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Three girls. All dead, the same night, the same time. They were all friends in life, so they were buried close to each other. Families mourned, the school held a moment of silence, and then the girls only lived in the memories of loved ones.
Until one night, decades later.
A ghost, a vampire, and a werewolf awaken to find themselves in an unfamiliar world. They do not remember their past, but after meeting each other they can’t help but feel connected. Together, they agree to help each other figure out their pasts, how they died, and why they’ve suddenly come back.
But something lurks in dark corners. Something wants them to stay dead. Something is after their fragile, darkened souls.

Lol I am so bored y’all. Anyway, this will take place in a smallish town with some spooky forests n’ stuff. Mainly want this to be about platonic love, but I don’t mind romance either. This can either be super wholesome w/ some mystery or super dark w/ some mystery, take your pick.
Ghost girl (the heart): @KawaiiCuteness003 Mariana Romero
Vampire girl (the brains): @Tired-but-passionate (me) Eve Crimson
Werewolf girl (the brawn): @imNOTdenki Airi Kenosha

  • andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer)’s apply
  • LGBTQ+ friendly! I am totally ok with some gender diversity in the cast, they don’t have to be traditional “girls”
  • if I have not rped with you before, a sample is required
  • the little labels I gave the girls are up to you to interpret, I just thought that this would help with the dynamics of the trio
  • pls do not be a jerk, I will not tolerate toxic vibes in this house
  • if we go for a more dark tone, then I’m okay with blood and gore, just no explicit sexual content pls
  • I will take the role of the girl who is left

Will post a template later


Okay! I stayed up later than expected so here’s this ^^

She looked around, eyes wide and curious as the rose petals fell around her beautifully, capturing her attention. “Woah-…it’s so pretty here.” She then let out a little laugh. “Instead of water falling from the sky, it’s roses falling from the sky!” She muttered excitedly to herself, dancing around the petals as her skirts swished around her. Her heeled boots messing the petals up on the floor but more just landed in the same spots moments later. The magical garden was her favorite place.


Age(around high school):
Undead type:
Where and how they died:

(Just those two things, a place and a method. I do not want a full backstory, that will be revealed in the rp. This just may help with places and objects the character feels connected to. E.g. the school, being stabbed idk)


Name: Eve Crimson
Age: 17 when she died
Gender/pronouns: cis female, she/they
Undead type: vampire
Personality: Eve is rather serious and mature for her age, and it’s usually a bit difficult for her to socialize with others. They like to make plans and know exactly what’s coming so they can prepare for it, and as such sudden change rarely sits well with her. She will be kind of mean with everyone except her other friends. Surprisingly, they can be very physically affectionate, most likely because it’s difficult for her to do so verbally. At the same time, she usually doesn’t like to be touched.
Powers?: can transform into a bat, night vision
Strengths/Weaknesses: strong intelligence and foresight, fangs and long nails are quite strong, good strategist/ can only have blood as an energy source, can’t survive in daylight, not very strong
Appearance: Eve stands at about 5’5 with a slender frame and narrow face. Her skin is deathly pale, and their face has generally sharp features. You can see two fangs poking out between their lips, and she has partial heterochromia. Her eyes are a cold blue, but their left one has a little red bleeding through. Her ears are slightly pointed, and her nails are long and slightly curved. Their hair is long, straight, and dark, like black silk, with bangs covering her forehead. Has a necklace with a cross around her neck. Has a general dark academia aesthetic.
Where and how did they die: in her room, blood loss

@imJUSTasillylittleguy group

Name:Airi Kenosha
Age(around high school): 17
Gender/pronouns: female /she/her
Undead type: werewolf
Personality:she loves to rough house and play around,very chaotic, very dense and many things wont get through to her without repeating further, oblivious to a ton of things, gets distracted very easily, forgetful, cares a lot, VERY extroverted.
shes very peppy and talkative, she’s very happy and energetic. She freaks out really easily, and breaks down within a snap.
Powers?: she can transform into a wolf, has super senses, and can have her claws go through her knuckles (wolverine style)
Strengths:she's super strong and speedy, she's got great hearing and shes got great relfexes.
Weaknesses: she's not the brightest light bulb of the bunch, she's very oblivious and her impulsiveness can lead to a ton of bad descions.
Appearance: she's around 5'5 short brown hair, wolf ears and tail always poking out from her, she has Amber eyes and a very athletic figure.
Where and how they died: wripped apart, in the forest


Name: Mariana Romero (Mari for short)
Age(around high school): 16
Gender/pronouns: female, she/her
Undead type: Ghost
Personality: She’s very kind hearted and naïve, to which some people would use to their advantages. She’s fairly smart, but her mind wanders more often than not. She’s talkative, but shy when first netting someone. She’s like the mom friend, always making sure everyone is okay and safe, and hugs are her favorite thing in the entire world. She’ll always listen to your problems without telling you about her own.
Powers?: She can phase through anything solid, and she can become visible at night and while it’s raining/in water.
Strengths/Weaknesses: The moonlight heightens her powers, and she’s able to be visible at night. / The sunlight. She ‘burns’ in the sun and it pains her, so she always has to stay invisible in the daytime.
Appearance: She’s 5’8, with beautiful curly hair that’s usually tied back, and mocha colored skin. She has an hourglass figure, that was always hidden by the baggy clothes she would wear. Her emerald eyes seem to glow at night. While visible, she’s slightly transparent and see-through. Most of what she wears is pastel and/or dark. Nothing else
Where and how they died: Broken neck/bones at the bottom of a mountain/cliff


The graveyard was a place of memories. People went there to either remember or forget. Something about the rows and rows of grave markers and the fog that occasionally settled over the place made it easy to do both. But only the living forget. The dead never do.
So it is strange when three darkened souls returned to the land of the living. Dead souls who forgot, no less. One could say it is unnatural. Something that shouldn’t happen, that the dead and living worlds should never cross over one another…

The girl blinked into the fog. Vague shadows lay ahead of her. The darkness didn’t bother her all that much, but the fog was annoying. She leaned forward to see, but that’s when she realized that she had been sitting against something. Turning to it instead, she found a gravestone. A name was etched into it, one that she barely recognized. Eve Crimson. Was that her name? It felt familiar… vaguely. But why was it on a grave?
Then a strange feeling stirred in her. Something was wrong. She had been… different…. There was something that came before….


Somewhere in the same graveyard, near the girl, another girl was just awakening as well. When she looked around, she found herself to be standing up, but no part of her was touching the ground. Rather, she was floating a few inches above the cold dirt. Looking around, all she could see through the food was the stone piece close to her head. Staring at it a few moments, she saw something that struck a familiar chord in her soul. Mariana Romero She thought to herself, standing and setting her feet on the ground. But it wasn't cold. Rather, she couldn't feel it at all. Everything felt strange. She wasn't feeling any sensations, just-…there. She continued to read the etchings on the gravestone before she turned away from it to explore where she'd just woken up at.