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I currently have no ideas but I'm open to hearing some!

Immmmmmmm an experienced writer, so someone with a similar style as me would be much appreciated. (no hate…just saying….I write A LOT when I do responses….aheh)
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uh I've really wanted to do a God falling for a clueless mortal for a while, and I think we could really put some depth on which God it is and the mortal's own beliefs and maybe there's angst?

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My lesbian brain enjoys this

And my lesbian brain decrees that it can be either I honestly love both

But for some reason wlw in godxmortal stuff always tickles a nice place in my head


Name: Thealios "Thea"

Gender: Female

God Of: War and Valor

Other Attributes: Strategy, bravery, competition/games, and strength fall under her jurisdiction as well.

Sign/Animal/Plants Of The God: Crossed swords with a star between them, Lion, Olive Trees (It is said that she rests under olive trees after battle to regain her peace)

Appearance: Surprisingly she looks completely different from what most people would think a War God looks like. She's incredibly tall and lithe, but still has enough curve to turn heads of both males and females. Long, long golden blonde hair with streaks of black (like dirt) and red (like blood) crowns her head in relaxed loose waves. Her features are sharp, almost too sharp, cheek bones are high and her jaw line could slice anyone in half, yet she has full curvy lips that disguise a mouth full of fangs and brilliantly violet colored eyes that are tilted up at the corners and fringed with thick lashes that give her a girlish and mischievous demeanor. She looks equally wild and beautiful, but the most war like thing about her is the war paint across her eyes and temples into her hair which is black as pitch as well as the tattoos of swords on her body. One on either forearm and one going from the base of her hairline all the way down her spine to the top of her butt. She generally wears clothes made of thick leather (amazonian-esque).

Main Traits: You can find her symbols and image outside any arena/stadium/coliseum as people often invoke her for good luck. Her image can also be found in hospitals as protection for those who need valor in their fight.

What They Tend To Do More (Like some gods interact with humans more than others and such.): Thea finds humans fascinating so she spends most of her time down in the human realm. She's not one for being subtle so she frequently gets herself in trouble. She loves to bar/club hop and cause a bit of mayhem. She always is attentive to anyone that prays to her.

Extras: She's a god. She's got godly powers and what not.


I think modern?

Like maybe like Thea gets trapped in the mortal realm for some reason or another and your character has to kinda help her out?

They're both semi-idiots (adorably) just trying to make things work in their new situation.

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ooh and I was originally thinking she'd be devout to another religion so I'll just make her an atheist or something if it's modern lmao

Let me grab up a sheet and make her for ya

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Name: Iyana Hazel Lanaster
Age: 28
Sex/uality: Raging lesbian; she/her

Eyes (shape, color): Her eyes are hooded and heavy, with dark bags of grey under them (mostly due to her facial structure and lack of sleep).
Features (structure): Jutting cheekbones with a somewhat medium button nose, a strong masculine jawline with a weak chin.
Body type (including skin): Mixed skin, with a slimmer hourglass shape with broad shoulders and hips. 5'5 and about 128 lbs.
Hair: Wiry and curly, wears it short and fluffy around her ears. Dark brown bleached ends. Likes to wear things in it like cutouts of pretty flowers of barretts.
Clothing style: She wears a lot of flowing, brightly colored things. If "cuffed jeans" were a person, she'd be it. She loves casually wearing dresses.

Stereotype/General vibes: Token Gay Friend icon. She's Designated Driver as well, with hopes of being the most responsible while actually being the dumbest. But it's okay, for her friends love her for it. No thoughts head empty, but she's academically intelligent so school probably killed her sense of anything smart. She's good at giving advice.
Likes: Cartoons, soft things, plushies, collecting anything and everything, gambling, and pretty much everything.
Dislikes: Crying, anyone vomiting, slimy things, chicken, cilantro.
Virtues: Doesn't really have any sense of religious ideals. She believes in fact and science due to her career being soley based around it.
Education/Career: Doctorate's in Chemistry. Hopes to work in biochem but is sort of stuck between jobs and an intern position.
Flaws: Literally has no common sense and is sort of hopeless in a lot of situations.

Other: I like developing charries in RPs more so help lmao