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Akira was just about done with all the, anonymous notes. They clearly were from Savanah, despite how much she disagreed or said they weren't from her.
He opened his locker only to find another note, he glared at it moving to crumble it up in his hands and shove it in his bag aggressively.
He grabbed some stuff out of his locker and put it into his backpack before zipping it up and slinging it on his shoulder. He shut his locker with a bit of a loud bang. Why couldn't she just stop trying to make things better? Couldn't she just give up already?
She was so gosh dang persistent it was infuriating.
He justvwanted to be left alone after he told her all of that.
She got what she wanted right? So why couldnt she just leave him alone.
He didn't need her flicking pity or whatever it was.
He ran a hand through his hair and sighed. Heading off to class.


For the past two weeks, Savanna had left unsigned notes in Akira's locker. She was getting really tired of doing it, because all he did was throw them out, but she felt too guilty to stop. She was starting to grow weary, feeling everything she wrote was futile.
Again she watched him from afar, crumpling the letter, and she assumed throwing it in his bag until he found a bin to throw it out in.
With a heavy heart, and similarly heavy sigh, she slowly slinked off to class.
She knew she deserved this kind of treatment for her stupidity, but it still hurt every time she saw him. This time carried just as much of a burden as every other day for the past two weeks. She didn't know what else to do. She wouldn't dare talk to him, out of fear he may just shut her down, or worse.
So she walked off, the thoughts of failure lingering.

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He was faced with the period in school time where he shared a class with savanna. He had made it clear by giving her the cold shoulder that he didn't want her to even try and talk to him.
Though he couldn't help but find himself staring at her from time to time during the classroom. Then nagging and getting onto himself for even looking at her, if he looked at her and she was sad, then he would feel bad.
He had every right to be angry, and to make her upset like she was. She had done something that hurt him, and she wanted to walk away first.
It wasn't his fault.
It wasn't.
It was her fault.
So why did he feel bad about it? It's not like he actually threw the notes away. He was just pretending so she would see and assume he was.
He huffed, working on school work.


Savannah had barely managed to make herself get to class on time. She was dreading even being in the same room as him, so the thought of only being a couple seats away was awful.
Avoiding eye contact, she quickly scurried to her seat, hoping he didn’t even notice she was in the room. Maybe that would make things better.

Or he may not even have made it to class yet, and now he would notice her the second he walked in.He'd take one look at her, and she may even give him an awkward smile and wave. And then he would laugh at her- embarrassing her in front of everyone.

Her dread only grew, as she thought of it.The only way to know for sure was to turn around to look for him. And she couldn’t- wouldn’t cave in like that. If he caught her looking for him, she’d be putting her pride to the lowest possible place.
And she had thought the notes were humiliating!
But the anxiety of not knowing was killing her. So putting aside her pride, she took in a deep breath and turned to look for him.

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He walked into class, and just as she was expecting.
Well, for the most part at least.
He saw her looking at door and they looked eyes, before he quickly looked away and just made his way through the classroom.
Locking eyes with her just made him want to keep looking at her and not stop.
She was still just as gorgeous as that day he admitted he liked her.
He made his way to his seat just a few away from hers, but refused to look at her.
He let out a sigh and got out his book so he could read until told not too.


(Haha, hey! Sorry it's been a while- I've been trying to spend more time with friends this summer, and with family :P)

Eyes locked, all of her dread suddenly melted away. It was the strangest thing- she didn't know how to explain it. And no- it was NOT love.
Maybe admiration? Or longing? Or regret… but most definitely NOT love.

At least that's what she tried to keep telling herself.

Following him all the way back to his seat, she ignored the snickering she heard from the small group opposite of him. She just couldn't pull her eyes away. So many thoughts swirled in her mind, she couldn't clear her head enough to hear the most prominent one. "Stop staring!"
When she had stared for long enough to be considered creepy, she snapped her gaze anywhere else- as long as it wasn't anywhere near him. She couldn't do that again- that was worse than him publicly humiliating her in front of the class. Her heart was beating too fast, and head feeling to buzzy for her liking, and she did not- and could not make herself think the words that were trying to form in her mind.

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(That's understandable :) I'm glad your enjoying your summer but I'm also glad your back)

He could feel her staring at him the entire time, her eyes burning into his back. He gripped his book tighter the longer she looked until she finally looked away.
Why was she staring at him for so long?
He didn't want to deal with it whatever jt was, she probably just wanted to talk to him but knew he would be annoyed if she tried again.
He sighed, moving to rub his face with his hand as he looked up from his back and around the class for the teacher.
Hadn't they arrived yet? It was practically time for class…plus homework would help distract his mind from thoughts about her.
Unfortunately he was actually good at doing his work so he didn't have any to do now.
He told himself not to look, but he itched to look back at her now that she wasn't looking at him.
don't look, your just going to end up staring like she did. What if she catches you staring?
He internally groaned at his thought process, before just deciding to go through with it anyway and look, before quickly looking away.



She was one of the first to bolt the second her class had ended. In hopes of avoiding another staring mishap, she kept her head down, and eyes glued to the floor. She made it through the next few classes- barely. Her mind kept racing from thought to thought, and he was the center of all of them.
So as she made her way to lunch, she kept walking. Head down. Eyes glued to the floor.

She couldn't dare risk the possibility of him seeing her- and then talking to her. Which would lead to confrontation, and then him calling her out for staring. There was no way he didn't notice- and she didn't know why she found it so hard to stop. Embarrassment, and curiosity swam through her, choking her thought out when she finally made it to the noisy cafeteria.
She prayed he wouldn't even see her- or vice versa. She couldn't do that right then.

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He sighed as he waited in the lunchroom, feeling like he was doing so more then usual.
He didn't even really feel like eating today, but he knew he probably should. He gazed across the lunchroom and noticed that the exit didn't have her there.
Maybe if she didn't get here yet…he could leave without her seeing him not get any food?
Ugh this girl…he shouldn't have to feel like he's finding a way without her seeing him, but really he was just trying to make sure he didn't see her.
He didn't want to get caught staring at her like she was at him, and he definitely didn't want to start a conversation with her and then have her apologize for staring.
He let out a groan as he was next in line for lunch, he grabbed a slice of pizza and a apple with some milk.
So beneficial and nutritional.
He rolled his eyes as he made his way too a table he normally sat it, before deciding he didn't want anything other then the apple.
He walked over to the trash can, not knowing that she was able to see him dump everything Un touched into the trash besides the apple and then move to leave to go the library.


(Rn, I'm kinda lost on what I should be doing- so I'm sorry if this seems like really poor writing. I'm kinda just trying to drag my way back from somewhere i managed to dig myself into a massive hole of stupidity.)

Savannah had totally noticed. And she just. kept. staring.
Whatever she did, she couldn't manage to tear her eyes away. Her head was a foggy mess, and her heart… well she was completely ignoring it. That was until her system started to shut down, and it took the lead.
Something about the way he walked, and made his way through the room made her heart twist. The scowl he wore deepend her troubled soul, and she couldn't help to keep her eyes glued to his every movement. And before she knew it, she couldn't help her feet from following him.

She wasn't thinking. And yet, she seemed to be her smartest when she wasn't- at least around him.

So she ignored her brain, and followed what she felt deep, deep within herself. Of course she pushed the parts she didn't want to think about deeper; like why she felt the need to follow him. Without questioning it, she picked up her pace, eyes dead set ahead of her. She had seen him leave, but not where he had gone. But she was pretty sure she could guess…
And she was right. Quietly slipping into the library, she caught sight of him, right before he disappeared behind one of the bookshelves. So she started following him.

But then she chickened out, and went to the row right across from him.
"What are you thinking Spencer?!? Are you insane!" She yelled at herself mentally, trying to make sense of her conflicting emotions. "Wait- that's exactly it. You weren't. Because when you do, you end up in stupid situations like this." While her heart and head were fighting, she could only help but groan, and drop to the floor to lean against the bookshelf.