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In a far-off kingdom, the tradition of arranged marriages has been passed down for generations. The royal family is no exception to this custom. The King and Queen have arranged for their only daughter, the princess, to be married to the king/prince of a neighboring kingdom for political alliance and gain.

I know that I want an arranged royal marriage but other than that, everything is up in the air. Whether the two fall in love, if a torrid affair between the princess and a guard or a maid takes place, or what. I just want some drama haha


Awesome! I’d like to be the princess if that’s alright. And then we can figure out how this is going to go plot wise


Name: Ophelia Lacerta
Age: 19 years
Gender: Female
Appearance: Ophelia has long, curly blonde hair that she often wears in a loose braid or cascading down her back. She has bright green eyes and a petite frame, standing at 5'3. She prefers to wear dresses in soft, pastel colors.

Personality: Ophelia is kind-hearted, gentle, and empathetic. She is always quick to put others at ease and has a way of making people feel valued and important. She has a strong sense of duty and takes her responsibilities as a member of the royal family very seriously. She is also very creative and enjoys painting and writing poetry in her spare time. Though she isn't excited to be married off to a stranger, she's willing to do what since must. That is how she was raised.

Background: Ophelia is the only daughter of King William and Queen Charlotte, rulers of the kingdom of Luminar. Her childhood was marked by tragedy when her only brother passed away from a mysterious illness when she was just six years old. Her parents, who were deeply affected by their son's death, became increasingly distant and withdrew from their daughter. Despite the challenges she faced growing up, Ophelia excelled in her studies and became known for her intelligence and curiosity. She spent much of her childhood in the kingdom's libraries, devouring books on history, science, and philosophy. As she grew older, she began to take a more active role in the affairs of the kingdom, advocating for the rights of the less fortunate and using her position to effect positive change. Now that she is of age, her parents have arranged to marry her off in order to gain better resources for their kingdom.
Other: Ophelia has a deep love of animals and often spends her free time caring for the kingdom's many pets and wild creatures.


Name: King Kaillas Eniar of Vaeril
Age: Twenty-three
Gender: Male
Appearance: Kaillas is a tall man, standing at about 6'2. He has a muscular body from years of training. His body is littered with scars from his time in battle. Most particularly the scar on his face. It starts on the far side of his right temple, going down to his cheek. It just barely missed his eye. He has thick, black hair and hazel eyes. He has strong facial features and his nose is slightly crooked from being broken one too many times.
Personality: Kaillas is known as a warrior king. His father made him a squire at the young age of eight, introducing him to the world of battle and soldiering. Growing up in such an environment certainly changed the outlook he has in life. Being a warrior influences every decision he makes. He's not afraid to make the hard choices. He is not a cruel king but he is not kind either. He doesn't listen and soothe the woes of his people. He faces the decisions head-on. He's not quiet, he's reserved. He doesn't make speeches or deal with pretty words. He's a man of action, always had been, always would be.
Background: Kaillas was never supposed to be king. He had two older brothers which should have moved him far down the line of succession after they had married and had children. His father should have ruled for at least another thirty years before passing. But one instance took them all away from him. See, Kaillas had been away from the palace. Having become a squire, he left home with the knight he was tending to him and joined him in battle. It was where he was taught how to fight, how to be a soldier himself. He was taught the way of the sword and his fists and an array of other weapons. It was where he engaged in combat for the first time at the age of fourteen. He had puked when he took his first life. And second. And two years later, when he was stationed along the border, he would get the worst news of his life. A fire had taken his family. It was no ordinary fire. Someone had deliberately set it and locked his parents and brothers into their rooms. The only ones spared were his two youngest sisters who neither hadn't reached double digits yet. And in an instant, Kaillas went from never being close to the throne to being coronated within a week's time. With the help of his advisors, he learned how to rule but he'll never enjoy it. This was never meant for him. He was never supposed to wear the crown and sit on the throne. But fate was cruel and harsh and this was what he was left with. But now that his twenty-third birthday has come and he is still unwed, after being on the throne for seven years, he can no longer push the vultures away from him. A bride is being forced upon him to secure his line and cease the growing concerns of the people.
Other: He has several cats as pets.


Ophelia sits nervously in the carriage, her palms sweating as she stares out of the window at the passing countryside. Any other time and she would be enjoying the scenery but not today. Today she is on her way to another kingdom, where she was to be married to the king. The king that she has never met before. It is a political match, arranged by her father, the king, in the hopes of forming an alliance between the two kingdoms. She’s happy to do her duty as Princess but she can’t stop herself from feeling nervous.

The carriage jostles and bumps along the dirt road, making Ophelia feel queasy. The nerves don’t help with this She took a deep breath and tried to calm herself, but her mind races with thoughts of what lay ahead. What would the king be like? Would he be kind and gentle, or cold and distant? Would he love her, or would they be trapped in a loveless marriage, bound by duty and obligation?

As the carriage rolls on, Ophelia can’t help but think of all the things she was leaving behind. Her home, her family, her friends - everything she has ever known. A pang of sadness stabs at her heart, but she knows that she has to do her duty as a princess, and that sometimes means making sacrifices.

As the sun begins to set, the carriage approaches the gates of the neighboring kingdom. Ophelia's heart beats faster as she catches a glimpse of the castle in the distance, its turrets and towers looming over the surrounding countryside. She takes a deep breath and squares her shoulders, ready to face whatever lay ahead.


Today was the day Kaillas was to receive his bride. Receive was a strong word. One he didn't like. It made it sound like he bought the woman. He hadn't. He had only established a trade with her father. Vaeril was known for its wealth in agriculture. Their citizens were never hungry, not even the poorest. There were soup stand set up in the poorest of Vaeril to make sure everyone ate. While they were not the wealthiest of kingdoms, their trade certainly did bring in a great deal of wealth. Most neighboring kingdoms got their agriculture from Vaeril. And Luminar was certainly in need of their crops. Kaillas was in need of a bride. The deal was all but settled. All it had needed was the agreement of the king, Kaillas, and that had taken a few weeks of convincing. But they finally did and now she was arriving.

The palace was in a frenzy, cleaning and decorating to welcome their new queen. Kaillas didn't understand what all the fuss was about. He couldn't care less about such frivolous things. There was a reason he let Mistress Catalina take care of the palace. She was the head of his staff and had an eye for pretty things. She would soon be under the authority of the Queen. Ophelia, her name was. He had seen her portrait. She certainly wasn't ugly. He could appreciate that she was at least pretty. He was a man after all and he did have his needs. But beyond that, he never dealt with affection. He wasn't cruel but he was standoffish. He wasn't going to cuddle and coddle. The only reason he was agreeing to this marriage was that he needed an heir or two to secure his line. Once children were born, he didn't care what she wanted. He would allow for her own space and pay for whatever she wanted. Whatever kept her happy and away from him.

The day went by, the hours ticking by as the sun rose in the sky and began to fall. She wasn't expected until the evening where a great feast and entertainment had been prepared for her arrival. The kitchen was finishing up on the last of it as the horns blew to signal her arrival. Kaillas climbed the dais to his throne where he would receive her. His attendants were outside, ready to receive her and direct her to the throne room. He looked almost bored as he sat there. He would much rather do just about anything else other than this. But this is what was expected of him so he would adhere to it. He needed to keep his advisors happy if they were to remain by his side. He valued their opinions and thoughts and didn't want to lose any of them.

Mistress Catalina was one of the many waiting outside for their new Queen to arrive. Guards were lined across the gravel road and courtyard, ready to receive the princess. As the carriage arrived, two stewards stepped forward to open the doors for the princess. As she stepped out, everyone bowed or curtsied for her. Cataline stepped forward, a kind smile on her lips. "Welcome, Your Highness, to Vaeril. The king is waiting for you in the throne room if you would allow for me to escort you." The attendants were already moving to unload the carriage of her things and bring them to her suite. Per customs, the queen had her own suite in the palace next to the king's. She could have her own space and rooms and would not have to deal with the king if she did not want to. The king didn't expect that she would want to lie with him every night for bed.


The carriage slowly rolls to a stop as they reach their destination. Despite having several hours to give herself a pep talking, her nerves are nearly overwhelming as the reality that she actually has to do this hits. Taking a deep breath to calm herself, she maintains her composure, not wanting to make a fool of herself. As Ophelia steps out of the carriage and into the courtyard, she can’t help but feel a mix of worry and anticipation. This kingdom is much larger and well off than her own. She takes a brief moment to look around and take it all in before forcing herself to focus. There is no time to gawk.

Turning her attention to the woman greeting her, she listens to what is being said to her. She smiles graciously at Mistress Catalina and nods her head in thanks. "Thank you for your kind welcome. I would be honored to be escorted to the throne room to meet the king." Ophelia tries her best to sound confident and poised, but her heart is beating a mile a minute.

There is so much going on in the courtyard that she struggles to keep her attention on just one person. Servants scramble around to get everything ready, certainly preparing for the wedding. The wedding. Just thinking about it causes her stomach to once again knot. Though she has known about her impending marriage for months, arriving here as made it all painfully real. Soon, she’ll be a married woman. It’s a bizarre thought. The only thing that soothes her is knowing that this marriage will help her kingdom. Though Luminar isn’t struggling, they could certainly use the resources.

She runs her hands down the sides of her gown, smoothing out any wrinkles that may have formed during the long carriage ride. She knows that she needs to look her best upon meeting the king. First impressions are important. They will be spending the rest of their lives together, after all. Since her mother practically abandoned her at such a young age, she knows not what all is expected of her from this marriage. She never had anyone to teach her. All of the women in charge of her care were much too reserved to speak of the manners of marriage to her. She tries not to worry too much. She will have time to figure it out.


Catalina smiled brightly at the princess. She would not receive kind smiles from the king. The staff would have to make up for that. Catalina bowed her head and gestured with her hand for her to follow. "Right this way, your Highness." The grand doors were opened to reveal a beauty of a palace. Fresh flowers had been placed at the entrance, plucked only this day for the preparation of her arrival. Paintings by the most renowned of artists were along the wall. There was a portrait of the royal family when they had all been alive and well, long before Kaillas had been shipped off to battle. Before he had been hardened by war. They did not dwell in the foyer for long.

They walked through a series of winding halls to get to the throne room which was placed in the middle of the palace. During this walk, Catalina pointed out several of the rooms as they passed including the dining hall. "I know it might all be very confusing right now but I do promise that in time you will be able to make your way around the palace without being directed. You will have me as well as any of your ladies in waiting to help guide you through the palace." They came upon doors almost as grand as those at the front entrance. The throne room.

"Here we are," she turned to the princess. She was smiling kindly at her. She thought about saying a few words, to tell her not two let the king discourage her, but Catalina kept that to herself. Perhaps it was best not to scare the woman off. She only hoped the king heeded her advice and had a welcoming attitude. This was to be his wife until either of them passed. They were going to live together for the rest of their lives, assuming Kaillas didn't send her away to one of his estates. No, he would not. Not with he fear of an assassin always lurking around. She knew he wouldn't risk her death even if he didn't care for the princess. He was not cruel.

As soon as Princess Ophelia was ready, the doors were opened and a steward was presenting her to the king, "Her Royal Highness, Princess Ophelia Lacerta." The king was lounging on his throne. While he had perked up as the doors opened and the princess was announced, he was no more thrilled or entertained than he had been before. He wanted to be done with these pleasantries already. He didn't like them and didn't care for them. And while he was king and could do as he pleased, there were certain things expected of him. And he highly doubted the whispering of him mistreating his bride would go well with his people. While he didn't mind hurting them by making decisions that would help them in the long haul, this was something that would certainly ruin his reputation. He needed the people to like him in order for his ruling to go smoothly. And thus, he would make pleasantries and make sweet little speeches so the people believed of their lies of love and their worries soothed about his line of succession.


Ophelia walks through the grand halls of the castle, her steps light and measured as she takes in the opulence around her. The walls are adorned with tapestries depicting great battles and triumphs of the past, while intricate chandeliers hang from the high ceilings, casting a warm glow over everything. The old portrait of her soon to be husband and his family does cause her to momentarily pause. This is the firs time she has seen a portrait of him. She studies the portrait for a moment, taking in all of the fine details. The king is certainly a handsome man, at least according to the portrait. She'll see for herself in just a few short minutes if that's true. Knowing better than to lag behind, she follows after Mistress Catalina.

Despite her trepidation at the thought of meeting the king, Ophelia knows that she needs to keep herself focused and her head clear of doubts. As she makes her way through the halls, Ophelia catches glimpses of courtiers and ladies-in-waiting scurrying about their business, their colorful gowns swishing around them as they went. She feels a pang of envy as she watches them, knowing that she too would soon be expected to dress and act the part of a queen. They have freedom she will not have. She is meant to be the queen of this kingdom which mean that she will pretty much be on display. Everything she does and says will be judged. It's rather nerve-wrecking.

But for now, she contents herself with taking in her surroundings, marveling at the intricate carvings on the doors and the ornate moldings on the walls. She knows that she had a lot to learn, but she is determined to do her best and make a good impression on the king and his people.

They soon arrive at the throne room and it's time to face the music. She a takes a deep breath as she enters the room and is presented to the king, trying to keep her nerves at bay. She has been taught all the etiquette and formalities of meeting royalty, but this is the first time she had ever met her betrothed. As she approaches the throne, she curtsies deeply, keeping her eyes lowered respectfully.

"Your Majesty," she greets him in a clear, steady voice. "It is an honor to meet you at last." She glances up at him for half of a moment, taking in his appearance. He is certainly an imposing figure, with a stern expression and a powerful presence. She tries to suppress her feeling of apprehension, reminding herself that this is the man she is to marry, the one who will be her partner for life.

"I hope my arrival finds you well," she adds politely, before stepping back and waiting for his response. She is eager to make a good impression, but at the same time, she can't help feeling a sense of unease in his presence. She wonders if he felt the same way, or if he was already sizing her up as a useful political pawn. Only time would tell.