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@Icefire aight let's go my friend!

do you have any sort of plot in mind? I've had a Victorian mystery somewhat supernatural vibe type thing brewing in my mind for a little while, but if you're not jamming with that we can definitely think of something else!


:D hello! I have a few vague ideas? because. i always do lmao but uh

Victorian mystery with supernatural elements always sound super fun, and I love historical RPs, but do you mind if I give you some quick blurbs of some of my ideas? That way we can kick them around and figure out something that we both really wanna do! and this is not me trying to politely say no to your idea, because it does sound super cool I promise!



  1. Cryptids. but fae. but cryptids. so basically it's kinda like Gravity Falls but more mature?? like the town just always has all this weird shit happening and these weird creatures and whatever the fuck. but the cryptids. are actually fae from like, another dimension/universe?? (one of those "the fae world is magical and hidden away" type things). yeah this one is not very polished. plot?? only idea is vague romance maybe thingy between a fae (humanoid, not like,,, fuckin mothman fae lol) and a human from the town. idk man
  2. this one is also super rough but like, starcrossed lovers whose destiny is always to destroy each other, but they're also immortal. so idk if you've read the Caraval series by Stephanie Garber, but the lovers would be like the Fates in that story, where they're believed to be a myth and there are other fates/immortals. these two immortals keep finding each other. there is a card deck (like tarot/oracle cards) based on the immortals, and our two are "The Snake" and "The Martyr" and basically it is Snake's fate to always seek power by any means necessary, and the Martyr's fate is to always "die" while stopping Snake. their final fate is for Martyr to go out in a blaze of glory that finally ends the both of them. the problem is that despite their fate to hate each other, they love each other and they keep finding each other even though they try to stay away so that they don't fulfill their destinies. basically like. Snake lounging on his throne bc he's the tyrant king, and Martyr being brought before him in chains and Snake just going "you just can't stay away from me, can you?" and coming over and like. cupping martyr's chin and getting in close close close and whispering "you're as beautiful/handsome/gorgeous as the first day we met" and Martyr glares at him and just,,, "and you're just as horrifying" and yeah. like. i feel like I'm doing a really bad job with this but do you at least vaguely get what I'm going for??
  3. superheroes. I have a superhero family that is totally not just a ripoff Batfam that I would use and then you could have a hero (or three or whatevs since there's 5-6 ppl in this superhero family) and yeah. found family dynamics, romance, fun stuff like that. i actually really love this superhero family and they're a lot of fun. also they're not fandom based, so no worries about needing to know any lore or anything

yeah that's all i got rn lol. also we miiiiight be able to combine 1 or 2 with your idea, depending on how you wanted yours to work? 3 isn't really compatible with Victorian times tho lol

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ohoho all of these ideas are so epic you have no idea-


Snake is a cryptid, Martyr is a human. The martyr has been reborn and is a human living in this old spooky town. They don't remember much from their past, but occasionally they'll dream glimpses of snakes and death. The town they live in is notorious for strange activity. They know better than to wander into the woods, and yet here they are. They're captured and brought to the Snake, where memories come rushing back.

or something like that I dunno a;ldskjf

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yeahhhhhhh so funkin pumped

I should probably give you a heads up that my motivation on weekends plummets and I try my absolute best to respond within 24 hours with a decent response,,, so uh ,,, yeah

we doin templates or just jumping right in?



that's fine! like I said in our PM with Eva, I might not reply much/at all until Saturday

I think I'd prefer temps, because this RP will need plenty of details to make it work

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aaaaa okay here's a quick template, I think I got everything but if I didn't uhhhh just like, add it or something a;ksdjf

Nicknames/other names:

i'll have my guy up as soon as I can!


nice!! btw what I was thinking for the fae world is that it's like,,, kinda your typical fantasy-style world? and then the town is in one similar to our own? but it might be interesting if it was all just fantasy stuff too, idk

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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa okay here he is! lemme know if you need me to change anything!

Name: William Silvius
Nicknames/other names: Will, The Martyr
Age: 22 in this current form, he's immortal though, constantly being reborn
Gender/pronouns: Male, he/him
Sexuality: Bisexual
Species: Magic Wielding Human in this particular life. He's been reborn as many different things.
Appearance: Will is a thin, medium-height man with slightly gangly limbs. Will has glossy black hair that's just long enough to pull into a bun on the top of his head, but it will always fall out eventually. He usually keeps his hair in a small ponytail on the back of his head with a green ribbon. His eyes are wide and a light, forest green that glisten in good lighting. There are heavy bags underneath his eyes due to lack of sleep (because of his nightmares of a past life). He has pale skin that blushes easily, thin lips, and a long and thin nose. He has dark, thin eyebrows that are usually furrowed over his eyes in slight confusion. picrew 1 picew 2
Outfit: Will usually goes barefoot when just walking around his house or visiting the forest, but he'll wear simple black leather books that reach below his knees when he has to go into town. There are dark gray pants tucked into the boots, slightly too short for him. He wears a simple off-white button up rolled up at his sleeves. Occasionally, he'll wear a dark brown cloak with simple green vine embroidery on the collar. His mother made it for him.
Powers: Will has the ability to manipulate plant life. Any living thing that isn't classified as an animal or cryptid he can control. He's had this power for as long as he could remember, and he's had the power in lives before. He's learned to hide it from his village though. They don't do too kindly with the magical. Will never knew where this power came from. Both of his parents were as mundane as they come.
Personality: Will is usually quiet and easy-going, but if there's any injustice, he will unhesitatingly stand up for the oppressed. He's gained the title among the people in his village as the one who constantly talks back to the mayor for stupid laws he creates. Will has a backbone of steel and will not back down from any sort of challenge unless absolutely necessary. Will also doesn't take shit. He's nice until he's not. Literally, the second you get on his bad side he'll destroy you with his insanely wide vocabulary. Despite this, he's a kind individual who usually puts others leagues ahead of himself. He will always fight for others, but that doesn't mean he'll allow people to make a door mat out of him.
Backstory: Will was born to a frazzled woman with a frizzy bun who washed clothes until her hands ached for a living. His father was an old and sturdy clockmaker who always loved an evening smoke. The three of them live on the edge of the village, a good half of a mile away from the town. Will grew up as the "odd boy". He was always the one at school with a nose in a book sitting under the willow tree. The people at school quickly learned not to cross him, for the boy's forest green eyes held a startling fire. As Will grew older, his peers just learned to steer clear of him. Will never minded. As humans distanced themselves from him, Will found himself growing closer to the forest and hearing a strange call from within. Eventually, he folded and ventured into the fog. He didn't stray far, quickly returning back to his home. The forest calls him nightly. He manages to resist the forest's siren and heed the mayor's warning: stay out of the woods.
Other: Will's hobbies include: journaling (especially plant life and progress with his mysterious powers), reading, standing in the middle of the forest, making little sculptures out of vines, and helping his father out with clockmaking (even though he absolutely sucks at it).


(I love him!!! I'll get my character up tomorrow :D )
(Also I just want to let you know that most of the Fates don't know how they came about/exist, so even once he regains his memories, he won't know that. Also! What I was thinking is like. So his destiny is to someday kill the Snake and then die himself shortly after. Once a Fate has fulfilled their destiny, that's it. They aren't reborn again. So the Snake is constantly killing him before William can kill him, and they've just been in this centuries long thing. They meet. They fall in love. William ignores as best he can the things that Snake does, bc he loves him. Eventually he can't stand it anymore, and tries to stop/kill the Snake. Snake always manages to kill William first, bc no matter how much he loves William, he won't let William end their rebirth cycle. Does that make sense/sound good to you?)


(perfect!! I'm just,,, imagining Snake just holding William close and then killing him and being like "I'm sorry, my love. But I won't let you end our cycle". and Snake's face just constantly being the last thing William sees and ajgfbksjbh)

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(aksjdka AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ICE WHY MUST YOU DHJAKDKS I love that so much- and Will just fuckin a few tears fall from his eyes but he just doesn't break eye contact with Snake as they just drive the knife further into his chest-)