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Name: Paris Lara
Nickname: Anything you can come up with honestly
Age: 19
Personality: SMALL AND ANGRY. Paris tends to be overdramatic and deflects everything with annoyance most of the time. He's soft underneath, but he's not about to admit it any time soon, so he'll just continue yelling and fighting for now (tsundere for sure). If you mention his height he can and will fight you without any hesitation. Will also beat up LGBTQphobic people any time ("nothing feels better than punching a homophobe once in a while"). He likes praise and compliments and attention in general, and secretly likes to be held. Clingy once you get past all the rage. Very touch starved, please be gentle with him.
Gender: Male, He/Him
Likes: Singing, his sister, sushi, sugary things (bribe him with candy), and designing/making clothes
Dislikes: His father, sitting still (always has simultaneously too much energy and zero energy. He's running on energy drinks), Coffee, Homophobes, and anyone mentioning his height.
Backstory: Paris grew up in a less than ideal household with a father who abused him and his younger sister, London. He usually took the brunt of the damage in an attempt to protect her. It only got worse when his father found out that he was gay, and so Paris ran off with his sister when he was 17. He's always had powers, and has been doing some heroing stuff since he was about 14, but never told his father or sister. He still does it to get some money and to protect his sister.
Looks: He's about 5'4 with slim, somewhat soft features. He's lithe and fairly athletic, but not incredibly muscular. He has an undercut with platinum blonde dyed hair (his natural hair color is brown, which is visible in the undercut). His eyes are blue, and he has a slit in one eyebrow. He's mostly proportional for his size, but he does have small hands and feet.
Powers: Flight, electricity, some light
Other: Might end up dying his hair different colors if the notion hits him. He tends to be very impulsive and hates to be bored. VERY TOUCH STARVED. Also doesn't like blood much (makes him dizzy and nauseous).