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So I found this prompt and I thought it’d be a good one to flesh out my new character in an rp :)

Here’s the link! (It’s a post of a whole bunch of prompts, but I’m most interested in the last one)
Y/c will be the royal hiding, and mine will be the one who lives in the same apartment complex.

I’d like this to be pretty chill, respond when you can, and a one-liners-are-ok-as-long-as-they-move-the-plot-along kinda thing.
That being said good grammar is very much appreciated.

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Sorry for late response!! I got a lil busy XD

Name: Crown Prince Henry Augustus Carobello of Spanugal, or just Henry
Gender: Male, he/him
Age: 24
Sexuality: G A Y
Appearance: Henry has carmel brown hair that's cut short and always nicely slicked back. He has naturally brilliant green eyes but he wears light brown contacts to cover them. Henry stands at about 5'6" and is fairly skinny. He has a tan complexion and European features. He usually has dark bags under his eyes from lack of sleep and his usual facial expression is a scowl.
Typical Clothing: Henry wore suits and ties and the nicest suits when he was living in Spanugal, but ever since he moved to America, Henry wears slightly more casual clothing. He wears nice slacks with a white long-sleeve button up tucked into them. He has cherry red Doc Martens that he pairs with an army green parka.
Personality: Henry is a very by-the-book kind of person. He always has a plan for every situation and is an extremely smart person. He has a photographic memory and always writes things down in books. Henry is a irritable person and gets annoyed at people very easily. He doesn't like to repeat himself and hates it when people disrespect him. Despite all of this, he cares a lot for those close to him and is always checking up on people's health. Henry also has some chronic anxiety and breaks down if something goes wrong.
Any other information (if applicable): Spanugal is Spain and Portugal except it's one country now because I can. Henry also has three siblings, Angelica and Evangeline are his older sisters (Angelica is 6 years older and is married to the Prince of Gracedonia [Greece and Macedonia] and Evangeline is 5 years older and is in a relationship with the Monarch of Swenland [Sweden and Finland]) and then there's Antony (4 years younger than Henry)

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Name: Monroe Kessler
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Sexuality: gay
Monroe is 5’7”, he’s rather slim and has lightly toned arms and abs from committing to his health and working out. He’s got medium length black hair parted on the left side. His jaw is rather squarish-looking, and covered in a short beard. His eyes are dark blue, almond-shaped. He often wears black glasses out and about even though he only needs them for close reading or looking at the computer. He has a light complexion with cool undertones, and faint freckles all over his face. They’re often not noticeable at first glance. He also has a scar on his torso from a surgery he had as a kid.
Typical Clothing:
Out and about, or lounging around his house, Monroe usually wears various sweaters (his favorite being a gray one with abstract geometry), and dark colored jeans varying from dark blue to black. Whenever he’s working at the office, however, he wears a solid color sweater over a collared undershirt.
INFP. Monroe is very idealistic, often perfectionistic in the things he can and sometimes can’t help. The trait often helps him at work, but also leads to him floundering to match deadlines on time. He struggled a lot with his mental and physical health for a while, and though he’s worked through it for the most part the symptoms still bother him time to time, affecting his mood.
Any other information (if applicable):
Monroe works as a paid intern at a graphic design facility while he attends college online.
He also lives with his half-sibling, Lauren (21 & non-binary), to help pay the rent.

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(Ok so tbh I’m stuck and can’t figure out where to start, but I’ve got a couple ideas. Which do you think would work best with Henry?

They could meet at some shop close to the apartment complex, and they bump into each other making Henry annoyed with Monroe, which could make for some awkward moments later on.
Or Monroe could keep getting Henry’s mail sent to his address by mistake and has to knock on the door to deliver it?
I’m open to other ideas too)

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(Of course! That’s a good idea)

The mailboxes were the worst part of apartment life. Monroe shivered, pulling his collar close against his neck to ward off the chilled autumn breeze, and silently cursing whoever decided that the best place to put those boxes was outside the building. He turned the key to a small door labeled apartment 53. The familiar soft squeak of the old hinges. Inside awaiting him laid a handful of white envelopes, company advertisements and the like, with nearly all of them addressed to apartment 63. Monroe scoffed around the bagel he carried in his mouth. Tucking the pile of papers under his arm, he pushed the squeaky little door closed and headed back inside. This time taking an extra flight of stairs up to knock on the apartment door above his.

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"Can you get that, Anne?" Henry asked from his position on the couch. On his lap was a small laptop, an empty document on the screen. He groaned. America was difficult. As soon as he arrived from Spanugal, Henry figured life in the States would be just as easy as his life back home. He was wrong. Anne, Henry's most trusted friend and bodyguard, had suggested that he began online courses. An American University degree would be a fun souvenir to take home.

"Of course." Anne slipped the knife she was using to chop vegetables into the large pocket of her gray coat, the fabric easily concealing the weapon. She peered through the peep-hole, observing a man about her own age on the other side. He was eating a bagel and carrying lots of envelopes. No visible threats. The body guard opened the door. "Can I help you?" She asked.

Henry peered over Anne's shoulder and into the hallway, briefly making eye-contact with the visitor before turning back to his assignment.

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“Ah, yes.” Monroe took the bagel out of his mouth with an empty hand, glancing between the woman and the man behind her. They made eye contact for a moment, fumbling, then brushed it off quickly to continue his statement. “Your mail keeps getting put in my mailbox. I’m here to—“ he held the stack of papers out to her—“return these to you.” Not that the majority of them had looked incredibly pressing or important. Once the papers were out of his hand he brought the bagel up to his mouth again, and tore off a bite.

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"Mm," Anne hummed and took the letters from the man, placing them on the table next to the door. "Thank you."

Henry looked up with a furrowed brow. "Anne, is there something wrong?" The Prince stood from his place, placing his laptop on the coffee table and walking over to join his friend. Anne was a tall and muscled woman with chocolate colored skin and striking brown eyes. Her dark hair was styled in dozens of small braids pulled into a low ponytail at the back of her head. She wore a baggy gray coat over a neat charcoal long-sleeve, black leggings, and white Doc Martens. Henry was wearing a white button up tucked into neat black slacks.

"No, this man was just delivering some mail that got delivered to him on accident."

"Oh, thank you." Henry offered a small smile and picked up the letters on the table and began to sort through them.

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Monroe dipped his head in reply as he finished up the last bite of his breakfast. He took in Anne’s appearance, but not for long, just enough to fill in the image of what exactly his upstairs neighbors looked like. They had been almost mysterious up until this point, making no more noise than the typical footsteps. Then he turned his attention to Henry, watching the man sift through the letters. “You’re welcome. I-ah—“ he paused to let out a stiff laugh—“I would ask for both of your names, but, I couldn’t help but read them there on your mail.”