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You (aka whoever two joins this) are basically Americanized Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. The super sleuth and his partner in (solving) crimes have been tasked to help the police solve a few murders related to who they think is the Mafia, but upon further inspection… likely would not be. No human could cause such destruction to the entirety of the human body that it would be functionally unrecognizable as human, and no human would want to cause such terror to the point of getting the police involved in a city (specifically New York) known for its ties to the Mafia.

So they go digging for answers with local speakeasies, folk legend purveyors, and otherwise drunk or mad or both type folks. But when more people start dying and madmen are walking around the streets claiming the end times, Holmes and Watson need to figure this out fast.

Basically, Cthulhu cults and other such bs is making everyone insane and Holmes and Watson need to figure out what’s going on before they are subjected to the same madness plaguing New York City. That’s it that’s the plot. I just came up with this idea and it’s brainworming me hella bad. Gothlit and other such classical characters may show up but be aware you don’t have to have context for them as I will be very much changing a lot of their stories to fit how I want this rp to work. Have fun and let’s goooooooo!

Rules also are basically just. No explicitly sexual content, references to it are fine and discussions are great, but no boning on screen. Otherwise I have like, zero limits here for gore, horror, violence and death. Go wild.

Templates to be posted when people actually bother to join lmao-

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Hey, so, uh I haven't been super active but I would 1000% make a comeback solely for this plot, because I am legitimately obsessed with Sherlock Holmes (my bedroom literally was decorated entirely in Sherlock Holmes memorabilia for 5 years and is still mostly Sherlock esque) and I also love Cthulhu and such— if you would have me! And, of course, I understand completely if you aren't interested. :)

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Hey, sure dude! I’m sorry for the late response, been dealing with some health issues (just a bit sick, not anything serious) so I’ve been kinda halfway bedridden for the past like week. But yeah I’d love to have you!