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Name: Asuna sugetsi

True name(if your a god):

Age: pretty old hehe deity he looks like he's 17-18 though.

Nickname: Asu, Sun, Asuna

Height: 6'0

Weight: 145lbs

Gender: male

Sexuality: well he gives me major straight vibes I'm not gonna lie.

Race/Nationality: japanese

Personality: kalm, very calm boyo, it's hard to get him angry, very introverted, though he likes conversation it's just iffy about when he wants to talk or not, due to not socializing much when he was younger hes a bit well, awkward, hes gotten a bit better about talking but he still has times when he gets nervous about what to say-

Likes(2-3): Reading, relaxing, hanging out with Danny

Dislikes(2-3): people who seek to harm Danny, Agni, fire,

Hobbies(2-3): Gardening, takes care of ponds and water sources bc pollution is bad, singing

Habits(2-3): singing in the shower,

Fears(2-3):dispearing and no one remembering him, being alone, drowning, burning to death, dying.

Backstory (before you randomly woke up in a forest and are for successors only): he's a deity for Danny, he used to just be a regular guy until he was made a deity by danny(i think that's how that works correct me if I'm wrong)

Powers: he has an amulet for his life line, and if that amulet breaks or shatters he will end up dying, if it gets damaged he gets damaged, however he can also use the power stored inside of it.

Strengths(at least 2-3):he can breathe under water, his singing and dancing can remove most curses or hex's cast on his allies,

Weakness(at least 2-3): if the amulet gets damaged he gets hurt, if he uses too much of the amulet power he gets immense pain, if he uses up the amulets power he will fade from existence, singing uses his amulets power which if he uses too much he gets immense pain tm.

Equipment that you may have on you:

Extra info:


Name: Sage Kelly
Age: looks to be about 16, chronologically is around 68
Nickname: none
Height: 5’5
Weight: 122 lbs
Gender: female
Sexuality: idk, and I don’t think she does either
Race/Nationality: Irish, Cherokee Indian
Personality: very fiery and passionate, loyal and loves her loved ones to death, overall very intense. When she is alone, however, she is fairly curious and reflective and calmed down. She’s decisive, quick-witted, and clever
Likes(2-3): hiking and exploring, other foxes and kitsunes, sunbathing, food
Dislikes(2-3): dogs, getting dirty or wet, rain, loud sounds
Hobbies(2-3): hiking, traveling, sunbathing, cooking, hunting, picking flowers and weaving flower crowns
Habits(2-3): her ear twitches when she’s confused or hears something that piques her interest, grooming her tails, even in human form, sometimes randomly sticking her tongue out
Fears(2-3): dogs, large, menacing or more powerful humans or kitsunes, her family
Backstory (before you randomly woke up in a forest and are for successors only): she was disowned by her family after she befriended a werewolf, and now she lives a life in exile. She’s trying to find Timber, her werewolf friend, but he’s a long way away.
Powers: generating fire, invisibility, dream manifestation
Strengths(at least 2-3): sharp senses, dexterity and speed
Weakness(at least 2-3): dogs haha, cold or wet weather


Asuna was just relaxing inside of the national parks pond, his head was barely above the water and by barely i mean his head was half way under water but he could still breathe just fine with the water going into his lungs like oxygen would to a humans lungs, he was potentially human sure but humans couldn't do this so he wasn't exactly a normal one. He knew that though, his hair helped him blend into the water incase any tourist or hikers came by, his amulet connected to a chain that wouldnt ever rust, he watched it float and slightly glow just under the waters surface, he started to hum slightly, just quiet enough to where he wasn't using the amulet but he could still hum to himself and hope no one would hear him, he just wanted some quiet time.


The rabbit sat still in the brush, its ears twitching every now and then. It didn't seem to think anyone was watching it, much less vying for its death. It sniffed the ground, looking for roots or some vegetation to snack on.
A sound, a rustling. The rabbit was now alert, its ears sticking straight up and its pupils dilated. A scent came to its nose, and it bolted.
A fox tore after it, ears pressed flat against her head and her two tails blurring together as she ran. Her ginger fur shone gold in the dappled afternoon light, she was a fiery streak in the green of the forest.
Sage cursed herself. She'd been so loud and stupid, giving herself away like that. She'd been hunting birds for too long. At least this was a challenge. Who knew hunting these hares would be as difficult as those crows and sparrows?
The rabbit veered to the right, fast as lightning, but Sage was quick. They ended up colliding as they hit a cluster of ferns, bursting from the line of trees and into a small clearing. Her jaw clamped over the rabbit's leg, but she tripped and went rolling, the small mammal flinging from her grip and into the air. When she eventually righted herself, she found that the rabbit had landed a few feet away from her to her right, seemingly stunned. A little stunned herself, Sage took a moment to take in her surroundings.
In front of her was a pond, its waters still and lily pads and patches of reeds clumped around the rim. Across the water, the forest continued onward. The grass was taller here, brushing up against her chest, but it didn't hide the rabbit from her. A dragonfly flitted past.
Looking closer at the pond, she could just make out the top half of a human face. But she knew it was not human. She knew her own kind when she saw it. A water spirit, perhaps? No matter. She was hungry, and that was more important. She dashed over to the small pit in the grass the rabbit had created and quickly snapped its neck.


He heard the cruel snapping sound of a neck being broken and sunk deeper into the water where only his eyes peeked out, wary. He moved close to the waters edge peeking out to see a bright fiery figure snap a poor bunny's neck, he knew they were a source of food for predators around here but they were among his favorite animals and he hated seeing them die, he made a quick prayer over the dead bunny before just watching to see what the figure would do next.


Ah. She supposed the snapping sound would've gotten the creature's attention. She could feel his eyes on her. She opened her mouth, looking up from the small carcass. Her amber eyes seemed to spark like a flame.
"Well don't look at me like that! I'm hungry," she whined. She picked up the rabbit and went deeper into the grass, at least hiding it from the creature's view. She didn't really care if she could be seen or not at the moment.


He flinched away when she yelled at him, but he still tried to watch. He didn't know why but her eyesz the fire in them was so interesting, he'd never really seem eyes like that before, with the flame inside of them like that. He Burried his head completely under the water and shook his head, looking down at the amulet, letting it rest under water in his palm, before tucking it inside of his shirt and surface again, looking and barely spotting the figure from earlier he debated whether or not to go out of the water and see.


She bent down, dismembering the rabbit with her teeth until the limbs, body, and head were separated. Sage then shifted to human form in a sort of golden shimmer, her tails still peeking out of her buckskin dress. Methodically skinning the animal's parts, she then used her now shorter but more precise canines to cut through the fur and skin, then used her fingers to peel it off the meat, occasionally using her teeth again to cut through tendons and things.
She felt the creature's eyes on her again. "It's rude to stare," she said as she peeled. "Who are you, anyway? You got a name on you?"


He watched as she transformed into a more human like figure and her tail stayed the same underneath her clothes, her hair the same as her furr, like the fire he saw in her eyes.
He flinched when she spoke again, "I- Ahh- um-"
He stuttered out not having a respomse for the blunt questions and confrontation.
"sorry-" he continued to stare before rememebering what she said and looking away. "It's asuna." He muttered looking away.


By the time she had finished the limbs, her hands and mouth covered with blood and rabbit fur. “Asuna,” she said thoughtfully, sucking on a crimson coated pinkie. “Do you mind telling me what you are? You’re certainly not one of my kind. I’m Sage, by the way.”
She started working on the body, slicing with her clawed thumb straight down the chest and cutting off the genitals.


He watched her, listened to her speak his name as she licked her crimson pinkie finger, her face coated in blood of the rabbit, giving him chills as he stayed in the water.
"Ahh- I'm a water deity…" He tilted his head slightly at her as she started working and slicing with her and clawed her thumb straight down the chest. He hadn't seen someone cutting apart a bunnie beforez even though he didn't like the fact that it was a bunny it still was somewhat interesting.
"its nice to meet you sage….are you…a kitsune? A fox creature?.." he asked floating in the water.