy of great evil that will come, and only a warrior, a chosen of the gods, can stop it.

An ancient evil approaches the Kingdom of Ethrin, but the king doesn’t know how to stop it. Lo and behold, a foreigner enters the kingdom, drawn by an urge they can’t describe. This foreigner bears a birthmark that signifies them as the chosen warrior, though whether they even know how to lift a sword is a different question.

• This may be really goofy or really serious, I don’t care.
• This has magic, fantasy creatures (dragons, goblins, vampires, etc.), and medieval technology. In other words, High Fantasy.

Ethrin is a fairly large kingdom of forests and grasslands with two major rivers, the northern Barzin River and the southern Zavrin River.

Capital City: Cavorin, large city with the king’s castle.

Northernmost City: Avergard, an ancient citadel/fort, a very militant place

Easternmost City: Mezern, a city built around and within a massive tree, home to many mystics.

Westernmost City: Folthaen, home to the largest plantations in Ethrin

Southernmost City: Vared’nē, a sprawling city of tents and markets, one of the largest markets in Ethrin.

Northwest Village: Vordine, a quiet village that is best known for its painters and musicians.

Southeast Village: Krii’dēn, a market village, best known for its weavers, source of the tapestries in the King’s castles.

North Central Village: Aiker, a village against the Barzin River, known for its abundant clay and the pottery that comes from it.

Beyond the borders of Ethrin-

Far north is the Alyiin Mountain Range, a dark and frozen place, often home to creatures of evil.

Far east is the massive Zaim’nzu Jungle, a strange place of magic and enigmatic riddlers.

Far west is Boriv Coast, a peaceful place of farms and fishermen, next to the Borovine Sea.

Far south is Mai’djēn Desert, home to a culture of circuses, belly dancers, and vibrant colors.

Adon’mūar: God of Shadows, Tricksters, and Souls, often depicted as an emaciated, 8’ tall creature of shadow with eerie solid white eyes, dressed in dark robes with the iconic jester’s hat and holding a scythe. He is the guide of souls, is a riddler, and is harsh but reasonable.

Seida’faen: Goddess of Sunlight and Magic. Typically depicted as an angelic woman with blue eyes, gold feathery wings, a gold halo, and a white gown. She often carries a scepter. She is kind and gentle, but can be fierce and stubborn.

Halūn’zūvar: Triple Deity of Time and Creation.
God of Time- Depicted as an old man with a cane and a small sundial. However, he acts like a man less than half his apparent age, and is actually quite fast. He is quiet and observant, usually unaffiliated with mortals.
Goddess of Reality- A female centaur carrying a dagger that can create logic/understanding where it is stabbed and a spear that destroys all sense of reality/logic where it is thrown. She is all-knowing but understands nothing. She exists outside the realms of logic.
Deity of Maelstrom- A strange being that constantly shifts in appearance. It controls law and chaos, creation and destruction, life and death. Or so it says.

(Two i’s like this- ‘ii’ are pronounced like ‘eye’)
Cavorin (Calve-or-in)
Avergard (Av [like have] -er-guard)
Mezern (MEH-zern)
Folthaen (Foal-Thane)
Vared’nē (Var [like ‘bar’] -ed-knee)
Krii’dēn (Cry-dean)
Aiker (ii-cur [rhymes with ‘hiker’])
Alyiin (Al-YIIN)
Zaim’nzu (ZII-min-ZOO)
Mai’djēn (Miid-JEAN)
Adon’mūar (Add-on-moo-are)
Seida’faen (Say-da-fane)
Halūn’zūvar (Hal-oon-zoo-var)

andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer)’s rules
• Must have good grammer/spelling
• No one-liners. A paragraph or two is preferred, at the least.
• There will be cursing. Graphic violence and death are very possible.
• Romance is optional. Anything explicit goes to PMs, just let the rest of us know if that happens. (I write m/w pairs, but mostly not explicit)
• Let me know how active you are (the more active, the better)
• Let me know if you have any triggers
• Ask before you join
• I reserve the right to say no.
• You can play either as an OC or an rp-specific character.
• Ideas are welcomed
• There shall be no instances of sexual assault or self-harm.

Monarch: @thetrue1~ Queen Tétâdas (page 16)
(Formerly @/knightinadream~ King Valdemaras [page 5])
Jester: @Serpentess (me)~ On’nyosh (page 1)
Court Sorcerer: @thetrue1~ Cayden/Noctem (page 2)
Chosen One: @lizardwithwingsandfire~ Cassiel (page 2)

Evil One: @The-Dyonisia~ Tiamat (page 9)
Evil One’s Second-In-Command: @Mere_Hufflepuff~ Geneviera (page 1)

• Additional character roles are optional.

Just for the hell of it, height of characters-
Tétâdas: 5’2”
On’nyosh: 5’11”
Cayden/Noctem: 6’ / 18’
Cassiel: 5’2”
Tiamat: 10’ (as the knight)
Geneviera: 5’3”

Character Template


Aliases/Nicknames, if any:







Notable Powers/Skills:



Name: Geneviera

Aliases/Nicknames, if any: The Windbreaker

Race: Wind Fairy

Age: 22

Gender: female

Description: Geneviera makes it obvious she's present by wearing bright mix match colors in her outfits and by painting the tip of her nose red and dying her eyelashes a mix of red, yellow and blue. Her hair is a dark as coal and set in thick curls, she constantly keeps it in pigtails or space buns, her outfits usually make her presence obvious. She has hot chocolate colored skin and dark almond shaped eyes, sometimes appearing to be black when angry or upset and golden when she is happy or excited. She in short; 5'3 to be exact and her body sticks out in curves. Her hips and thighs are the most noticeably of her body, as well as her chest, usually resulting in her getting hit on by people who don't know who she is.

(literally just like clowncore outfits pretty much and makeup too I guess—)

Personality: Geneviere loves to reek havoc on anyone she feels in vulnerable such as poor merchants, stressed tavern owners and what not. Her main thing is her malicious cackle that can be heard clearly when she causes trouble. She is loyal to her master seeing as they are the only person willing to deal with her and give her a place to stay.

Backstory: Geneviera came from a mixed race family, not only was her father black, but he was also a fairy which caused double trouble for her all throughout her childhood. She was teased, bullied and even beaten a couple of times, she grew a devoted hatred for fairies and their existence and the fact that they aspired to have children. She also grew a deep, devoted hatred for most purebred humans, as they had made her entire life miserable to the point where she didnt want to exist anymore.

Notable Powers/Skills: creating small whirlwinds by using her hands and whisking then in tunnel shape repeatedly, she can create air waves by beating her wings in sync, where it will send giant gusts of wind in the direction her wings are facing. If she gets angry enough she can create tornadoes with her screams.

Other: Geneviera has bipolar disorder, so her mood swings from being content and possibly manic or a depressive state, most of which usually don't last too long, resulting in her life constantly flip flopping between wanting to destroy everything ever made on the earth and wanting to pick flowers out of flower fields so she can bring them home and show them to her master.

@Serpentess health_and_safety language

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(Sorry for the long sheet and descriptions! You don't need to read through it all, I just got a little carried away.)

Name: Noctem (Nightfall, the demon); Cayden (the host)

Aliases/Nicknames, if any: Cayden goes by Cayde or Sorcerer.

Race: Noctem is a demon. Cayden is an elf with high elf and dark elf blood, making him an especially powerful sorcerer.

Age: Noctem is ancient, even by demon standards. Cayden is an old elf of the realm. He has been serving the kingdom since he was young (about 10, so he looked 5, because an elf's physical age is not an indiactor of their true age). He has been around long enough to see the decline in power of the humanoid races.

Gender: They are both male, he/him pronouns. Neither care very much about gender or sexuality when it comes to relationships.

Description: Noctem is about 250 lbs. He is roughly 18 feet tall, with grey hair that reaches down to the small of his back, looking like tangled and knotted because of neglect, but actually taken care of. He has many white eyes, in seemingly random places along his body, like on his elbow, knee, ankle and wing joints and the palms of his 4 hands, none on his face, with a barely visible pupil in the center of each. His skin is colored like a flawless black diamond, and seems to contain darkness and light at the same time. He has no facial or body hair, besides on his head, and is a broad, well built demon. He has wings that span 120 feet when fully extended, making it a hazard to even rustle them in annoyance. His voice sounds warm and yet icy cold, a result of his demonic nature.

Cayden is about 120 lbs. He is roughly 6 feet tall, with smooth, silky black hair and streaks of gold in it, usually styled in a ponytail. His eyes are electric blue, with little flecks of grey and black in them. He has greyish-white skin, slightly shiny like metal. He has no facial hair, because he can't grow any. He is slim, with a muscled build and a graceful, cat-like prowl when he walks. He has a burn scar on one part of his face, a result of an encounter with an extremely angry and old dragon and its fire.

Personality: Noctem is always on the alert for danger. He speaks very little and only says what he needs to say. However, despite this gruff and sometimes rude exterior, he is a very gentle and kind person, and will help anybody or anything that needs help. He is a clever planner, and prepares for literally all possible events. He doesn't respond well to insults against him or his friends. He is very protective, but doesn't like to show it.

Cayden is a little eccentric, on the outside. On the inside, he's actually a kinda sad and thoughtful person. He doesn't like to be excessively violent, or excessive violence in general. He is a soft-spoken individual mainly focused on his studies. However, he becomes more confident and animated when he's around Noctem, because of their relationship with each other.

Backstory: Noctem was treated similar to Invictus when he was first in existence. However, as he got older and more powerful he gained more respect. He eventually became the unwilling ruler of the demon dimensions, until he was summoned by Cayden. This was his first time being summoned ever, and his first time interacting with non-demons. Ever since, he's been learning more and more about this world and its inhabitants.

Cayden was born, in secret, from a union between a high elf and a dark elf, which was forbidden because of the powerful children that would produce. He was raised alone, because of his parents completely true fear that their child would be recognized as an elf with two elven bloods. When he was 8, he was discovered by the others in the village. They killed his parents while he watched, not knowing he was there, and when everyone left, he teleported to the kingdom of Ethrin, and he was accepted at age 9 as the court wizard, after summoning Noctem in front of a crowd to prove his skill.

Notable Powers/Skills: Noctem can fly, turn invisible, and cast extremely powerful magic. He also has telepathy.

Cayden can cast powerful magic, can fight with weapons very well and has telepathy.

Other: Noctem has a tendency to be a little harsh, but he means well.

Cayden suffers from PTSD, and is a little insane.