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Alright, makes sense. I think I’ll hold off for now, but if I ever get a wild hair for another rp, I’ll talk to you.

I was wondering if you two were close. Now it makes a lot more sense, lol.

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Hey, no idea who you are but I heard smut and I came running. Wassup and what plot do you wanna follow?

@Nyx-Is-Dating-Jaiden! health_and_safety ac_unitJaiden's kitten!

Hey! I've seen you around if your wanting to join that's fine but I don't know you so going to need to see your Writing style before we do anything and as far as plot goes I don't really have anything in mind at the moment p

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Lol no problem. I have a few plot ideas too. I'll pull up a sample real quick.

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Tbh I have like nothing in mind for what to give you for a sample, but I can link you to a current RP if you want to check that out?