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I probably shouldn’t be making another rp, but hell with it. I have a highly developed character that I have not rped with much, and I want something with him.

Please read below

A sort of AU where the characters are dropped in a different world with no context of where they’re at whatsoever. Unknown to them, they have been summoned by an unknown entity to prevent/participate in a coming war.

Begins near a big town (name currently undecided) against a river in grasslands. There is a large forest to the east and the river to the west. Three roads go through the town from the north, south, and west. It houses both humans and moon elves.

The Elven Monarchy-
A court built from the alliance of all the elves. There are five primary elven nations in the kingdom, the royal High Elves, the devout Moon Elves, the elusive Wood Elves, the intellectual Snow Elves, and the warmongering Dark Elves.
—Dissension is spreading, and it is only a matter of time before civil war breaks out.

High Elf: King Balathiel
Moon Elf: Elder Priest Galien
Wood Elf: ?
Snow Elf: ?
Dark Elf: ?

Kingdom of Zavren-
—The humans have been hounding King Balathiel about something, and it is quickly escalating toward war.

King: ?

Avialel the Mother Moon: Goddess of the moon, blood, and mystery. Her sacred weapon is the dagger. Her symbol is the Alriva (see Terms). Hated rival of Avertael.
—She is fickle and mysterious, but always has a reason for deeds.
—She has several avatars. One of the most notable is a fiery feline often called the Tracker.

Avertael: God of the sun. Hated rival of Avialel.

Other Details

Notable Individuals
Luna: Male Moon Elf. A particularly special High Priest of Avialel. Younger brother to Elder Priest Galien.
—Left eye becomes scarred and blind.

Notable Scripture
From a holy text of Avialel-
‘When a second is summoned, Avialel has been challenged by Avertael.’

Terms (alphabetical)
Alriva: A unique eclipse that is sacred to Avialel. Easily recognized by the two red rings that appear around the full moon.

Alvaena: Elvish word, translates to ‘Moon-Scale’. A rare gift from Avialel, given only to those she favors. Basically divine armor.

Avrienel: Elvish word, translates to ‘High Priest’. Typically only High Priests of Avialel are called this.

Blood-Seeker: A rarely summoned type of Avialel’s Chosen, typically because they are too wild to contain. They are often nocturnal predators with an affinity for blood. Most are trackers, but some are also leaders.

Moon-Gale: A type of Avialel’s Chosen. They are favored warriors and assassins, capable of both stealth and brutality.

Other Notes
A typical high fantasy situation (magic, fantasy creatures, medieval technology), but most metal weapons are made of pre-steel material (iron, most likely). Steel is rare and highly valued.


andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer)’s rules
• Must have good grammer/spelling
• No one-liners. A paragraph or two is preferred, at the least.
• There will be cursing, graphic violence, and death.
• Romance is optional. Anything explicit goes to PMs (I write m/w pairs, but mostly not explicit. Ask, in case)
• Let me know how active you are (the more active, the better)
• Let me know what your triggers are. Though, I would honestly prefer someone with no triggers for this one, just to be on the safe side. My character has a very dark/messed up backstory, and I don’t know how dark this will get.
• Ask before you join
• I reserve the right to say no.
• You can play either as an OC or an rp-specific character. Nothing too overpowered though, and preferably mortal.
• Ideas are welcomed

Character Template


Aliases/Nicknames, if any:







Notable Powers/Skills:


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(Apologies if any of this appears unpolished in any way, he's a relatively new character. :)

Name: E'Si (ey-shih)

Aliases/Nicknames, if any: X’E Zi’E’yn (by their fellow warriors, translates to highly praised warrior. Pronounced ech-ey zih-ey-yaen), Nua’q’Ur (by their spouse, loosely translates to sworn soul. Pronounced enooaj-k-oorr).

Race: D'ae'Min, a humanoid race that makes its home in the wild forests.

Age: 1,867 counted in human years, about 30 physically.

Gender/Sexuality: Male, pan/ace.

Description: He's 5'5" tall, an average height for D'ae'Min. He has a narrow waist and shoulders but is pretty muscular. He has a slightly square jaw and a sharp, straight nose. His eyes are a very light, clear green color and are slightly reflective. His skin is a light brown color. His hair is a dark brown color and slightly wavy, falling to around his hips (long hair is considered sacred and to cut it would be disrespecting the spirits). He almost always has it pulled back in a braid. He has slightly pointed teeth with sharp canines and a fair amount of tattoos. The designs consist of snakes mostly around his hips and shoulders, with straight reeds climbing up his spine and wrapping around his upper arms. Angular runes are also scattered throughout the design, concentrated mostly around his chest and upper back. His outfit usually consists of simple handmade knee-length pants and a sleeveless tunic, though he forgoes the tunic if he's going to be fighting anything.

Personality: He's generally a snarky person. He's very proud and independent and will only listen to someone's orders if he respects them. He's loyal to people, not ideas. His default expression is either a death glare or a smirk and he is not able to keep his mouth closed. He's fine with lying to those he perceives as enemies, though he tries his best to never lie to allies or friends. He doesn't care about the risks of doing something as long as the risks only apply to himself.

Backstory: He grew up during a period of unrest between the D'ae'Min and the humans, who were just starting to think about expanding their cities and such. His At'Hei (clan), Oih'At'Hei, was set in a very desirable area and thus one of the first targets. He fought in the war between Oih'At'Hei and the humans from age 15 to around 75. The D'ae'Min managed to win the war and the humans backed off, at least for a while. There were a couple of scuffles between the two sides from time to time, but for the most part, he was able to enjoy the peace. Sometime during that time, he met and then married a fellow warrior named Lan'E'yn. When he was around 1800, the humans attacked the D'ae'Min once again. During this war, he earned the title of X’E Zi’E’yn. His spouse, who was also fighting in the war, was captured by the humans early on in the war and presumed dead. After that, he became much more aggressive and angry.

Notable Powers/Skills: He's very skilled at duel-wielding Si, a weapon with a straight, foot-long blade, usually inscribed with runes granting it extra strength and sharpness, and a very small guard (fitting, since he was partially named after it). He can see pretty well in the dark and is just a little bit stronger than one would expect. He, like all D'ae'Min, possesses a magic called D'ae'Huw. It's primarily used for healing, though it can also grant the user immense strength, speed, and agility for a short period.

Other: His tattoos are imbued with magic and can protect him to a certain extent.

@MarDeColores this is not it kids

(As for the plot, you said that you wanted for it to be characters getting dropped into an unfamiliar world, so perhaps they could be summoned by an unknown party from their respective worlds to do something?)

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(Neat character, and I like that idea)
(Out of curiosity, is E’si deliberately similar to De Tearion? I’m not mad/upset or anything like that, just curious. I actually like how they’re similar, because De Tearion isn’t used to it)

@Serpentess health_and_safety language

De Tearion wandered through the expansive gardens behind the castle, savoring the sights and smells as he usually did. Dusk neared as he meandered, and he decided to return inside and check on Mileena.

He journeyed back to the great doors leading to the castle, and walked inside. However, in the blink of an eye, he stood in a meadow, in front of a campfire.

A note was held to the ground by a rock near the fire, the flames glowing a bright blue. De Tearion looked around, bewildered. He shouldn’t be in a meadow!

He chirped irritably, investigating the entire meadow for clues or runes. None. He then returned to the strange campfire and picked up the note.

‘If you are the first one to arrive, wait for the other. Then read the scroll hidden in the fire. When you are ready, there is a village to the west of you.’

De Tearion set the note down and squinted into the fire. There was indeed a scroll within, and both the scroll and the fire were certainly magical. He sighed and sat down against a nearby tree, waiting.

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The forest was quiet. It was a deceptive quiet, one that said nothing of the bloodbath that had ended only minutes earlier. E'Si carefully wiped his blades off on the nearest body and stood. The other warriors had already headed back home, but he'd stayed behind a moment longer to make sure they hadn't missed anything. It was a good thing he had, as there had been a spy hiding in the woods. They were probably hoping to follow them back to the village. Luckily, E'Si had managed to kill them before anything terrible had happened. He turned towards the direction of the village, but a snapped twig caught his attention. Had there been more than one spy? E'Si crept towards the sound, navigated around a bush, and stepped into a meadow. There… there should not be a meadow there. Something was wrong. The first thing he noticed was the strange fire. E'Si crept closer, wondering what made the flames glow that strange blue color. He'd only gone a few steps when he noticed the figure sitting against a tree. E'Si instantly turned towards them, eyes narrowed. "Tr’Aev!" He demanded, holding his blades at the ready in case the stranger wasn't friendly.

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De Tearion heard the approach of the newcomer before he saw him. The moment the individual entered the meadow, De Tearion recognized that this was the ‘other’ he was waiting on. Thankfully it hadn’t been too long of a wait.

When E’si spoke and became defensive, De Tearion discovered that this individual had the stance of a true warrior. Intriguing. He stood and walked toward him, holding out the note so E’si could take it.

“I know not your meaning, yet I am no enemy,”De Tearion said, speaking in his heavily accented form of the human language.

De Tearion kept his eyes square on E’si. If he decided to attack anyway, De Tearion would not be caught by surprise.

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E'Si eyed the note warily, debating whether or not he should take it. In the end, he sheathed one blade on his back and carefully took the note. He scanned it, managing to piece together the meaning from the human language he'd picked up over the years. Even after reading it, he was still confused. Even more confused, in fact. "Hmm. Who're you?" He repeated, this time in the human language. "What's this mean?" E'Si sheathed his other blade and gestured at the note. This stranger appeared to have been waiting for him, which made E'Si suspicious. "Did the humans send you to kill me?" He continued, raising an eyebrow and holding the note out for the stranger to take back. It wasn't likely, seeing as there was magic involved, but he just had to ask. It would be the most bizarre attempt on his life he'd seen yet if it was true.

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De Tearion noted the individual’s confusion. At least he was as bewildered as he was.

“I would ask the same of you. That note be a summons. There be a scroll in the fire that likely contains tasks for us,”De Tearion replied, nodding to the blue fire.

De Tearion then snorted at his next question.

“I have never been an assassin for humans.”

De Tearion took the note back, tossing it into the fire. Surprisingly, the blue flames died down, becoming a small ring around the scroll.

De Tearion hummed, eyeing the flames cautiously, then grabbed the scroll. The flames resumed their original blaze.

“Strange sorcery. A fire ward? I know not,”De Tearion mumbled, sighing.

He then turned back to E’si, waiting for his reply.

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"Tasks?" E'Si repeated, following the stranger's nod to the fire. He hadn't noticed the scroll when he'd first looked at the flames on the account that he'd been distracted by their weird color. E'Si didn't really like the idea of tasks. What he wanted to do was figure out where he was and how to get back. Still, it didn't seem like his questions would get answered anytime soon. His lips curled up in a smirk at the stranger's snort. At least he seemed to share E'Si's opinion on humans. That made him feel slightly more relaxed. He watched as the stranger grabbed the scroll, wondering what in the world was written on it. "Don't look a'me. Unknown." E'Si shrugged. It didn't look like any magic he knew. "V’Ba, name's E'Si. You?" He tilted his head at the stranger.

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“Tasks, aye. Why else would be summoned by some unknown creature?”De Tearion replied.

De Tearion noted E’si’s smirk, guessing that he wasn’t so fond of humans. If only he knew that De Tearion had been mocking his question. He had nothing against humans, and was married to one. But, he decided it was best not to mention any of that.

“You may call me De Tearion. My full name be difficult for some to say,”he answered.

De Tearion then unrolled the scroll, but found nothing on it. He raised an eyebrow in confusion.

“What sort of trickery be this? There must be something more to this,”he said, sighing.

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E'Si shrugged. "For sacrifice? Tasks appear random." He'd never been summoned by an unknown creature before, but if he had, he would have thought it wouldn't involve chores. Maybe some grand prophecy or the gifting of a magic weapon. But not things they had to do. "De Tearion," E'Si repeated, testing the name. It was an interesting name, and unfamiliar. He really was somewhere else. "Po'Ri'Jk." The greeting was rushed, as the scroll was being opened and E'Si was quite curious about these tasks. He scooted ever-so-slightly closer to De Tearion, just so he could see what was on the scroll. And there was nothing on it. His eyebrows creased at the blank scroll. This seemed more like what he'd been expecting. "It's nothing." E'Si let out a small laugh. "Could be under. Or unseen." He paused, pressing his lips together. "Or, eh… V’Nua’q. Lies. Trap." E'Si glanced around the meadow suspiciously, looking for archers or hidden warriors.

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“There are no traps or enemies. I checked when I arrived,”De Tearion replied.

He considered the blank scroll a moment, thinking hard. Then, E’si’s earlier words, regarding sacrifice, inspired him.

De Tearion lifted the scroll close to his nose and took a deep inhale. The familiar odor of blood coated the scroll.

“Blood, old blood, from many creatures. ‘Tis a binding spell, a… contract signed with blood. Such contracts as this have been forbidden in my homeland since the early ages. I only know of them from vague legends,”De Tearion sighed.

He rolled the scroll up and set it on the ground, standing and heading to wander in the woods so that he could think. However, a barrier of blue fire appeared once he neared the edge of the meadow. De Tearion froze, chirping.

“I like this not,”he stated, glaring at the barrier.

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"Ah. Good." E'Si nodded, relaxing ever-so-slightly. They hadn't made their mind up just yet about De Tearion's trustworthiness, but he seemed okay. He was probably telling the truth. Besides, if there was a trap he hadn't mentioned, he would also be in the trap. "Blood? A binding spell…" E'Si was once again at a loss. It was good that De Tearion seemed to know about binding spells. His magic was much more simple. There were no binding spells or weird-colored fire. E'Si watched as De Tearion set the scroll down, pressing his lips together thoughtfully. What was the spell binding? There was blood involved, and De Tearion made it seem as though this kind of contract was either dangerous or against nature. One thing was for sure. It wasn't good. He reached out to poke the scroll, but a chirp made him pause. He turned towards the sound and swore. De Tearion was standing near the edge of the meadow, staring at a wall of blue fire that had not been there before. "Agree," E'Si growled, pulling one blade from its sheath.

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De Tearion continued to glare at the barrier for a long moment, then turned away to pace. A low, clicking growl rumbled in his throat. They were caged, trapped within the meadow until they signed the contract, a contract they knew nothing of. He was certain of this.

He paced for a long moment, fighting to control his anger. He liked none of this, but there was only one way out.

“Damn it! The only way out be via signing that scroll. Signing such a contract be a damning thing, soul binding. I refuse to sign it without knowing what I am being condemned to!”De Tearion growled, glaring at the barrier again.

He paused in his pacing, breathing deeply, composing himself. There had to be another way. There must be some alternative. But, what?

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This was E'Si's worst nightmare. He was trapped, and not by people–by fire. It wasn't something he could kill or even maim. He couldn't fight against it. De Tearion may not have been sent by the humans, but that didn't rule out the chance that it was the humans doing this after all. If it was them… oh, they must be gloating. First, they got Lan'E'yn, and now him. The two who had caused them the most pain. "V’Hei, Tr’Si!" He growled, gritting his teeth. De Tearion's words didn't help his growing anger. "Soul binding? How're we supposed t'know what we're tying to? Is're a way?" E'Si peered at his companion, hating how little he knew about the situation. This was frustratingly new to him. He wanted to be back in his forest, where the rules were clear and the magic simple. "And is'at truly only way out?"

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De Tearion turned at E’si’s words, then sighed. He breathed deeply a few more times, concentrating on calming himself, then began to walk around the edge of the barrier, looking for runes.

As he expected, there were none. De Tearion then walked back to the campfire, studying it. He crouched, staring into the fire for a long while, his body perfectly still except for his breathing and blinking.

He studied the round stones around the fire, looking for runes, oddities, edges, anything. He finally found one. One of the stones was just barely more squared than the others.

De Tearion’s hand reached out in the blink of an eye, taking the stone from the ring. The campfire and the barrier faded.

“A tricky puzzle. Yet, there remains one piece unsolved,”De Tearion commented, turning to the still blank scroll.

“What be this damned contract for?”

He picked up the blank scroll, then gazed upward at the sky. Thankfully, the moon was up and De Tearion easily figured out which way was west.

“I suspect ‘tis best if we head to this village,”De Tearion said with a sigh.

He walked away, heading west, still holding the scroll.