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A has always been familiar with luxury. Growing up in the royal palace with nothing but the best life. The perfect home, the perfect title, the perfect betrothed, the perfect future.

B is a mortal assassin, sent out by his giulde to kill A, the only thing in their way from beciming the most powerful Giulde on the continent. B is nothing but determined to kill the princling, glad to be rid of the neucance and finally be free of the rules.

But when A and B meet, their worlds are turned upside down as they both become infactuated with each other, neither wanting to admit at first until B’s giulde comes for both A and B in retribution.

  • decent paragraphs, no one or two liners
  • please be active
  • lgbtqia+ Was thinking m/m pairing
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(here is my boy!)

Name - Prince Faybian Niro
Age - 25
Sexuality - pansexual
Race - half human from his mother's side. half shape shifters from his father's side
Appearance -
Human form - Faybian has dark black curls that frame his angular face. His skin is a deep caramel tan color flecked with freckles and light scars. He has deep green eyes, iris's rimmed with brown. He stands around 5'9 and has a muscular build.
Feline Form- being that his father shifts into a lion, Faybian took after his father and can also shift into a cat. Faybian can shift into what can only be described as a giant black house cat. Taller than the average human, almost as big as his father. He has black fur, long and silky smooth. His body is lithe and unnaturally thin. His human eyes turn more brown/gold when he shifts
Personality - Faybian is easy going and carefree to the dismay of his father. He truly does love his kingdom but has never really felt right ruling alone. Deep down he's very caring and boyish, loving to sneak out and meet his people and spend time to get to know on a deeper level than just ruler and subject
Backstory - Faybian has grown up his entire life as a privileged prince. He's always loved luxury but since his 18th birthday where he had been named Crown Prince, he's been trying to make more of an effort to get to know his people and help them as much as he could
likes - loves the thrill of disobeying and getting into dangerous situations, sweets, melts at the sight of animals, and fire
Diikes- any act of cruelty, even the thought of something violent being done, being underestimated due to his age
Other - rarely shifts into his cat form due to causing fear to others but will if he feels if anyone is in danger


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Name -
Age -
Sexuality -
Race -
Appearance -
Personality -
Backstory -
likes -
Other -


(I completely forgot I had made him as a character before! XD Now that I look at it, this is both Faybian and Jas.)