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Soooo. Basically the title? I'd prefer a partner who's going to at least match my reply length (usually three to ten sentences), who's descriptive and at least semi-active. I've got a bunch of Fantasy prompts to pick from. So, to "apply" or whatever, please just post any triggers you have, and maybe a sample of your normal style? Also LGBTQ characters/pairings are in almost every single prompt, soo. No homophobes/transphobes allowed here


Heyooo. I match all of the requests, although I have questionable activity. I've been on steadily for the past several days, but I've been known to take some random hiatuses when life gets wacky. If that's not okay, I understand 100%, but if you're still willing to have me I can try to find a sample and slap it down for ya.


Have we RPed before? I can't remember. You're fine, though! I myself am not the most active either, I just want you to reply like once every two days, really. Like that's kinda what I mean by "Active", just because I don't want to have to wait weeks and weeks for a reply. Do you have any triggers I should avoid? And yeah, a sample would be great :)


  This is a starter I did for a cyberpunk-ish RP I'm currently in. The kiddo is trying to get money to save his family, cuz his brother is ill and on the verge of death, so he turned to illegal robot-fighting.  

The penalty for breaking the law— any law— was severe, but some things were more terrifying than any punishment. Like, say, the thought of your family dying horrific deaths due to your own inability to keep them safe.

It was probably that thought, more than the realization that he was signing himself up to become a criminal, that had Niles' hands shaking and his stomach in a tight knot as he wandered down the shadowed alley. He gripped the handle of the metal case he lugged along with him so tightly that his knuckles turned white, and, despite the chill of the night air, beads of sweat formed on his brow. If it had just been him that was at risk here, if getting caught or failing would only result in repercussion that would affect him personally, perhaps it would've been easier. But things were never really that simple, were they?

Darkness engulfed everything, but he kept going. Occasionally, the bark of a lone dog or a voice off in the distance would startle him, cause him to stiffen like a deer caught in headlights, but nothing ever happened, and he could do nothing but continue on. After all, going back was not an option. What would become of Pim and their mother if Niles didn't find a way to get money soon?

A few minutes that felt like an eternity passed before he eventually reached a place where the alley opened up into a dilapidated street on the edge of the city which served as one of the biggest crime hubs around. This area had been closed off years ago, long before Niles was even born, and while it was abandoned and crumbling, criminals seemed to swoop in and make it their own. Why the police never came out here to bust them, Niles could only speculate. Perhaps it was too dangerous? Perhaps the police force was corrupted, too? He had no idea. But what did it matter, really? He wasn't here to ask questions; he was here to win a bot fight and get enough money to try to dig his family out of the hole they were in.

Niles' eyes widened slightly as he took in the scene; there were far more people here than he had expected. It was a bustling street of criminals, probably the literal site of a black market, and a single glance told him that he did not belong among this crowd. Any single one looked like they could chew him up and spit him out in three seconds flat. He swallowed hard and struggled to suck in a steady breath; this was it, right? He just had to figure out where, specifically, the robot-fights were being held, and— yeah. That was it.

How was he supposed to do that? Ask for directions?

"Um, excuse me, sir—" Niles chose one of the people who didn't look like they would stab him and sell his kidney on the black market if he looked at them the wrong way. "I was told that they were holding a bot-fight here, and I was wondering if you happened to know where?"
The man— who looked fairly normal aside from having a weird tattoo on his neck and a scar on his nose— arched a skeptical brow at Niles. He didn't say it, but Niles had the feeling that this guy was wondering why the heck a muffin like him was running around in a place full of wild dogs.
The guy jabbed his finger in the direction of a large warehouse a little ways down. "There."
"Thanks." Niles nodded gratefully and started in the direction the man had gestured. His heart pounded in his chest, and he just prayed to whatever deity would listen that he'd make it through the night without getting shanked or arrested.

  Here's another random piece from a different RP I'm in.  

Mars' thick boots thudded loudly against the hard floor as he made his way down the corridor. Several guards followed behind him, weapons in hand as a precautionary measure. He stopped in front of the cell that housed their new prisoner, the spy that had been caught not long before. A bit of resentment stirred inside of him at the thought; he could've been on the field, fighting, or in the military meeting that this spy had been reported listening in on, strategizing for the war— but no. Instead he was here, dealing with prisoners. How underwhelming it was for a man who had been so used to being in the heat of a battle, a man who thirsted for a fight with those who would challenge what he stood for.

He inhaled, exhaled. Perhaps if he could channel his anger towards the situation into accomplishing something, if he could prove that he was as good as his superiors once believed him to be, he could make up for his previous failures and would be returned to his rightful position in the war.

Perhaps breaking this spy would be the first big step in accomplishing that goal.

He unlocked the heavy cell door. Metal grated against concrete as he shoved it open and glared at the prisoner in the room, his expression as stony and unmoving as the concrete walls around them. "Well, if we haven't gotten ourselves a spy from Outhila," he growled, his voice low and emotionless.


Also: I know I've asked this like twice, but I really do need an answer: Do you have any triggers I should avoid?

Also, shall I post the prompts now, or do you have some questions first?


Sorry 'bout that. I don't have any questions or anything, I just ask that we avoid like explicit sexual descriptions or anything if that's okay. Aside from that, I'm good.