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This is a guide verse prompt without all of the sex involved. It is a slow-burn romance between two men and a wholesome one, too. It occurs in present-day cities, so there's no advanced technology besides power inhibitors and other stuff related to guides and espers. Everything else is technologically the same.

What a guide verse is:

Espers possess unique abilities, each distinct from the other, defying stereotypes. They are classified as strong or weak, ranging from C to F for weak and A to S for strong. Once they achieve a rank, hunters will be tagged on like (S-Rank, B-Rank, etc.). Overexertion leads to accelerated internal body decay, necessitating a guide's assistance for recovery. Symptoms include fatigue and a sense of disorientation. They require a guide to reverse these effects and restore the esper's health. It will also take some type for symptoms to show externally, but that's only if it gets really bad. A guide or an esper can be born or developed over time and awakened later. Sharing a blood-bound partnership with espers a guide gains access to 50% of their power. Healing occurs through direct skin-to-skin contact without side effects for the guide. There's no "top or bottom" stereotype for guides. Despite this exchange, the guide does not have side effects or die because of this. While some forms of guiding may involve intimacy, like sex, I prefer to avoid explicit scenes. NO SEX SCENES, PLEASE, ToT (Let's keep it wholesome; kissing, teasing, touching, and sexual tension are fine tho; I just don't want to write sex scenes). A guide to being with an esper must be the same rank or higher to guide them and not have side effects properly. If that is not the case, you will see the result in the RP.

With that being said, let's move on to the plot portion:

The existence of espers and guides primarily combats the threat posed by gates, which serve as portals to a realm inhabited by monstrous entities. These gates can only be sealed by defeating the gate bosses within (kinda like dungeons in anime). The ultimate objective is to locate and eliminate the source of these gates, which has already been identified but requires further investigation into its dangers. That's where our characters come in. Their primary mission is to eradicate the source of the gates. As they work together, facing complex challenges and forging strong bonds, their relationship gradually deepens, eventually leading to a romantic connection, not immediately (obvi).

Character A: This person will be a guide. It is up to whoever feels like being the guide to decide if they're a new guide or a successful guide who is not new to the process. You can also choose this guide's rank (it's all up to you).

Character B: This person will be a hunter of some rank chosen by whoever picks this character. However, it is up to them to feel like they are the guide who will decide if they're a new hunter or a successful hunter who is not new to the process. (It's all up to you.) Just know that if you do pick to be an esper, you'll be doing most of the grunt work for the fighting scenes.

I do not prefer who plays what because both roles are pretty cool. I will try my best with definitions and sci-fi explanations of everything while rping. I understand this topic well and how the world works, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask. Also, feel free to make a side character and whatnot. I know a few of my rps have a side relationship because they are the cutest. So yeah, this is your RP, too, so I want you to have as much fun as I will. I write in very descriptive paragraphs(medium-sized), so it would be awesome if you could match my energy. If you don't, I find it hard to continue, and I don't want this to flop because I'm excited about this. So yeah, that's a little about me. Let me know if you're interested. If you are and we agree, then I will post the template, and I can start the RP! (I'm all for plot twists as long as it doesn't stray too far from the plot)

I might ask for a sample….maybe…I'm still deciding.