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Probably a bad idea to make this, but I’ve been wanting to give my dear Jonathan another go.

So, basic idea, this will be Modern/High Fantasy, and I want to try a romance with Jonathan (He’s straight, by the way). Setting will be in a suburban-like neighborhood owned by Jonathan (he’s a landlord), which sits next to a large forested park with a river going through it. I don’t necessarily have any further plot ideas, but I’m happy to hear any ideas.

I can’t think of anything else right now, so yeah. Anyway, I’ll post Jonathan’s template when someone joins.


andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer)’s rules
• Must have good grammer, spelling, and punctuation please.
• A paragraph or two is a preferred minimum.
• There will likely be cursing, graphic violence, and death.
• Anything explicit goes to PMs, but it’s optional. (I’m honestly a bit timid about doing explicit stuff, but sometimes I’m willing to try… sometimes)
• Let me know what triggers you have, if any. Though, I generally prefer having folks with no triggers, because my writing can/will get dark, even when it’s unintentional.
• I’d prefer someone who is active, at least, once a day. That’s about how active I am currently, and I try to keep it at that, but it may vary for me (whether I’m more or less frequently online varies as well)
• Ask before you join.
• I reserve the right to say no.
• Ideas are always welcomed.

Character Template

Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Basic Personality:


I personally don’t have any triggers, but I won’t be doing anything explicit, so no worries there. Anyways, I think I might have a good character for this. Mind if I join?


(Mhm, definitely. I normally have work and college, but I do most of my classes online. Plus, I just broke my ankle, so I won’t be going to work for a month or two. 😬😬 And here’s a snipit of a prologue of a book I wrote a few days ago: )


(Memories. If there’s anything that’s underestimated in life, it would be the power of memories. Your first day of school, your 16th birthday, heck. Even when that annoying baby brother of yours first entered the world. It’s a common saying that memories are priceless, but no one thinks of them as such until those very memories fade away. Some sooner than others.
That’s exactly what happened to a young woman named Kendra who had been hidden away in a cell for most of her life with nothing more than a pen, a raven, and a journal. These items were her only glimpse into the outside world. You see, Kendra didn’t know why she was a prisoner in that chamber. She didn’t even know her own name or mother. The one thing she did know, however, was that once a day every day, a guard would come into the prison with the name of one person in mind. He would walk past each of the cells— a slow, rhythmic walk that Kendra knew by heart— until he finally stopped in front of one of them. Kendra knew exactly what would happen after that. The prisoner inside the cell would start to panic. His eyes would go wide as he scrambled up against the back wall, crying out and begging for mercy. He would fight against the guard, clawing, biting, and doing whatever he could do to get free. Nothing worked. The guard would drag him flailing and all down the hall and take him out the door at the very end never to be seen again. Kendra wrote about these incidents in her journal, but she didn't know where these prisoners had been taken.
During her first day or two in the cell, Kendra tried to ask around and see if anyone knew what lay outside that door. Each and every one of the prisoners would give a simple but dreadful answer: the last destination. Death. At first, Kendra tried to keep her hope up. None of the prisoners had actually been outside the door. They were only guessing what was behind it. But as she
watched more and more people be dragged by the arms across the hall and out into the unknown, she began to lose hope. That was when her memory started to fade even more.)


Name: Andromeda Archer
Age: 26
Race/Species: Asian
Eye Color: Honey Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 135 lbs
Basic Personality: A sunshine character; while she can be serious, she is normally very playful and energetic, and strays away from serious relationships
Other: Nothing other to add for now

@Serpentess health_and_safety language

(Lol. Well, this is honestly take two on the starter. Stupid slow internet literally just wiped what I was typing, so yeah… anyway)

Jonathan bent down to secure his bicycle in his front yard. He’d just returned from his daily routine of checking the neighborhood. Everyone was doing fairly well, though he’d gladly helped one poor woman who’d dropped her groceries.

Afterward, he stood up and looked around, straightening his black tunic as he did so. He noticed the approach of someone new. A passerby? Or a possible new tenant? He wasn’t sure, but he was always happy to meet someone new.

“Greetings to you, lass! Are you in need of any help, or just admiring the scenery?”he called in a friendly, accented voice.

He moved toward his front gate to better converse with the stranger when she reached him.


(Oh, gosh. That sounds like such a pain. 😭)

Andromeda approached the man cautiously, unsure of what to say. The truth was that she did need assistance; she was headed to go visit family, but her car had decided to break down when she entered the neighborhood. She wasn’t too keen on the idea of asking for help from random men, even if the seemed genuinely nice, but she felt as if she didn’t have another choice.

“Yeah, actually… I think I do need a little bit of help.” She smiled sheepishly before she motioned down the road. “My car broke down a few blocks from here, and my phone is dead. Think you could call someone to help me out with it?”


(Oh and btw, I’m good with gore and death, but as for romance, I’ll definitely keep it at a PG rating if that’s good with you. 👍🏻👍🏻 I’m good with kissing and stuff like that, but I’m gonna steer clear of any sexual themes.)

@Serpentess health_and_safety language

(It is indeed a nuisance)
(Alright, that’s fine)

Jonathan noted the woman’s caution, as well as her distinctly human smell. Fortunately for her, she didn’t go knocking on random doors. Some of his tenants weren’t so friendly to true humans.

“I see. Well, I do not have my phone on me, yet I know my old friend Matthew is a mechanic. He’ll also be glad to help. He hates being bored,”Jonathan said with a chuckle.

He stepped out onto the sidewalk and motioned for the woman to follow him. He then started walking in the direction that the woman had come. It was a peaceful walk, and anybody that saw the pair gave a friendly wave.


(I used to have bad wi-if and it was awful. 😭 The thing would crash every ten minutes, so I definitely get your pain.)

Andromeda walked beside him, slowly starting to take in the atmosphere around her. Everyone who passed them seemed friendly, but something about this place- something about the man walking of her- felt almost… off.

After a while, she decided to speak up. “I’m sorry about bothering you,” she said. “I would try to fix it myself, but I don’t know much about car mechanics. I would probably end up doing more harm with it than good.”

@Serpentess health_and_safety language

(Oof. I live in the middle of nowhere, so even good reception is iffy)

Jonathan kept quiet, except for the occasional greeting to neighbors in their yard. Though, when the woman spoke, he looked at her, listening attentively.

“‘Tis no trouble, lass. I’ve actually never owned a car in my life, which means you are far more knowledgeable than me. Hence, seeking out Matthew,”Jonathan mentioned, chuckling a bit.

They neared a modest gray house with an old truck parked in the yard. An older man with almost completely grey hair roamed about in the yard, picking up tools scattered around. He straightened at the sight of Jonathan and his companion.

“Hey, Matthew! I’ve got a visitor in need of your mechanical skills. Her car broke down near here,”Jonathan called.

Matthew set his tools aside and came forward. He leaned against his fence, eyeing the woman suspiciously for a moment. Though, Jonathan gave him a reassuring wave and he calmed, holding out a grease-covered hand.

“Name’s Matthew Huddson, lady. I’m the neighborhood mechanic, and if Jonathan says you’re a good one, then I won’t charge you too much,”the old man said, snickering in amusement.


Her feeling of unease grew slightly due to the look Matthew gave her, but she tried not to show it. She came from a neighborhood much worse than this. Why was this place bothering her so much?

“I’m Andromeda. But please, call me Andy,” she replied. “My car shouldn’t be far from here. I was pulling into the neighborhood when it broke down. Hopefully there’s nothing too serious wrong with it.”


(Ah, yes, I have a friend who lives in the middle of nowhere as well. She definitely hates the reception issues. 😂)

@Serpentess health_and_safety language

(Lol. Yeah, it definitely gets annoying really fast)

Jonathan smelled her growing unease. Most humans that passed through would only consider his neighborhood a bit clannish, but this woman, this Andromeda, seemed a bit more attune to oddities than most. He’d have to keep an eye on her, to avoid any possible issues.

Matthew seemed to notice her unease as well, but he also didn’t really care. Jonathan had subtly told him with his earlier wave that Andromeda wouldn’t cause trouble, so he would be nice.

“Alright. Nice to meet you, Andy. Just let me grab my tools, and lead the way,”Matthew said.

The old man walked off for a moment, grabbing a handheld metal toolbox from his garage, and waving for Andromeda to lead the way.


Andromeda didn’t hesitate before she turned and began to walk out of the man’s yard. She couldn’t push back her growing unease, and the more of the townsfolk she saw, the more she started to realize something was very off here. The sooner she made it out of this town, the better.

“Here we are.” Andy stopped next to a small black car and placed her hands on her hips. “The engine was making a lot of noise earlier before it broke down. I’m just praying that it’ll be an easy fix.”

@Serpentess health_and_safety language

“Lots of noise? Alright. Let’s pop the hood and see what this little one is having a fit about,”Matthew commented.

He set down his toolbox, opened the hood, and started looking around in the engine.

Meanwhile, Jonathan stood a bit away from the car, watching Matthew. Jonathan honestly hated cars. They were far too loud for his sensitive ears, and also seemed overly complicated. He’d rather have a bicycle, and he had three already.

After a few minutes, he decided to focus on something more appealing. His gaze quickly fell upon Andromeda, and he saw how tense she was. It was starting to bother him.

“Are you alright, lass?”he asked gently.


“Oh, yeah. Of course. I’m good. I just- I was headed to visit family today. My mom died a few weeks ago, and this is going to be the first holiday we’re having without her.” She let out a weak laugh, hating how awkward this whole situation felt. Was she really talking about this with a complete stranger? “But, it’s no big deal. Really. I’m sure they won’t mind me being a little late. It’s just an inconvenience, that’s all…”