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I uhh once did this prompt with two people who I really loved rping with (you know who you are), but due to unfortunate circumstances I had to leave, feel kind of like an asshole for ditching them, but I didn't have a choice. Or at least that's what I thought at the time.
Yes, I've done this so many times, holy shit it's unreal but I really want someone to do this with again-

Anyways, I really love the ship dynamic of the homophobic bully having a crush on the very openly gay guy, but instead of accepting the confession from the guy he likes like a normal fucking human being, he bullies and hurts the guy he likes in hopes that he'll have more contact with him without it looking like he likes him.

Rules? In my rp?? Unheard of.
I've never been one to put rules on my rps, but since most of them have died I feel like I should just to get my intentions across.

•First off, no one-liners :)) I never thought I'd have to say this but uhh yeah, no one-liners. At least answer with more than three or four sentences please. That being said I would like to have more experienced writers do this one with me who love to go overboard with the writing as much as I do lmao
I want this to last and be a long-term rp as long as I'm not in the depths of my crippling depression. I tend to be inconsistent off my meds and just disappear to do dumbass shit. But I will definitely tell you if that time comes and I need a few days off or however long.

•Second, swearing is fiiinnee, I do it all the time, go absolutely crazy with them, but not to the point where it's really annoying, ya feel?

•Third, this will very much have triggering topics, all my rps do and if you can't handle that then please don't ask to join, if things do get intimate then we will move it to dms, though that also depends if you want to, we could skip as well.
There will be violence, there will be mentions of mental illnesses/eating disorders and whatnot, again, if you're not comfortable with any of these things, don't join

•Fourth, as Andrew says, please be respectful, and while our characters might hate each other, that doesn't mean to be a dick to the actual person rping with you

Having said that, here's the character I'll be playing:

Name: Kohen Lyle Raiden
Nickname: Koe
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Sexuality: Straight (Closeted gay)
Race: Human, American

Appearance: Kohen has chestnut brown eyes with a touch of softness, they look dull when the light isn't hitting them directly.
Stare too long into his eyes and you'll find yourself getting lost in their soulless appearance. No matter how much he tries to harden his stare, it never comes off as intimidating as he would like it to. Despite this, Kohen can pull off a mean side glare due to the angular shape of his eyes. After he came back from his 'trip' Kohen's eyes looks a little more afraid, paranoid if you will, but his demeanor stayed the same, spikey, looking like he would tear anyone apart who gets too close.
Kohen has thick short unruly hair. It's hard for him to control it because of the frizziness, leading to him struggling with it for ten minutes in the morning. The way he usually likes to style it is by gelling some parts so that they stay down. The rest of his hair lays on his head in a fluffy shaggy mess. The color of his hair is a cinnamon-red dark brown. His natural hair color is brown but he dyed it a sort of purple/red color because they're his favorites. He got hell for this by his father.
One thing about Kohen that is very noticeable to everyone in the way he looks, is how feminine the shape of his face is. People would call him a "soft boy", threatening to rape him because of how "pretty" he looked. This was especially bad in middle school, which led to some horrifying incidents.
Kohen is the type to do a lot of exercises, keeping his body fit in a mesomorph type- coming in at 130 lbs, standing at 5'9". This is due to being bullied for quite a while when he was younger for being "chubby" both by his peers and parent. Kohen is caucasian and has a vanilla beige skin tone, so when he blushes the red is very apparent on his face.

Clothing: Kohen dresses in grunge clothes, giving off skater vibes. He likes layering, especially in the winter. Usually, a purple hood over a short-sleeved shirt, and a red and black checkered zip-up jacket on top, unzipped. For the bottom half of his body, he wears black skinny jeans with softly worn down red converse hightops. Because he does own a skateboard and falls a lot doing tricks, he'll either carry around or wear black fingerless gloves so the palms of his hands don't get scrapped when he braces for a fall. He also wears protection on his elbows and knees, sometimes he'll wear a helmet, but it's rare.

Personality: He's everything from an asshole bully to a complete dork that gets flustered easily. He makes it seems like he doesn't really care about anything when in reality, he does a lot. To hide this fact though, he puts on an angry act for everyone around him. This is what Kohen calls the more broken side of his personality because it can quickly get out of hand before he realizes and by that time he's already hurt someone beyond repair.
Despite this, he can be a funny person if you're in his close circle of friends but is extremely homophobic due to his adopted parent's influence. Most of Kohen's personality revolves around fitting the mold of what his parent wants him to be. So when he got beat up by his father for having a boyfriend, he had no choice but to dump him. It's not that he didn't love him- he truly did, but he had to separate himself from his feelings to avoid another beating. This has made Kohen cold and hard on the inside, yet not being able to hide his face when he gushes over something he likes.
Kohen feels very deeply to the point where it hurts and he does cry a lot, just not in front of others. If Kohen is given the chance to be himself, he'll be a much more cheerful individual, hyper if you will. He'll have energy for days and wouldn't stop bothering the people he likes to the point of annoying the hell out of them. Sure, he can't take no for an answer and always wants his way but that's something he has yet to learn, boundaries.

Background: Religious Trauma, is what you can sum up his past to be. He's always been forced to attend church and get involved with the congregation. Kohen never agreed with any of the bible's teachings and one day he expressed this to his father who went off on him, almost to the point of getting physical with him. From this point on Kohen began to change in ways that his father didn't like. He would act out in school, talk in a vulgar way with a bunch of profanities, hang around people who were a 'bad influence', and then Kohen's father's fear came true, Kohen came out as gay.
Thing is, Kohen's been told that being gay is bad since he was a little kid, but he didn't care, he wanted his freedom and away from the church's rules and oppression, he wanted to be himself and was bold enough to tell that to his father who would 100% put him in a grave if he found out. Even though Kohen knew this, he did it anyway because the anger got to him one day and he went apeshit on his father. Things did not go as planned…. and ultimately he was forced to go to conversion camp which was hell for him and everyone there.
Once he got back he wasn't the same and was much quieter, but when enrolled back in school he became the bully as his temper would get the best of him. His father has warned him to be on his best behavior and so Kohen bullies others off of school grounds or where no one can see them.
Kohen himself will most likely walk to school sporting a new bruise or bandage wrapping up different parts of his body every day. He uses the excuse that he gets hurt a lot since he's learning new tricks on his skateboard when in truth, it's his father who's giving him all those wounds. Kohen doesn't say anything for the fear that his father will do something worse to him, even kill him since his father is a drunk and has definitely gone overboard before. His father wasn't always a drunk, this only happened after Kohen's mother passed away when he was in middle school.
In return for all the problems at home, Kohen takes out his pent-up anger on others at school. Recently, he found his new victim- a kid who confessed to him one day. The poor boy wasn't expecting Kohen to lash out at him at the time, but ever since then, Kohen has cornered him at school every day with his friends and has made his life a living hell. Little does the other boy know that Kohen feels the same way about him but doesn't want to accept his feelings so he resorts to hurting him.

Song: The Best, AWOLNATION // Hollow Tune, Brick + Mortar


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(That depends, can you give me a paragraph of writing? It would be nice to know what your character is feeling, what they’re thinking about, their actions, etc. I write a lot and I hope that you can reciprocate that)

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( I can try my best, as you seen in winter, but I also need to make a character that suits yours too)

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(if someone else wants to join to do this with me, i'll take them up on the offer since we already have a rp together and i'm not a big fan of rping with the same person twice, i like having new people to rp with, but if no one else joins we can go ahead and start! does that sound okay to you? i only say this because i would like someone more experienced where this won't die as quickly)

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(literally crying right now because i was hoping you would notice but i didn't want to be annoying and @ you)
(but hi!! i know it's been forever and i'm sorry for leaving, i was in a bad place mentally, hopefully, you don't hate me after all of that)


(bro you could have tagged me I wouldn't have minded :)
(it's alright!! I don't hate you! tbh i've considered DMing/tagging you to ask to do an RP but I didn't want to annoy you skjfbkdjbhgj)

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(fuckkk LMAO gosh okay uhhhh would you like to do this with me again ? we could start from the top and make this a new rp or we can continue the last one ? that is if you wanna join, no pressure if you don't want to! i understand that this is kind of an old prompt and might be a bit boring now-)

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(yeah!! sure!! i think that would be great ! also, always feel free to dm me, i wouldn't have minded, i love getting surprise dms hdfjlsfg)

(did you want to put your character up in a template or jump right in? since it's been a while and i have no clue if your character has changed or anything like that)


(perfect!! okay!)

</sub>(mm a temp sounds good! I might not be able to get it up for a while tho, i'm going to be pretty busy in the next few days)

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(;-; i was going to bump it in case you had forgotten but i didn't want to be annoying, so sorry about that! but don't worry about it, if you're not feeling up to rping this right now i totally understand!)

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(cool beans!! and that's alright dude, no worries, don't stress! you can get your template up whenever you're ready! :)